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Tail Butt Plugs

Tail Butt Plugs.

Tail butt plugs are typical sex toys designed to spice up sex play by stimulation the anus. If you often wonder what the wilder side would feel like and you don't already use tail butt plugs, you're in luck! This review will show you all you need to know about these wonderful devices, why millions of people embrace them, and how they stand out from their vibrator and dildo cousins.

Tail butt plugs are sex toys that have extensions like tails which are used to keep the plugs under control when in action. They are anal sex toys ideal for both solo and couples play. As long as you aim to spice up your sex life, these toys will tour you through new and exciting angles and routines! In this review, we'll be dishing out all there is to know about these devices, starting with a table of the 10 best ones available out there!

Top 10 Best Tail Butt Plugs in 2024

Products Information Price
Tailz Foxxxy Fanny Vibrating Plug
Fanny Vibrating Plug
Material: Silicone
Features: Tail
Waterproof: Splashproof
Circumference: 1.4 inches
Insertable Length: 4 inches
Length: 19 inches
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DOMINIX Deluxe Stainless Steel Medium Faux Fox Tail Butt Plug
DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Faux Fox Tail Butt Plug
Material: Metal
Tail: soft synthetic
Circumference: 3.75 inches
Insertable Length: 3 inches
Length: 14.5 inches
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Flexibility: Rigid
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78cm Super Long Fox Tail Anal Plug
Super Long Fox Tail Anal Plug
Material: Metal
Features: Tail
Waterproof: Splashproof
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Circumference: 28 mm
Tail Length: 78 cm
Flexibility: Rigid
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New white color fox Tail Metal Butt plug
Tail Metal Butt plug
Material: Metal
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Flexibility: Rigid
Waterproof: Splashproof
Circumference: 25 mm
Length: 70 mm
Tail Length: 36.5 cm
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Tail Anal Plug For Couple
Anal Plug For Couple
Material: Metal
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Flexibility: Rigid
Tail Length: 42 cm
Weight: 72 g
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DOMINIX Deluxe Glass Faux Fur Animal Tail Butt Plug
Glass Faux Fur Animal Tail Butt Plug
Material: Glass
Contains phthalates: No
Flexibility: Rigid
Circumference: 4.5 inches
Insertable Length: 4 inches
Length: 21 inches
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Playful Silicone Small Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Playful Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Material: Silicone
Contains phthalates: No
Flexibility: Flexible
Circumference: 3.5 inches
Insertable Length: 2.5 inches
Length: 5 inches
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Happy Rabbit Large Rechargeable Vibrating Bunny Tail Butt Plug 5 Inch.
Happy Rabbit Large Rechargeable Vibrating Bunny Tail Butt Plug 5 Inch
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Features: Flared Base, Rechargeable, Travel Lock, Tail
Waterproof: Submersible
Power Type: Rechargeable
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Circumference: 5.25 inches
Insertable Length: 5 inches
Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Silicone
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Unicorn Tail Butt Plug
Unicorn Tail Butt Plug
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Splashproof
Flexibility: Flexible
Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches
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What are Tail Butt Plugs?

Tail butt plugs are sex toys designed to stimulate and increase the intensity of sexual pleasure. They are versatile toys ideal for everyone irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. If you're bored of going the same generic sex route you've been trailing for the longest, here's a different one for you to try out, where the same sexual pleasure, if not more, is guaranteed.

A tail butt plug is similar to a dildo but is different as it tends to be shorter and has a stretched end for safety reasons of keeping a section outside of your body as the handle to pull out. They are created to give top-notch sexual pleasure in dominance and submission play as they take you a step closer to reaching climax. In addition to the increased stimulation during sex play involving anal penetration, butt plugs also help actualize your darkest fantasies if you have some that's been lurking around in your mind somewhere.

Pink Bunny Tail Butt Plug.

So, if you love getting excited in unusual and extraordinary ways, tail anal plugs are definitely the best sex toys for you. In addition to all these, these sex toys are also mobile; you could easily fit a butt plug into your bag or purse while going about your day!

To answer a possible pondering question in your mind, yes, tail butt plugs do allow for role play with your partner thereby giving your couples sex life that much more coveted spice!


Something amazing about animal tail butt plugs is that whenever you want to get one, you are presented with a wide range of options. Although you can get almost any type of tail plugs if you look well enough, some of the most common types include:

  1. Cat tail anal plugs;
  2. Fox tail butt plugs;
  3. Bunny tail anal plugs;
  4. Horse tail butt plugs;
Fox Tail Silicone Anal Plug.

