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Animal Dildos

Safe and Soft Vaginal and Butt Animal Dildo

Animal dildos can give you a nice sensation compared to a human penis if your partner is not an individual that has in-depth sexual skills. Have you heard people talk about being an animal in the sheets? Well, now you can be if you get the perfect toy. Sex toys have evolved from just being the simple vibrators and dildos they used to be in the past to what is now called Animal Dildos. This is the year 2024 we now have sex toys with tentacles, ones that come in bold colors, and even animal-shaped ones. Made with unique features that provide pillow grabbing and toe-curling sensations that are hard to achieve from a regular dildo or vibrator. These animal dildos let you channel your wild side for maximum pleasure. Not to mention they're also really, really adorable. Whether you use them solo or for foreplay, and there are people who use them as a surrogate for the real thing, but I would imagine those folks are in the minority of purchasers. Animal themed-dildos consistently bring something different to the table. Keep reading to see our picks for animal dildos.

Top 10 best Animal Dildos in 2024

Products Information Price
FAAK Gory Animal Dog Realistic Dildo
Animal Dog Realistic Dildo
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 2.76 inches
Length: 9.06 inches
Insertable Length: 8.07 inches
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WILD DESIRE Soft Silicone Huge Thick Dog Dildo
Huge Thick Dog Dildo
Material: Liquid Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 76 mm
Length: 250 mm
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FAAK Dog Penis Anal Dildo With Suction Cup
Dog Penis Anal Dildo
Material: PVC
Weight: 423 g
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 4.8 cm
Length: 20.3 cm
Insertable Length: 13 cm
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Realistic Dog Penis Animal Dildo With Suction Cup
Dog PenisDildo With Suction Cup
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 1.85 inches
Length: 6.88 inches
Insertable Length: 6.10 inches
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Dog Dildo Realistic Design With Suction
Dog Dildo Realistic Design
Material: PVC
Weight: 432 g
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 7.2 cm
Length: 20.3 cm
Insertable Length: 13 cm
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Gagu Silicone Animal Monster Dildo With Suction Cup
Gagu Monster Dildo With Suction Cup
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Size: S L
Length: 17.5-21 cm
Inserable length: 15.5-19 cm
Diameter: 4.7-6 cm
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Gqlubi Soft Bad Dragon Blue Dildo with Suction Cup
Soft Dragon Blue Dildo
Material: PVC
Insertable Length: 225 m
Circumference: 45-54 mm
Length: 250 mm
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Top Large Anal Butt Soft Animal Dildo
Large Anal Soft Animal Dildo
Material: Liquid silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 46 mm
Insertable Length: 175 mm
Length: 200 mm
Flexibility: Flexible
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FAAK silicone long animal horse dildo
Animal Horse Dildo
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 5 cm
Length: 28.5 cm
Insertable Length: 27.5 cm
Weight: 464 g
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What is it?

I'm sure a dildo is not a new word to you but in case you don’t know what Dildos really are – Dildos are sex toys in the shape of an erect human penis intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activities during masturbation or with sex partners. They are usually designed to look explicitly phallic. Dildos are made from many materials. Their sizes are typically about 4-6 inches (the average length of an erect penis) but some may be of longer length. A dildo's circumference is usually 4–5 inches.

With that been said it is easier to know what Animal Dildos are- Sex toys in the shape of the animal penis such as a dog, deer, or Hyena right? Yep! There are also sex toys that have the shape of an elephant trunk, or as an actual animal, or even dragon-themed dildos. In other words, there are unlimited types of animal dildos you can buy from stores or order from vendors online. You should bear in mind that animal-themed dildos are often huge compared to regular dildos. A horse dildo can measure up to 16 inches long! So, if you want to try one of these animal dildos, do not forget to have some lube you will need for these big toys. Dog dildos are designed to match different dog breeds and they come in various shapes and sizes. So, if you decide to buy one, you have a great number of possibilities to choose from. Some animal dildos have strong suction cups in that way you can stick them to a surface and ride them or suck them if you are the type that likes giving head. Some people use animal dildos as a surrogate for the real thing while some other people like owning them and using them because of their size and shape. These sex toys are exotic and interesting.

Silicone Wolf Animal Dildo.

Different types

There is a wide range of animal-shaped dildos for you to choose from, like horse dildos, dog dildos, wolf dildos, and other fantasy animal dildos. In this collection, we have prepared a comprehensive list of animal dildos based on materials, shapes, sizes, zones for stimulation, and other features to bring you a unique and special feeling.

