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Sex Positions for Married Couples

Rowing boat sex position for married couple.

Maintaining a healthy sex life in marriage is not an easy task. Juggling kids, work schedules, and other time-consuming activities make maintaining intimacy even more challenging. Exploring new intimate sex positions with your partner is a great way to reinforce and reconnect your bond with together. While some couples are content with the regular, mutually satisfying quickies or regular sex in the same positions, some rely on vibrators or other sex toys.

Although there's nothing wrong with sticking to your trusted sex positions, research shows exploring new things, both in and out of bed, keeps the spark alive. So, why not switch things up occasionally using these tested and trusted sex positions for married couples?

Here are some intimate sex positions for couples that can help keep the spark alive.

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Missionary is the go-to position for most couples, but the CAT position is like an advanced missionary. The person with a penis or strap-on dildo stays on top, distributing their weight evenly and relaxing muscles on the person below's body. It is important to keep your pelvises aligned so that the penis or strap-on stimulates the bottom partner's clitoris. The position provides a bunch of opportunities for clitoral stimulation, which results in mind-blowing orgasms.

Rowing boat

In the rowing boat sex position, both partners sit with their legs bent at their knees, facing each other. The penetrating partner wraps their legs around the receiving partner while inserting the penis or strap-on dildo. Both partners thrust into each other by moving forward and backward at the same rate. The rowing boat position brings higher intimacy because you can easily embrace and cuddle your partner as you are in a spot facing each other. This position increases the emotional bonding and sexual satisfaction between a couple.

Pretzel dip

The pretzel dip sex position offers as much penetration as doggy but with generous eye contact. It is named after the snack "pretzel dip" because you'll look like actual pretzels when you and your partner are at it. The receiver has to lie down on their side while the other partner kneels. The giving partner also has to curl the receiver's left leg, round their own left side, straddling the right leg. While the action is ongoing, the receiving partner then uses their hands to explore both couples' bodies to increase the tension. To heighten the excitement, add sex toys into the mix. This will ensure both bodies slip and slide together with the same rhythm. The pretzel dip position offers great intimacy between married couples.

G- Whiz

G-Whiz should be the go-to position when you and your partner want to focus all your attention on each other while having mind-blowing sex. The receiving partner can lie flat while resting each of their legs on the other partner's shoulders. This posture gives them the liberty to stimulate their clitoris and nipples with their hands or sex toys. On the other hand, the giving partner either rocks the receiver's body side-to-side or up-to-down. The G-Whiz position narrows the vagina, facilitating direct contact with the penis or strap-on dildo. G-Whiz's name is because the style allows you to stimulate the G-spot, just as you must have guessed.

Magic Mountain

The Magic Mountain position creates eye contact between you and your partner. You can also read each other's body language, knowing what feels good and what doesn't. To do the magic mountain style, a partner should sit and bend their legs, leaning on their arms and forearms. The other person should do the same thing and keep moving closer until the genitals make contact. The position works best when you both grind against each other and experience great levels of pleasure mutually. You can spice things up by sliding ice cubes down your partner's chest and watching the cold water drop down to their pelvis.

Tips For a Healthy Sex Life Among Married People

Although tight schedules and other factors might interfere with your desire for sex, you shouldn't make it the last time on your to-do list. Here are some tips to help you keep your intimate relationship satisfying and exciting:

  • Communicate openly about pleasure with your partner.
  • Educate yourself about sex constantly to identify your turn-ons and turn-offs.
  • Don't judge yourself or your partner; instead, focus on how you want to feel.
  • Don't measure your love with the amount of sex you have.
  • Build trust and emotional intimacy to develop your physical intimacy.
  • Compliment each other frequently.
  • Reintroduce kissing and other random activities into your daily routine.
  • Share personal fantasies with your partner.
  • Prioritize foreplay.
  • Experiment with sex toys or role play.


Sex does not have to become tedious between you and your partner. Your intimate relationship should keep getting better as you explore more options over the years. We hope the tips and the sensual sex position recommendations were helpful to you. To spice things up in your sex life, do not pass by our best sex toys reviews. You will find something that fits your budget and taste.

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