Materials of tail anal plugs

Tail butt plugs are made from a variety of materials such as latex, glass, and silicone. Latex is most commonly used and silicone isn't too far behind because of its easy use for beginners and also since it can be easily disinfected in boiling water.

Shapes & Sizes

Tail butt plugs come in different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. These cute butt plugs are designed to look like penises, some are wavy, while some are ribbed. However, the majority of butt plugs have a thin tip that is wider in the middle, a notch to hold it in and a flared round base to prevent complete insertion during anal penetration.

Stimulation zones

Butt plugs with tails are ridiculously versatile as they stimulate different zones in everyone regardless of their gender. Anal plugs stimulate the prostate in men- if you have a vagina, you have nothing to worry about as this sex toy has got you covered too! Butt plugs create incredible pleasurable pressure on the vaginal wall.

Power & Waterproof

During production, manufacturers consider all there is to consider. Putting people's diverse nature into cognizance, there's an option for everyone to pick from!

You can select between electric-powered butt plugs and waterproof tail butt plugs.

Stimulation intensity

The intensity with which tail butt plugs stimulate vary! The intensity gap between butt plugs can be as wide as anything so you most likely want to get yourself a sexy furry tail butt plug that works for you! If you're just starting out, you could go for a moderately intense one and scale it up from there! The table of recommendations earlier in this article is your go-to if you're unsure of which butt plugs to get.

Wolf Tail Butt Plug.

How to choose the best tail butt plugs?

Getting the best tail anal plugs for you could be a breeze as long as you follow the tips down below:

  1. Select butt plugs with tails that are comfortable and suitable for you. Beginners especially need to start with smaller sizes so as to enjoy the intense stimulation.
  2. The material the tail butt plug is made from is also an important factor to consider when purchasing butt plugs in terms of durability and freedom of use. Silicone butt plugs are more usually recommended as they are easier to disinfect and clean after use.
  3. Know where you plan to use your toy. If you're planning to use the butt plug in the shower with your partner, then a waterproof butt plug with tail is a no-brainer.
Pony Tail Anal Plug. Choose Tail Butt Plug

Tips to using

Firstly, let your imaginations run wild when you use your tail butt plugs. Then follow the general tips that you'll be seeing in this review. If you're new to this experience, pay special attention as what you're about to read may just be the difference between an "I'm not sure it's for me" experience and a world of bliss. Enough talk, let's see how to use tail butt plugs!

  1. Do not neglect foreplay. Play around with your body and get the engine running instead of going straight to business. Start with a few activities you enjoy- kisses, oral, and so on.
  2. Then start with something smaller than a butt plug with tail, get your finger or your partner's lubricated, and play around the butthole with the lubricated finger, sliding gently in and out of the anus, then add another finger.
  3. Once your anus is comfortable with a couple of fingers, get your butt plug, lubricate it and slowly slide it inside you. It's easier to slide it in when you're bent over in a doggy-style position. But different strokes for different folks; experiment and decide which works for you.

That was probably as simple as you were hoping - and maybe it is! That's how it should be, sex toys aren't designed as a branch of science, they're all for fun and pleasure and shouldn't require repeated glances at manuals to get the hang of it. So, follow the steps above and you should be on the first flight to climax town. Enjoy!

Glass Pigtail Butt Plug.

Pros and cons of Animal Tail Butt Plugs

We're now at the point of this review where we decide if tail butt plugs deserve a space on the shelf or if they're a solid pass!


  1. Tail butt plugs are useful in intense anal stimulation.
  2. They allow you to experience different sensations and feelings.
  3. Use of anal butt plugs and tail butt plugs can are useful in achieving orgasm!
  4. They are super inclusive and allow you to focus on sensations.
  5. Ladies, butt plugs alter the width of the vaginal canal and increase vaginal pleasure.
  6. As previously stated, there are many different tail butt plugs options to pick from.
  7. Butt plugs work silently so you're not stuck with some buzzing sound in action!
  8. They can be used for solo playtime and help you warm up to anal sex.


  1. They need to be cleaned immediately after use to get rid of bacteria that gathered during use. This isn't necessarily a con; it's more on the hygiene side of things!
  2. Anal muscles may need some time to get used to tail plugs. This is common when trying out new toys as the body needs to first embrace new experiences. This is however addressed with the use of anal lubes as they allow for smoother penetration of the anus.

