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Clit Pumps

Clitoral Pump.

Looking to buy your first clit pump?

If you don't already know, clitoral pumps are all the rage these days. After years of male-based designs like the dildo, it’s about time there’s a toy made with only the clitoris and vulva in mind! But before you add one to your collection of self-care tools, you should consider a few things! Here's everything you need to know about clit pumps to make an informed purchasing decision.

Top 10 best Clit Pumps in 2024

Products Information Price
Doc Johnson Pussy Pump
Doc Johnson Pussy Pump
Material: Acrylic Plastic
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Flexibility: Rigid
Waterproof: No
Base diameter: 4 inches
Circumference: 9.75 inches
Length: 4 inches
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Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cupping Set
Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cupping Set
Material: Plastic
Length: 27 inches
Contains latex: No
Set: EZ-grip pump, 2 small cups, 2 medium cups, 2 large cups
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Lovehoney Pussy Power Rechargeable Auto-Suction Pussy Pump
Auto-Suction Pussy Pump
Material: Silicone
Power Type: Rechargeable
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Features: Rechargeable
Waterproof: Splashproof
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Double Double Powerful Vibrating Silicone Nipple and Clit Teasers
Double Double Powerful Vibrating Silicone Nipple and Clit Teasers
Material: Silicone
Contains latex: No
Base diameter: 2.8 inches
Circumference: 4 inches
Length: 2 inches
Power Type: Batteries (not included)
Battery Info: 3xAA batteries
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Lovehoney Swell Time Clitoris and Nipple Pump
Lovehoney Swell Time
Material: PVC
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 3 inches
Length: 28 inches
Set: 3 cylinders, bulb pump
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Vibrating Vagina Sucker Pussy Pump
Vibrating Pussy Pump
Material: Hard Plastic
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Waterproof: No
Length: 5.5 inches
Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
Power Type: Batteries (not included)
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DOMINIX Deluxe Nipple and Clit Triple Sucker Set
Material: Hard Plastic
Fastening: Adjustable screw
Length: 4.5 inches
Allergens: Latex-Free
Features: Set
Lingerie Features: Set
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Fantasy for Her Vibrating Pussy Pump and Tongue Vibrator Kit
Pussy Pump and Tongue Vibrator Kit
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 4.25 inches
Insertable Length: 5 inches
Power Type: Rechargeable
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Waterproof: Submersible
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Kink by Doc Johnson Rechargeable Automatic Vibrating Pussy Pump
Rechargeable Automatic Pussy Pump
Material: Silicone
Length: Rechargeable
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Features: Rechargeable
Waterproof: No
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What is a Clitoral Pump?

A clit pump sensitizes your clitoris by temporarily enlarging the area and increasing blood flow with a small vacuum effect. This increased pressure can increase pleasure, size, and orgasm intensity and re-sensitize the area for people who need it. The increased sensitivity you get from this kind of toy is an intense experience that is an enjoyable departure from the same old dildos and personal massagers that fill the market.

The plastic cup or cylinder, which fits comfortably around the clitoris, uses pressure to draw blood into the area. With manually-controlled suction via a lever or handheld bulb, it is safe for users as they maintain control, powered models that use batteries are carefully designed to use safe amounts of force. Accidents with these pumping toys are very rare, but as always, following directions for your specific model while in use is essential.

Why Buy a Clit Pump?

A clitoris pump offers a refreshing, new experience for those used to ordinary insertable toys and vibrating wands. These toys are incredibly versatile and offer pleasure to trans men, cis women, and even non-binary people looking to increase size, orgasm intensity, and sensitivity.

Some of the best clitoral pumps have built-in vibrating bullets and soft silicone knobs that enhance the experience. Many pumps on our list have these extra features.

People who struggle with achieving orgasm due to age or health will find a pump helpful in alleviating this struggle. They are also useful for achieving orgasm with a partner.

California Exotics Clitoral Pumps.

How We Tested Our List of Clit Pumps

Our list of best clit pumps considers how user-friendly they are for beginners, what materials each device is composed of, the unique textures it offers, and the general experience. Of course, safety is one of our top concerns with sensitive devices like these, too.

What constitutes the "best" personal pump is subjective and varies from individual to individual. Just because one sex toy works well for you doesn't mean it will have the same effect on your friend. It’s like dildo length, one size does not fit all.