  • Horse Dildo: When talking about animal sex, horses have to come top of the list. A lot of analogies have been made between horses and penis from the time being, so there's no need to say much on that. Let us just throw in a quick fact to get you excited. A horse penis is about 15 to 20 inches long before erection and 1–2 inches wide, this double in size after erection. The good news is you can now have a horse-themed penis in your handbag, drawer, or hiding under your pillowcases. Horse dildos are a popular sex toy for a number of reasons especially their huge size, Their sizes range between 9.75-inches to 17.0-inches in insertable length. Their wideness is between 2.5-inches to 3-inches. The head of the Horse dildo has the classic round flat glans like that of a real horse. The width gets thicker the further it fills you up. They are designed to have a suction base which allows you to attach them to a wooden base, bathroom wall, or floor to enjoy your hands-free ride. Horse Dildos are made from a lot of different materials such as wood, glass, and even metal, but the best ones are made from platinum cured silicone. Silicone realistic animal dildo is quite expensive, but it’s worth it in terms of feel and longevity. Cheaper ones are made from PVC. They are available in different colors.
  • Dog Dildo: If you're looking for a new experience you really need to try the dog dildo, whether you want to use the canine dildo on your own or with a partner, I can assure you that it will add a new variety and sensation to your sex life. Dog dildos are animal dick dildos that are designed to look like an actual dog's penis. Their design is realistic and even includes a dog knot (an erectile tissue structure that swells up and locks the male dog’s penis inside the female) toward the base of the toy. If you are looking for a lot of stimulation, The dog dildo can be 6 to 8 inches long with a diameter of 1.8 inches wide. For better stimulation, you can go for a longer and thicker toy. You can go for a smaller size if you're a newbie. The dildo has blood vessels like threads on its surface to give you double enjoyment. Dog dildos are made from glass and silicone. Silicone feels life-like and is more flexible while glass is easy to clean and you can adjust the temperature for varying stimulation.
  • Wolf Dildo: The wolf dildo is designed to look like a real wolf's penis, with a small empty glans. It has a G-spot head to give you and your lover maximum enjoyment. It can measure up to 7.3-inches in length with a diameter of 1.6-inches or more. Wolf dildo is made from safe materials to give you a life-like feeling.
Realistic Medusa Animal Dildo. Choose Animal Dildo

How to Pick the Best Animal Dildo?

If you want to try something new, you need to add one or more animal dildos to your sex toys collection, however, it's important for you to know features to look out for when shopping for an animal dildo. We've shared some important tips for you in this article.


Fantasy animal dildos are made from different materials like silicon, jelly, PVC & vinyl, wood, metal, and even glass. Silicon is the most durable material to make sex toys. It is more expensive than other materials because it is more bendy and realistic. Glass material is also perfect for sex toys because it doesn't change form in high temperatures. PVC and vinyl are cheap materials that contain phthalates. They are used in sex toys to make them less expensive.


Animal dildos are generally bigger than normal regular dildos. Some are up to 14-inch long and 2-inch wide. If you are looking for a lot of stimulation, you can go for a longer and thicker one. A smaller and narrower one is advised for a newbie.


The animal dildo will have blood vessels like lines or threads on its surface. The blood vessels like threads make it look like a human erection and bring you a life-like enjoyment, the threads give it an appealing look and it also gives you the double enjoyment experience.

Custom Animal Dildo.

Features of using

A lot of people think dildos are only used by bi-sexual and lesbians but that is not true. Dildos can be used and enjoyed by all genders and sexual orientations. Animal dildos are different from regular dildos because of their huge sizes but there's little to no difference on how to use them. Firstly, you want to make sure your dildo is in good shape and clean. Then make sure your dildo is well lubricated. Gently and slowly insert your dildo into your vagina. If you’re going to use it for anal, it needs to have a suction base that is wider than the thickest part of the dildo. Keep thrusting until you reach orgasm and are satisfied. You can use it alone or with a partner.  Don’t forget to clean and keep in a cool dry place after use.

How to Clean and Store Animal Dildo?

You have to make sure your sex toys are clean every time you use them in order to avoid getting an infection after use. A bar of gentle hand soap and water wash is a good way to clean your sex toys, use a mild formula, and dry it off with a soft cloth or towel when you're done. It's best practice to use a condom on those toys to avoid contracting an infection. You can sanitize non-vibrating toys in hot water. Storing your sex toys under your pillow or bedside drawer will leave them exposed to bacteria or other pollutants. There are various ways to store your sex toys but for most people's needs using a storage bag will be the way to go. Bags can accommodate different toys with their different shapes.

