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How to Dry Fleshlights?

Fleshlight dryer.

Fleshlights were created with many hidden parts meant to stimulate all areas of a man's penis. But as erotic and ultimately sensual as it sounds, drying a fleshlight is one of the most common challenges men run into. The nook and crannies within a fleshlight are so hidden that it is difficult for air to penetrate inside when you are air-drying. However, all hope is not lost. Some inventions have been developed to help you out when drying fleshlight. Also, if you prefer not to spend less, there are some DIY methods we can show you that make fleshlight drying super easy and stress-free. So, if you are ready to see how to dry a fleshlight, let’s dive right into it.

Air — Dry the Fleshlight

Some people believe that this is the best way to dry fleshlight because it is free, simple, and just because nothing beats natural air. To air-dry your fleshlight, remove the sleeve from the case. Then gradually and gently turn the sleeve inside out.

Wash the sleeve as you will with mild soap and warm water then rinse. After this, pat the sleeve dry with a dry but soft cloth (preferably a t-shirt) and then leave it in a cool and dry place. Make sure that you don’t keep it under direct sunlight and also hidden from strong winds. After a few hours, depending on the weather, it should be dried.

However, be careful when turning the sleeve inside out so that you don’t rip the material.

Fleshlight Dryer

This is the next best way to dry fleshlights. It is fast and more precise than air drying. A fleshlight dryer can completely dry a fleshlight in an hour or less. It has a hanger that holds the fleshlight in place while the dryer blows rigorous air into it. Though there are different brands and make of the product, make sure that you check for trusted online reviews before you make a purchase. Compare prices and products also to see which type is best for your fleshlight.

If you require a less expensive alternative, there are some materials found around the house that can be used for drying fleshlight.

Alternatives That Can Be Found Around the House

Remember that this is a post on how to dry fleshlight and not to wash. Therefore, you should have washed and rinsed the fleshlight before trying out any of these methods.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol: You can use rubbing alcohol to clean and fasten the drying time of a fleshlight. To do this, pour some of the rubbing alcohol onto the sleeve and distribute it evenly using your hands then leave it to dry. An added advantage is that the alcohol will help kill any reminder germs and bacteria while drying. The only disadvantage is that repeated use of this process can damage the material of the fleshlight sleeve.
  2. Tampons: Another option is to use a female tampon (that’s if there is a female at home). Tampons are naturally absorptive and can take in as much liquid as possible. To use a tampon, shake out your washed fleshlight sleeve and keep a piece of tampon on each side of the sleeve. Then leave it to dry.
  3. Hair Dryer: This works similarly to a fleshlight dryer. As long as you own a blow dryer with warm and cool settings, set the air to blow on the warm setting (make sure it is not too hot else it will damage the material of the sleeve). Target the air to blow at the opening of the sleeve and allow it to dry for a few hours.
  4. Car Shammy: A car shammy or car drying and detailing cloth is another great way to dry a fleshlight, and the best thing about it is that you can find a car shammy right in your garage. A car shammy is naturally absorbent and gentle so you can be sure that there won’t be a fuzz residue. To use this item, remove the sleeve, wash as you normally would, roll up the car shammy, and slip it inside. You might need to squeeze the sleeve against the shammy then leave it to dry.
  5. A mini fan: Yes, you guessed right - it is the same method as the hand dryer. However, use a towel to pat the sleeve dry first before using the mini-fan to complete the job.
  6. An aquarium pump: This might not be a common device but if you happen to have one, know that you can also use it to dry your fleshlight. After washing the sleeve, drain the excess water by holding it up vertically. Then attach the plastic tubing to the pump and place it inside the sleeve. Turn on the pump and voila - the drying commences.


Drying fleshlight is more challenging than washing because of the hidden parts of the sleeve. However, with all that has been mentioned throughout this guide, we hope you have found some helpful tips. If you wish to spread out your sex life, check out some of our latest sex toy reviews. You will most definitely find something you’d be interested in.

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