Dorothy Hogan

Dorothy Hogan

I am Dorothy Hogan, a journalist by profession, and a blogger for sex toys and adult products by passion. I am 32 years old and currently living in Ohio. I also write and edit various content for adult sex toys and products. You can go check it out once you're done reading this.

My hobbies include meeting new people, surfing the net, yoga, painting, and of course, blogging. I am friendly, curious by nature, and very passionate about teaching people about adult sex toys.

I received my degree in journalism from Atom School of Journalism in Ohio. I also have a diploma in Sex Education from The University of Ottawa. This has helped me redirect my knowledge to people who need it.

My passion for blogging in this area started during my teenage years. I observed that most people have no idea of what to expect as they become sexually aware. Another driving force behind my interest in this area is my understanding that everyone can enjoy sex if given the right tools and sexual education. Towards this goal, I have organized several sexual empowerment seminars which focus on maximizing sexual pleasure.

My need to connect with people and create a safe platform where people can talk about their sexuality has led to my involvement in several groups over the years and working as an interactive blog content developer. These, especially blogging, have allowed me to reach out to a wider audience to share my knowledge and experience. Many people have sent in feedback on how they found sexual fulfillment going through my sexual education content.

I have also been publishing articles and organizing seminars on sexual drives and achieving optimum sexual fun for over a decade. My area of interest and research includes sex, relationships, contraception, and the history of women's struggle for the right to own bodies. I am particularly interested in sexual health and access to sexual education and health care for older people, people with disabilities, and marginalized populations. Using the techniques I have learnt, I conduct test drives of sex toys, answer readers' questions and run my educational blog.

I am also assisting with projects related to technology-mediated sexual interactions, comfort with sexual communication, and sexual minority people's sexual scripts. I try to combine an easy presentation of the material with a meticulous study of the female anatomy.

My focus has been the same since I started my career in Sex journalism. I help people to gain a better understanding of their sexuality.

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