Curved Giant Silicone Animal Dildo.

Pros and Cons of Animal Dildo

  • Pros: Animal dildos are perfect for G-spot, or P-spot stimulation so it's good for lone use and couples. They're good for all types of sex and strong enough to survive in rough sex. Animal dildos feel like a natural penis and guarantee maximum pleasure.
  • Cons: Animal dildos can cause infection when not clean and store properly.


It's normal to have some little fantasies. Animal dildos give you different stimulation which guarantees continuous enjoyment of happiness. The animal dildo is suitable for both men and women. Couples can also enjoy it during foreplay, as a butt plug, and enjoy different stimulation by changing their positions. Although one sex toy is just one sex toy, there are many ways for you to explore. Just remember that since many of them are made from porous materials for more shapes and softer feelings, you should keep them clean before and after use. Don't forget to use lubes and condoms for your own safety. The anal and vagina should never use the same toy without cleaning.

Choose and order Animal Dildos
Are animal shaped dildos safe to use?
Yes, animal shaped dildos are generally safe to use as long as they are made from body-safe materials such as silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Make sure to purchase your dildo from a reputable manufacturer and always follow proper cleaning and hygiene practices to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
What is the difference between realistic animal dildos and regular dildos?
Realistic animal dildos are designed to closely resemble the genitalia of various animal species, providing users with a unique and exotic experience. Regular dildos, on the other hand, are generally shaped like human penises or have abstract designs. Both types of dildos come in various sizes, materials, and textures, so your choice depends on your personal preferences and desires.
Can I use an animal penis dildo with a harness?
Many animal penis dildos are compatible with harnesses, allowing for strap-on play or hands-free use. Look for a dildo with a flared base or a suction cup, as these are typically designed to work with harnesses. Make sure to check the specifications of both the dildo and harness to ensure compatibility.
How do I clean and maintain my animal shaped dildo?
Proper cleaning and maintenance of your animal shaped dildo are essential for hygiene and prolonging the lifespan of the toy. Clean your dildo thoroughly with warm water and mild soap after each use. If it's made from silicone, glass, or stainless steel, you can also sterilize it by boiling it for a few minutes or placing it in the top rack of your dishwasher. Always store your dildo in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
What are some popular types of animal cock dildos?
Animal cock dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different preferences. Some popular types include horse, dog, dragon, and pig penis dildos. These dildos often feature unique textures and designs to provide a distinctive and exciting experience for users.
Can a realistic animal dildo provide a different sensation compared to a regular dildo?
Yes, a realistic animal dildo can offer a unique sensation compared to a regular dildo due to its distinctive shape, texture, and size. The intricate details and design of an animal dildo can provide added stimulation and a more exotic experience for users looking to explore new sensations and fantasies.
Is a pig penis dildo suitable for beginners?
A pig penis dildo may or may not be suitable for beginners, depending on its size and design. If you're new to using dildos, it's recommended to start with a smaller, more manageable size and gradually work your way up as you become more comfortable. Make sure to use plenty of lubricant and take your time when experimenting with any new toy.
Do animal penis dildos come in different sizes and materials?
Yes, animal penis dildos come in a variety of sizes, materials, and textures to suit different preferences and comfort levels. Common materials include silicone, glass, and stainless steel, which are all body-safe and easy to clean. Sizes range from small and beginner-friendly to large and challenging, so there's something for everyone.
How can I find the right animal cock dildo for me?
To find the right animal cock dildo for you, consider factors such as your personal preferences, experience level, and desired sensation. Think about the size, shape, and material that would be most enjoyable and comfortable for you. Reading reviews and product descriptions can also help you make an informed decision.
What are some popular fantasy animal dildos, such as dog shaped dildos or hyena penis dildos?
Fantasy animal dildos, such as dog shaped dildos or hyena penis dildos, are designed to cater to specific kinks and fantasies. Some popular options include canine-inspired dildos, dragon dildos, and mythical creature dildos. These toys often feature unique textures, shapes, and designs to provide an exciting and imaginative experience for users looking to explore their fantasies in a safe and enjoyable way.
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26.02.2023, 14:35
I recently bought one of these animal dildos and let me tell you, it definitely spiced up our bedroom play. The unique shape and texture were quite exciting!
user avatar
03.03.2023, 16:10