Concluding remarks

Tail butt plugs are cleverly shaped and designed for anal penetration and stimulation. There are various options to pick from and they all work as advertised! The anus is as good a source of pleasure as anyone could ask for and butt plugs, with just enough lube, will courier this pleasure to you! The purpose of this review is to answer every question you must have had about tail butt plugs. Every info in this article was multiply-verified and should any updates arise regarding tail butt plugs, you'll be the first to know. So, make sure to check back on this whenever you can. If you're interested in getting your tail butt plugs, there is a table above of the top 10 best ones that work wonders!

Choose and order Tail Butt Plug
What are the main purposes of tail butt plugs?
Tail butt plugs serve two main purposes: enhancing anal stimulation and adding a playful, visual element to sexual activities. The plug provides pleasurable sensations while the tail adds an element of fantasy and role-play. Many people use tail butt plugs during pet play or other forms of BDSM to explore their kinks and enhance their sexual experiences.
How do I choose the right size for a tail buttplug?
When selecting a tail buttplug, consider your level of experience with anal play and your personal comfort. Beginners should start with smaller plugs, while more experienced users can choose larger sizes. It's essential to choose a plug with a flared base to prevent it from being accidentally inserted too far. Always prioritize comfort and safety when selecting the right size for you.
Are there different types of tails available for butt plugs?
Yes, there are various types of tails available for butt plugs, ranging from animal-inspired tails like fox, cat, or cow tails, to more fantastical options like dragon or unicorn tails. These tails can be made from different materials, such as faux fur, silicone, or real fur. The choice of tail depends on your personal preference and the type of role-play or fantasy you want to engage in.
How do I clean and maintain my anal plug with tail?
Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial for the longevity and hygiene of your anal plug with tail. For the plug itself, clean it with warm water and mild soap or use a specialized sex toy cleaner. Be gentle when cleaning the tail, especially if it's made from faux fur or real fur. You may need to spot clean the tail with a damp cloth and mild soap or use a fabric cleaner designed for the specific material. Always allow the toy to air dry completely before storing it away.
Can I use a small butt plug with tail during partnered sex?
Yes, you can use a small butt plug with tail during partnered sex to enhance pleasure and add an element of fantasy or role-play. Wearing a tail butt plug can stimulate the anal area and create a feeling of fullness, which can intensify orgasms for both partners. Communicate with your partner about your desires and boundaries to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
What kind of lubricant should I use with a furry tail buttplug?
The type of lubricant you should use with a furry tail buttplug depends on the material of the plug itself. If the plug is made of silicone, use a water-based lubricant, as silicone-based lubricants can degrade silicone toys. If the plug is made of a different material, such as glass or metal, you can use either water-based or silicone-based lubricants. Always avoid getting lubricant on the tail, as it can damage the material or make it difficult to clean.
Are tail butt plugs safe for long-term wear?
Tail butt plugs can be safe for long-term wear, but it's crucial to listen to your body and prioritize comfort. If you experience any discomfort, pain, or numbness, remove the plug immediately. It's also essential to use a sufficient amount of lubricant to avoid irritation. Always start with shorter wear times and gradually increase the duration as you become more comfortable with the toy.
Can I use an animal tail butt plug for temperature play?
The plug part of an animal tail butt plug can be used for temperature play if it's made of a material that can safely retain temperature, such as glass or metal. To experiment with temperature play, warm or cool the plug in a bowl of water, then test it on the inside of your wrist before inserting it. Avoid extreme temperatures that may cause injury or discomfort. Remember that the tail part of the toy should not be exposed to temperature changes, as it can damage the material.
How do I store my butt plug with tails?
Proper storage is essential for maintaining the longevity and hygiene of your butt plug with tails. Store your tail butt plug in a clean, dry, and cool place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Keep it in a dedicated storage bag or box to protect it from dust and contamination. Ensure the toy is completely dry before storing it to prevent mold or mildew growth.