Fantasy For Her Vibrating Clitoral Pump. Choose Clit Pump

Types and Main Characteristics of Clit Pumps

Check Here Main Characteristics of Clit Pumps.


Clit pumps come in two common materials: plastic and silicone.

  1. Plastic: Pumps made with hard plastic are rigid and stand up to higher amounts of suction pressure, they also tend to stay in place on your body much more easily.
  2. Silicone: This is the most popular material for clitoral pumpers. Silicone is soft, flexible, skin-safe, and easy to keep clean, these traits are ideal for this intimate suction toy. There’s little risk of harm or irritation when used correctly.

More rigid plastic is best for small, manual pumps and pumps for more experienced users. Acrylic, PVC, and ABS are different varieties of plastic used in clit pumps.

Silicone pumps are often molded with bumps and other shapes or paired with vibrators to stimulate the clitoris further when they rub against it under pressure.


Clitoris pumps come in a variety of sizes. A smaller cup focuses the suction effects on the clitoris, while a larger pump can stimulate more of the vulva.

Ensure the pump you pick is large enough to accommodate either the size of your clitoris or the whole vulva. All high-quality pumps should have precise dimensions and measurements listed.

The size of the clit pump’s cup can influence how intense the experience is, depending on your taste. A pump that is too small will be uncomfortable.


A silicone clit pumper can tease the area with textured patterns on the inside of the cup, taking advantage of the increased sensitivity. A bunch of teasers on a vibrating clit pump can make it the only toy you need to achieve orgasm alone.

Some people prefer the soft texture of a silicone pump against their clit and vulva as opposed to hard plastic, even without texture.

Clitoral Pumping System.

How to Choose the Best Clit Pump

Follow these steps to help you decide which pumping device is perfect for you!

  • How big is your clitoris? At the very least, your new pump’s cup should be able to accommodate your entire clit. Do not pick one that is too small, you’ll run the risk of injury. Then, decide if you want it to cover your whole vulva, the clit alone, or somewhere in between.
  • What materials feel the best for you? If you have other toys with textures you like, consider getting a clit vacuum pump made of the same material. Here’s a tip: silicone pump cups are the easiest to keep clean and are most gentle on the skin. Consider a harder plastic cup if you already know you prefer higher suction levels.
  • Decide if you want your new clit pump to vibrate, stimulate with its texture, and be manually controlled or battery-powered.

Choosing the Right Size Clit Pump for Your Needs

Choosing the right size is the first and most important choice when choosing your first pump.

A clitoral pump that is too small can be unsafe to use. If your entire clitoris does not properly fit, the excess pressure can be painful or even cause bruising as your skin presses against the chamber. Your clitoris should never fill the pump’s chamber and push out the edges.

A pump chamber that is too large may not provide the increased sensitivity and pleasure you’re looking to get out of your clit pump.

Choosing the Right Material, Shape, and Texture

The material, shape, and texture of a clitoris pump determine the overall experience once you’ve chosen the appropriate size. We recommend manual, silicone clit pumps for beginners until you better understand your needs. A pump that covers the whole vulva may be too advanced for beginners, too.

Silicone Vibrating Clitoral Pump.

How To Use a Clitoris Pump

Before you get started, make sure your clit pump is clean and that you have water-based personal lube on hand.

  • Apply a small dab of your favorite non-silicone-based, non-oil-based lube to the lip of the cup. The lube helps the pump make an airtight, comfortable seal.
  • Place the cup over your clitoris or vulva, gently move it around against your body to ensure you have it in a comfortable position and that the entire intended area is inside.
  • Begin pumping. Using the manual bulb or handle, start slowly. To use a pump toy safely, you need to be gradual. This should NEVER hurt or feel uncomfortable. Stop using immediately if you experience pain or severe discoloration; this is not normal.
  • Enjoy. If you have a pump with a vibrating component or a textural element, this is the time to use it.

The best clitoral pumps can feel incredible when used properly but limit your clit pumping to 10-15 minute sessions at a time as experts recommend.

Maintenance, Care, and Storage

You have to clean your pump after each use. This ensures that no bacteria can build up on your pump. Using warm water with gentle soap is the ideal cleaning regimen for silicone pump cups. Then, allow it to air dry.

Store your clit pump somewhere dry at a consistent temperature. Make sure your silicone pump does not touch your other silicone toys. Silicone-on-silicone contact can cause the material of your pump to degrade.