My partner and I were hesitant to try animal shaped dildos, but after we decided to give it a shot, we found it surprisingly fun and stimulating. It brought a whole new level of excitement to our sex life!
user avatar
12.03.2023, 21:45
I'm really intrigued by the idea of a realistic animal dildo, but I'm worried it might be a bit creepy. Anyone else feel this way?
user avatar
14.03.2023, 10:30
It's normal to have doubts about trying something new, but there's nothing wrong with exploring your fantasies. Give it a try and see if you enjoy it - you might be pleasantly surprised!
user avatar
20.03.2023, 19:20
I have a wolf dildo from the best animal dildo list and it's honestly one of the most pleasurable toys I've ever owned. The detailing and texture are amazing!
user avatar
30.03.2023, 11:15
I'm really interested in trying a hyena dildo, but I'm not sure if it's the right choice for me. Any advice on how to choose the perfect animal dildo?
user avatar
01.04.2023, 08:50
When choosing an animal dildo, consider factors like size, texture, and material. Read reviews and take your personal preferences into account. Remember, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and excited about your choice!
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10.04.2023, 23:30
My partner and I got a pig penis dildo on a whim, and we've had some of the most intense and enjoyable experiences with it. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!
user avatar
19.04.2023, 17:05
I'm worried that my friends or family might judge me if they find out I'm using an animal cock dildo. How do you deal with the potential stigma?
user avatar
21.04.2023, 12:40
Your sex life is your own business, and you don't have to share your preferences with anyone you don't want to. Focus on enjoying yourself and exploring your desires - there's no shame in that!
user avatar
29.04.2023, 15:15
The fantasy animal dildos on this list are amazing . The creativity and craftsmanship behind them are truly impressive, and they're a great way to spice up solo or partner play!
user avatar
09.05.2023, 18:30
For anyone considering a large animal dildo, I highly recommend it. The added size and unique shape make for an incredible experience!
user avatar
18.05.2023, 20:25
I've never used any kind of dildo before, let alone an animal shaped one. What should I expect and how do I make sure I'm using it safely?
user avatar
20.05.2023, 14:10
Start slowly, and use plenty of lubrication. Make sure to choose a size and material that you're comfortable with, and always listen to your body. You can always stop or adjust if something doesn't feel right. Enjoy and have fun exploring!
user avatar
28.05.2023, 21:45
I've incorporated animal dildos into my BDSM play and it's added a whole new level of excitement. Highly recommend for anyone looking to experiment!
user avatar
07.06.2023, 19:20
I've heard that some animal dildos can be made of questionable materials. How do I make sure I'm getting a high-quality, body-safe product?
user avatar
09.06.2023, 13:35
Always buy from reputable retailers and check for material information. Look for dildos made from body-safe materials like silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Reading customer reviews can also be helpful in determining the quality of a product.
user avatar
16.06.2023, 22:10
My favorite is a bad wolf dildo from the list. The unique design and texture have made it my go-to toy for both solo and partner play.
user avatar
25.06.2023, 15:00
I never thought I'd be into animal penis shaped dildos, but after trying one, I'm hooked! They're so different from regular dildos and add a fun, new element to the bedroom.
user avatar
04.07.2023, 17:45
Animal dildo shops have such a wide variety of options to choose from. It's so fun to explore and find new toys that cater to my desires!
user avatar
12.07.2023, 20:30
I'm concerned about the ethics of using animal dildos. Is it wrong to be turned on by something like this?
user avatar
14.07.2023, 12:15
Sexual preferences and fantasies are varied and personal. As long as your desires and actions are consensual and not causing harm to yourself or others, there's no need to feel guilty about exploring your interests. Remember, these are fantasy-based toys and not actual animals. Enjoy your exploration!
user avatar
22.07.2023, 18:20
One of the best things about animal dildos is the variety of textures and shapes they offer. It's made a huge difference in my solo play, and I can't get enough!
user avatar
30.07.2023, 21:45
My partner and I bought a couple of realistic animal dildos from this list, and we've never had so much fun experimenting together. It's added a whole new level of excitement to our sex life!
user avatar
08.08.2023, 16:10
I'm worried that if I buy an animal dildo, it might be difficult to clean and maintain. Any advice?
user avatar
10.08.2023, 11:30
Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for any sex toy. For most animal dildos, you can use warm water and mild soap or a specialized toy cleaner. Be sure to check the care instructions for your specific toy, and store it properly to keep it in good condition.
user avatar
18.08.2023, 14:50
I love how creative some of the animal dildo designs are. It's like owning a work of art that also brings me immense pleasure!
user avatar
26.08.2023, 20:15
The animal dildos on this list cater to so many different tastes and preferences. It's great to have so many options to explore and enjoy!
user avatar
03.09.2023, 17:40