What materials are commonly used for tail buttplugs?
Tail buttplugs can be made from various materials, depending on the plug and the tail. Common materials for the plug include silicone, glass, metal, or ABS plastic. The tail can be made from faux fur, real fur, or synthetic materials like silicone or TPE. Each material offers different sensations, textures, and levels of flexibility, so choose one that aligns with your preferences and comfort.
Can beginners use a butt plug with a tail?
Yes, beginners can use a butt plug with a tail, but it's essential to start with a smaller size and use plenty of lubricant to ensure comfort and safety. Gradually increase the size of the plug as you become more experienced and comfortable with anal play. Communicate with your partner about your desires and boundaries, and always prioritize consent and safety during any sexual activity.
Can I wear my furry tail buttplug in public?
While it's technically possible to wear a furry tail buttplug in public, it's essential to consider the social and legal implications of doing so. Wearing a tail butt plug in public may attract unwanted attention or violate public decency laws. It's best to enjoy your tail buttplug in private settings or at dedicated events where such activities are accepted and encouraged.
user avatar
01.03.2023, 14:15
Recently bought a fox tail butt plug, and it has absolutely spiced things up in the bedroom! The look and feel of it are just superb.
user avatar
04.03.2023, 11:08
I've always wanted to try a tail buttplug. After reading this article, I'm feeling even more intrigued. Has anyone tried the cat tail butt plugs?
user avatar
09.03.2023, 19:35
I can vouch for the fox tail anal plug. It's comfy and the tail is super soft. Added the perfect touch to my intimate nights.
user avatar
14.03.2023, 09:55
Is it weird to want a butt plug with a tail? I've been curious but worried about looking creepy or abnormal.
user avatar
14.03.2023, 10:30
Everyone has unique desires and preferences. What's important is that it feels right for you. Exploring your kinks safely and consensually is perfectly okay. You're not alone in liking tail buttplugs!
user avatar
21.03.2023, 12:40
Honestly, using a tail anal plug has given me so much confidence in the bedroom. It's playful, fun, and looks so cute!
user avatar
26.03.2023, 17:20
I'm a bit nervous about the butt plug tail insertion process. Is it painful?
user avatar
26.03.2023, 18:15
Make sure to use plenty of lube and go slowly. Relax, and it'll be a smooth process. Trust me, the experience is worth it!
user avatar
02.04.2023, 15:35
The deer tail butt plug was a surprise gift from my partner. It was our little secret and spiced up our date nights!
user avatar
10.04.2023, 20:50
What's the difference between the furry tail buttplug and the animal tail anal plug? Are they made of real fur?
user avatar
11.04.2023, 08:30
Most of them are made of synthetic fur. The main difference would be in design and length. Always check product descriptions for specifics.
user avatar
17.04.2023, 10:25
I bought a small butt plug with tail after this article's recommendation, and it's perfect for beginners like me. Thanks for the advice!
user avatar
22.04.2023, 13:50
Anyone tried the silicone butt plug tail? I have sensitive skin and want something hypoallergenic.
user avatar
22.04.2023, 15:05
Yes! Silicone is hypoallergenic and body-safe. I have one and it's super comfortable and easy to clean.
user avatar
28.04.2023, 18:40
I'm interested in the dog tail buttplug. Any experiences with that? Does it move realistically?
user avatar
04.05.2023, 09:50
My partner got the cow tail butt plug for me. Was unsure at first, but it's become one of my favorites now! So playful and fun.
user avatar
10.05.2023, 12:20
I can't decide between the fox tail butt plugs or the squirrel tail butt plug. Any recommendations?
user avatar
10.05.2023, 13:15
It's all about your preference! The fox tail is usually longer and more flowy, while the squirrel tail is fluffier and shorter. Both are popular choices!
user avatar
17.05.2023, 19:10
The best butt plug tail I've ever had was recommended in this article. The quality is just unmatched. Thanks for the insights!
user avatar
24.05.2023, 14:50
I'm curious but also scared. What if the tail butt plug gets stuck?
user avatar
24.05.2023, 15:25
Always opt for plugs with flared bases to ensure they don't get lost inside. Also, use plenty of lube and communicate with your partner if you're nervous. Safety first!
user avatar
31.05.2023, 16:15
I have the rat tail butt plug, and it's so unique. Totally a conversation starter at our playful parties.
user avatar
08.06.2023, 11:55
Thinking of gifting a tail butt plug to my girlfriend. Do you think she'd find it offensive?
user avatar
08.06.2023, 12:45
It's essential to have open communication. Discuss your interests and fantasies with her before making such a purchase. What might be fun for some might be uncomfortable for others.
user avatar
17.06.2023, 20:00
