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Does Masturbation Burn Calories?

Woman burns calories masturbating.

Masturbation offers a host of benefits to people who engage in it especially when it comes to stress relief, mood-boosting, and quality sleep. Due to the many queries on the internet about the calorie-burning ability of masturbation, you may be wondering if there is a possibility that masturbating aids weight loss. Well, you may indeed lose some of the calories stored in your body during a self-pleasuring session. However, Calories burned masturbating hardly amounts to anything in the end. That is because the calorie level burned can easily be regained when you consume calories boosting foods.

Now that we have established the fact that you can indeed lose some calories through masturbation, how many calories does masturbating burn? Read on to find out that and learn more about weight loss and self-pleasuring.

How Many Calories Does Masturbation Burn?

Studies show that you can lose anything from one to 6 calories at most when you masturbate. Self-pleasuring is different from sex which involves rigorous physical involvement. It is more subtle and does not involve extremely intense exercises.

That said, the concept of weight loss entails you losing more calories than you consume. Burning six calories per day cannot possibly cross out the ones you consume daily. That means masturbation may not be an effective method of losing weight like sex or other physical activities.

The number of calories burned during masturbation depends on how you do it. If all you do is lay back and use your fingers or sex toys, you may not burn any calories. However, when you put some physical effort into self-pleasuring, say, humping on a dildo or squatting while using a vibrator, you may burn even more than six calories.

How Do You Actively Burn More Calories During Masturbation?

As stated earlier, the way to actively burn calories through masturbation is to make your self-pleasuring sessions more intense and physical. You need to engage in activities that will keep your blood pumping and heart racing just like exercising or sex. That also means spending a longer time masturbating before giving way to an orgasm.

Some of the ways to actively burn calories via masturbation are:

  • Masturbating in positions that will make you do some physical activities like squatting over your sex toys, and humping the pillow or a furniture piece.
  • If you are using your fingers, move them rapidly and intensely to pump blood and speed up your heart rate. That should help burn a few more calories.
  • You can also use sex toys while masturbating to encourage more calories loss. Apart from heightened pleasure, sex toys will also make your self-pleasuring session wild and intense. That will aid in more calorie-loss too.

What Other Benefits Does Masturbation Offer?

Masturbating has many claimed, and proven benefits it offers to people that engage in it. Some of them are listed below;

  • Aids quality sleep.
  • It helps in relieving tension and stress.
  • It improves our mood since happy hormones get released.
  • It helps to improve one's sexual life.
  • It allows one to feel pleasure in a good different way.
  • It encourages one to explore their sexuality and high pleasuring areas.
  • It helps to improve one's self-esteem and appreciation.
  • Masturbation is one of the safest ways to feel pleasure.
  • Improves self-confidence and self-love.

Does masturbation have any adverse effects?

Self-pleasuring itself does not have any side effects. However, a person who engages in masturbation can develop a con when self-pleasuring is abused. Some of the possible downsides to masturbation include:

  • Addiction: It is possible to develop an addiction when you spend too much time masturbating. This is a similar case to drug abuse. You will become extremely obsessive about getting high all the time so you find any means to achieve it. The result of addictive masturbation may include; canceling out on friends and skipping crucial activities. That may affect your relationship with people and your credibility at work or school.
  • Guilt: It is no news that some people experience heavy shame or guilt after masturbating. At that moment, you feel like masturbation is immoral and unacceptable. You may also feel dirty and shameful considering spiritual, cultural, or social beliefs.


So, does masturbating burn calories? The short answer is Yes, even though the loss is not in significant measure. It is safe to bear in mind that according to sex therapists, masturbation is not a terrible thing or an activity that causes harm to you. They, in fact, encourage people to engage in self-pleasure for its many benefits. If you ever feel guilty or develop an addiction to masturbation at any point, see a sex therapist get past those phases.

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