I'm interested in trying an animal dildo, but I'm worried about the possible pain or discomfort. Are they really as enjoyable as people say?
user avatar
05.09.2023, 12:20
It's important to choose a toy that suits your preferences and comfort level. Start with a size and texture that you're comfortable with, and always use plenty of lubrication. Remember, it's all about your enjoyment, so don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you!
user avatar
12.09.2023, 22:30
I recently purchased one of the huge animal dildos from this list and it's been a game-changer. The size and shape have brought a whole new level of pleasure to my solo sessions.
user avatar
20.09.2023, 19:05
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I'm considering trying one of the animal penis dildos. Is it weird to be attracted to these kinds of toys?
user avatar
22.09.2023, 13:45
Everyone has their own unique interests and attractions, and there's no shame in exploring what turns you on. As long as you're engaging in safe, consensual play, there's no reason to feel embarrassed about your desires. Enjoy the journey!
user avatar
30.09.2023, 21:20
I've tried a few animal dildos now and can confidently say they've added an extra dimension of excitement to my sex life. If you're on the fence about trying them, I highly recommend giving it a go!
user avatar
08.10.2023, 17:55
I've heard some people say that using animal dildos can lead to unrealistic expectations about sex. Is there any truth to this?
user avatar
10.10.2023, 12:00
It's important to remember that fantasy and reality are separate. Using animal dildos can be a fun and exciting way to explore your desires, but it's essential to maintain open communication with your partner and maintain a healthy understanding of realistic expectations in your sex life.
user avatar
18.10.2023, 14:30
I never thought I'd be a fan of animal dildos, but after trying one for the first time, I'm hooked! The unique shapes and textures make for a truly exhilarating experience.
user avatar
26.10.2023, 22:15
After discovering the world of animal dildos, I've found a whole new level of pleasure and excitement in my sex life. Don't be afraid to explore and see what works best for you!
user avatar
03.11.2023, 19:10
I'm considering buying one of the animal dildos from the list, but I'm worried about privacy. What if someone finds out I'm into this kind of thing?
user avatar
05.11.2023, 13:50
Most reputable retailers understand the importance of privacy and offer discreet packaging and billing. Additionally, it's important to remember that your desires are your own, and there's no need to feel ashamed of them. Enjoy exploring your interests with confidence!
user avatar
13.11.2023, 20:45
I've tried a few different animal dildos, and I can honestly say they've opened up a whole new world of pleasure for me. The variety and creativity in the designs are unmatched, making every experience unique and exciting.
user avatar
21.11.2023, 15:35
I've been hesitant to try animal dildos, but after reading all these positive comments, I'm seriously considering giving them a try. Thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone!
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29.11.2023, 18:20
Ever since I started using animal dildos, I've noticed a significant improvement in my solo play. The textures, shapes, and overall experience are simply amazing.
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07.12.2023, 14:50
I was a bit skeptical at first, but after trying a hyena dildo, I'm a total convert! The design and quality are top-notch, and I can't wait to expand my collection.
user avatar
15.12.2023, 21:30
I'm still not sure if animal dildos are for me. What if they end up being too intense or overwhelming?
user avatar
17.12.2023, 13:15
It's important to start slow and choose a size and texture that you're comfortable with. There's no pressure to dive in headfirst – you can always stop or adjust if something doesn't feel right. Remember, it's all about your pleasure and enjoyment, so take your time and find what works best for you!
user avatar
23.12.2023, 19:20
I bought one of the fantasy animal dildos from the list and it's now my favorite toy! The unique design adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to my play sessions.
user avatar
31.12.2023, 16:10
After trying a few different animal dildos, I can honestly say that they've brought new life to my sex life. Don't be afraid to experiment and discover what you enjoy!
user avatar
08.01.2024, 14:50
I've been hesitant to try animal dildos, but after reading these comments and learning about the variety of shapes and textures available, I'm starting to think I might enjoy them. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!
user avatar
16.01.2024, 21:30
I've tried both realistic animal dildos and more fantastical designs, and each offers a unique and enjoyable experience. There's something for everyone in the world of animal dildos!
user avatar
24.01.2024, 18:40
I'm a bit concerned about using animal dildos with a partner. Will they be accepting of my interests or think it's strange?
user avatar
26.01.2024, 12:55
Open communication and understanding are key in any relationship. Share your interests and desires with your partner and listen to theirs as well. You might find that they're open to exploring new things with you, or at the very least, respect your preferences. Remember, it's all about consensual enjoyment!
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