The fox tail butt plug is a game-changer! My partner loves it when I wear it. Thanks for the recommendations!
user avatar
26.06.2023, 13:30
Bought the silicone butt plug tail after reading this article, and it feels so smooth! It's both comfortable and exciting.
user avatar
03.07.2023, 10:15
I want to buy a tail anal plug, but I'm worried about hygiene. How do you clean them properly?
user avatar
03.07.2023, 10:50
Great question! For the plug itself, use warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. For the tail, it depends on the material. If it's synthetic fur, a gentle hand wash should suffice. Always read the care instructions.
user avatar
10.07.2023, 14:45
My partner and I introduced the fox tail anal plug into our play, and it's been an adventurous addition! Totally recommend for those looking to experiment.
user avatar
19.07.2023, 12:00
I've always been intrigued by tail buttplugs, but what if my friends or family find out? Would they judge me?
user avatar
19.07.2023, 12:40
Your personal choices and bedroom adventures are private. It's entirely up to you what you share and with whom. Everyone has their own preferences, and there's no shame in exploring what makes you happy.
user avatar
27.07.2023, 18:20
The cat tail butt plugs are so adorable! I never thought a toy could be this cute and fun.
user avatar
05.08.2023, 09:10
Are there any tail anal plugs suitable for beginners? I don't want to dive into the deep end too soon.
user avatar
05.08.2023, 09:50
Definitely! There are smaller sizes, like the small butt plug with tail, which are perfect for beginners. Take it slow and always use lube.
user avatar
13.08.2023, 15:35
My partner and I tried the deer tail butt plug, and it added a playful touch to our sessions. Kudos to this article for the suggestion!
user avatar
22.08.2023, 17:05
I'm concerned about the material of some tail butt plugs. I have allergies. Any recommendations?
user avatar
22.08.2023, 17:45
Silicone butt plug tails are hypoallergenic and body-safe. Ensure to check product descriptions and opt for high-quality, non-porous materials. If you're unsure, you can always do a patch test on your skin before full use.
user avatar
30.08.2023, 20:20
The furry tail buttplug was a hit at a recent costume party! It's both naughty and fun.
user avatar
08.09.2023, 11:00
I've read about the animal tail anal plug, but are they ethically made? I'm concerned about animal welfare.
user avatar
08.09.2023, 11:35
Most of the tails, especially the popular ones, are made of synthetic materials and are cruelty-free. Always check the product description and opt for ethical brands.
user avatar
16.09.2023, 19:15
After reading this article, I decided to purchase the fox tail butt plug, and I've never felt so playful and sultry at the same time. Thanks for the awesome guide!
user avatar
23.09.2023, 14:50
The tailed butt plugs bring a unique element to the bedroom! I love the variety and how it can match any mood or fantasy.
user avatar
05.10.2023, 09:10
What's the main difference between a furry tail buttplug and a silicone butt plug tail? Wanting to get one but I'm torn between the two.
user avatar
05.10.2023, 10:00
The main difference is the tail material. Furry tail is soft and playful, offering a more aesthetic appeal. Silicone tail is smooth and can be more comfortable for longer use. Both have their unique charm!
user avatar
20.10.2023, 21:20
Rocked the cow tail butt plug at a recent event, and the compliments were non-stop. It's such a fun way to express oneself!
user avatar
07.11.2023, 16:00
I'm a bit shy about trying tail butt plugs. What would be the best one to start with for a newbie like me?
user avatar
07.11.2023, 16:45
I was in the same boat once! I'd recommend starting with a small butt plug with tail. It's manageable and gives you the experience without being overwhelming.
user avatar
19.11.2023, 11:25
Introduced the squirrel tail butt plug in our sessions, and it added a fun, cheeky element. This article was spot on with its recommendations!
user avatar
02.12.2023, 10:05
Is it safe to wear a tail butt plug for extended periods? I'd love to wear it out but am concerned about safety.
user avatar
02.12.2023, 10:40
Safety first! For extended wear, choose a design that's comfortable, use plenty of lube, and listen to your body. It's advisable to take breaks and not to wear it for excessively long periods.
user avatar
20.12.2023, 18:50
The fox tail butt plugs have genuinely spiced up our anniversary celebration. Both sexy and playful, it was the perfect addition!
user avatar
05.01.2024, 13:15
I'm interested in the animal tail butt plugs, but will it make me look weird or creepy to my partner? I'm worried about their reaction.
user avatar
05.01.2024, 13:55
Every person has unique tastes and kinks. It's essential to communicate with your partner. You might be surprised; they might find it as intriguing and exciting as you do!
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