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Cuckold Sex Positions

Cuckold sex position - just watch.

Cuckolding and hotwifing are visual fantasies for many men. He imagines his lovely becoming naughty with other guys in the most explicit, pornographic manner. The fresh excitement of knowing your wife is fucking another man isn't the only thing that makes a cuckold marriage pleasurable. It's the fact that you can have way more fun in the bedroom. Trying some of these exciting ideas is a great sensation.

Below are some of the best cuckold sex positions you can try with your partner.

Just Watch

This is the most basic of all cuckhold sex positions.

However, it may also be a lot of fun for both of you. Your cuck can observe from a variety of angles. He can keep an eye on things from the closet or on his knees in front of the bed. You can even do a Skype session with him while you're both away if you're kinky. You can tease him while he isn't doing anything by glancing at him.

Suck On Her Toes

Sucking on your wife's toes is one of the most incredible things you can do for her while she's having sex. Few things are as satisfying as having your toes licked while a large cock fucks you! If you're feeling particularly dominant, make your cuck suck on your bull's toes! That'll drive him insane in his chastity cage!


Doggy is the most challenging and unforgiving cuckold sex positions. Your partner is on her hands and knees as the bull mounts her from behind. What's not to like about this? This is the most animal of all the stances.

While his balls bounce off her pussy, the bull gets a great view of the hotwife's ass. The cuck husband gets to watch them rut like wild beasts, his wife grabbing the sheets and moaning in delight... no wonder cuckolds love it. Everyone knows the bull owns his cuckoldress wife. Doggystyle is very popular among women because of the G-spot stimulation.


The lady has the most control and freedom in this cuckold sex position to enjoy herself on the man's stiff penis. This one is great for submissive cucks and femdom situations when the cuckold guy has no authority.

You can even tease your cuckold this way with a bit of outercourse “pussyjob”, or even sit on his face, so he has to pleasure you with his mouth if he is in strict pussy denial.

If she's leaning in close to her bull, it's also a very intimate position. It's magical to see a man's erect penis moving within his partner while her bare breasts hang over his face.

Ride His Face

This one is a lot of fun, and it is one of the best cuckold sex positions. Place your cuck on the floor or in your bed. Then sit on his face while he eats you alive.

Meanwhile, give your bull a slow and gentle blowjob. Make sure your cuck knows how fantastic it feels and how large your bull's cock is! Because he can't see what's going on above, this is a very frustrating situation for him!


Nothing makes your hotwife feel hotter than seeing her on her back with her legs spread while your well-endowed bull impales her with his thick rod. Uninteresting old Missionary? You bet. The bull is firmly in control of sex in the missionary. If they are having unprotected sex, he chooses the speed, rhythm, and when (or if) he will pull away from your wife.

Your hotwife's bull has complete power over her body, and he dominates both of you, even if it's primarily symbolic. The most important thing is that your cuckold hubby is aware of another man's penetration. He can watch from behind her, or if he wants a closer look, he can look back and witness the bull's penis vanish into his wife's vagina.

In a “hotwife” relationship, couples should do whatever makes them feel comfortable. The goal is to enjoy your extramarital sex, so choose any cuckold sex position you like and whatever else your bull is into.


To make the cuckold more enjoyable, the wife and bull should get imaginative for you cuckolds that crave humiliation. What are the positions you never use your cuck in? What jobs will make him feel suffocated? Is your bull capable of carrying you Doggystyle at an angle that your cuckold husband's “inadequate member” could never reach?

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