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Sex Positions for Overweight People

Sex Positions For Larger People You Both Can Try.

Contrary to popular beliefs, overweight people are amazing sex partners. They won’t hurt you by burying you in the bed nor do you have to look for their pussies or penis under loads of fat. They are not some monster from another continent. They are people that are already so self-conscious about their body size, smell, beauty, and general appearance. But if you make him or her feel good, there is a big bowl of sexy to go around. In this article, we’ll cover the best sex positions for overweight people and how to make the sex even better with selected sex furniture.

9 Overweight sex positions

Out of the sex positions you know, overweight couples can try nine of them without any problem whatsoever. And since some of the names might sound unfamiliar to some people, we took out time to explain what each sex position entails. Below are nine sex positions you both can try for hot, steamy sex.

Doggy style

To get the doggy style, the woman should get on her knees and hands like a dog. Then she should make sure to arch her back so that her butt lifts. Then the man should stand or kneel behind her to slide it in. As a lady, you can either assist to position the dick or have your partner get it without help. And since the hands and knee can get tired after a while, use either a sex pillow or an ordinary pillow stack to support the position. This is a great sex position for fat people because it allows either you or your partner to stimulate your clitoris during the in and out.


Spooning is one of the best sex positions for fat people because things would be heated and comfortable at the same time. It also enhances connections between couples. In this position, both the man and woman are lying down on their side facing the same way. The woman would be such that her butt would touch the man’s dick (ready for the show). He can decide to stimulate her clitoris or her breasts while she can respond by touching his back, hands, or butt.

Sideways crunched turtle

This is similar to spooning with the crunched-up position. But this is more comfortable for women. It’s a lazy position that brings you hardworking sexual pleasure. To do this position, the woman should curl up like a turtle on the bed or like the child’s pose in yoga (using the chest, get on the forearm and knees). Then the man kneels and deeps it in from behind. To get the best from this position, use a sex pillow to support your chest and neck during thrusting. And for the sideways crunches turtle position, try the above sideways.

Chair sex position

This position requires the use of a sex chair because it is shaped in specific ways to make sex easier and more pleasurable. There are different types of sex chairs and the type you’ll buy depends on the kind of sex you have. One of the best sex positions for fat guys involves the man sitting on the chair while the woman straddles him. Another chair sex position is for the lady to sit on his lap. But to be safe, make sure that the chair is placed on a stable floor. A carpet, for example, can slide and cause the chair to shake a lot while you’re having heated fun.


Some people say this is the oldest of all sexual positions and it is fit for all kinds of people. It’s why it is one of the best sex positions for overweight couples. To get this position right, you’ll need a sex pillow to make things comfortable. The woman would lie on her back while the man lies on top of her. He could also kneel in front of her and penetrate his rod.

Assisted missionary

The missionary is a famous sex position for fat couples but the assisted missionary position does not have that much spotlight. However, we could say that this twist added to a popular sex position makes the sex sweeter. To get this position, place a sex pillow underneath the woman’s butt to lift it. This new angle would help to adjust penetration depth and make reaching the G-spot much easier.


This is one of the best sexual positions for larger people. It is also tagged as one of the most comfortable and pleasurable sex positions for big women. In this position, the woman would move to the edge of the bed and lie on her back while raising her legs. The man would stand between her legs and slide it in. He could hold her legs to one side or have it rest on both his shoulders. It is a position from the deep book of sex because it allows the man to easily reach the woman’s G-spot. To get better angles, you can use different shapes of sex pillows. Using a sex bed for this too would help make the sex more comfortable because sex furniture is built for good sex.


This is also called the “woman on top” position because it involves the woman being on top of the man. In this position, the man would lie down on his back while the woman sits on him and straddles him. She can then control the speed and depth of the thrust as she rides him like a dirty cowgirl. The man can place a pillow under his head to make things more comfortable.

Reverse cowgirl

Cowgirl is not the only sex position for heavy people, you could dabble a little bit into reverse cowgirl too. To get this position, the man would lie on his back - as in cowgirl position. But instead of the woman straddling him facing forward, she turns her butt to him, facing away from his face. And to relieve the stress off your back and knees, you can lean forward and place your hands on his thighs to support yourself. It’ll be like doggy style in a sitting position.


Sex with an overweight person can be just as hot as regular sex if you know what to do. We hope this article helps guide you rightly. If so, don’t skip our best sex toy reviews. We know you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

How do fat people have sex?
Fat people have sex the way regular people do too. They might just need to get in special sex positions to make things comfortable. Doggy style is a good example.
How to ride a man when you are overweight?
Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl require a woman to ride a man. And the best way to do this is to rest your body on your knee or feet instead of his body.
How to have sex with a fat woman?
Having sex with a fat woman isn’t rocket science. You just need to have her stand, sit or lie down in comfortable sex positions. Swing sex furniture also makes things easy.
How to make love to a man with a big tummy?
His big tummy does not get in the way of your romantic connection. When making love, have him lie on his back and sit on him. You can also get in the spooning or doggy position.
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