Original Pink Clitoral Pump.

Final Verdict

Clit vacuum pumps are a good choice for people with vulvas that want increased sensitivity and more intense orgasms. Adding a vibrating element or stimulating texture enhances the experience of pumping your clitoris. They are safe for this very sensitive part of the body when used correctly, and many users prefer them for solo masturbation compared to dildos. Our list consists of great choices suitable for beginners and more experienced users. Thanks for reading, have fun!

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What are the benefits of using a clit pump?
Using a clit pump can increase clitoral sensitivity, improve blood flow to the area, and enhance sexual pleasure. It can also be a fun and exciting addition to solo or partner play.
Are there different types of clit pumps available?
Yes, there are different types of clit pumps available, including vibrating clit pumps, clit suction pumps, electric clit pumps, and pussy and clit pumps. Some are designed for BDSM use, while others are more beginner-friendly.
How do I choose the best clit pump for me?
When choosing a clit pump, consider factors such as size, material, and type of pump. If you're new to using clit pumps, start with a beginner-friendly option and work your way up.
Can a clit pump be used during sex?
Yes, a clit pump can be used during sex to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm. Some pumps even come with remote controls, allowing your partner to control the level of suction and vibration for added excitement.
Are clit pumps safe to use?
Yes, clit pumps are generally safe to use as long as you follow the instructions and use them as directed. Avoid overuse or using too much suction, as this can cause discomfort or even injury.
How do I clean my clit pump?
Clean your clit pump with warm water and mild soap, or use a specialized sex toy cleaner. Be sure to clean all parts of the pump thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before storing.
Can I use a clit pump if I have a medical condition?
If you have a medical condition, such as genital herpes or vulvodynia, it's best to consult with your doctor before using a clit pump. Some conditions may make it unsafe or uncomfortable to use a pump.
What is the difference between a clit pump and a clitoral vibrator?
A clit pump uses suction to enhance sensitivity and pleasure, while a clitoral vibrator uses vibration. Both can be used together for even more intense pleasure.
How long should I use a clit pump for?
Use your clit pump for 5-10 minutes at a time, and take breaks in between to avoid overstimulation or discomfort. It's also important to start with a low level of suction and work your way up gradually.
Can a clit pump help me achieve orgasm?
Using a clit pump can increase sensitivity and blood flow to the clitoris, which may make it easier to achieve orgasm. However, orgasm is not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.
Do clit pumps have any side effects?
Using a clit pump can cause temporary swelling or redness, but this should subside within a few hours. Avoid using too much suction or using the pump for too long, as this can cause discomfort or even injury.
user avatar
09.09.2021, 02:16
Once I set the Doc Johnson's pussy pump to the right amount of suction, it feels almost as good as I'm being held in someone's hands. The suction is so mild, it works wonders. It makes me so sensitive and wet. It gives me the perfect solo play. Whenever I place it against my kitty, the patented valve system allows me to form some sort of clit vacuum seal over the vaginal area. If you want it to fit perfectly, you should rub some line around the seal before applying it though.
I love this pump so much because it's comfy and simple. No complex attachments anywhere just pump that look like oxygen masks. I've never tried it with someone else, but I think it would make a great clit pump bdsm for foreplay. I like the cute aesthetic it has, and I love how easily it can be altered.
user avatar
13.09.2021, 19:08
Hello, there! I'm working on how to improve my sexual life. I thought I'll start with clit pumps because they seem affordable and friendly for someone like me, who does not know about this stuff. So, I need your help on how to choose clit plumps. What should I know?
user avatar
15.09.2021, 15:33
Hey Laura. Here's a simple guide on choosing a clit plump.
Firstly, study the structure and safety features of the products.
Try it on your arm or legs before use, to check the intensity level. Carefully measure the pressure of the clit plumping.
Be careful with advanced plumps. It's best to start with plumps that are not intimidating
Also, check the variations. There are clit plumps that come as nipple and clit plumps, while some come as pussy and clit plumps. Each of them comes in various sizes too and offers different experiences. It depends on your preference.
user avatar
19.09.2021, 19:09
The Supreme Sensation Pussy Pump is one of the best clit pumps I've ever had. There's this classic feel to its appearance, that I love. To be candid, I was very close to not buying it. When I wanted to order mine, I didn't see enough reviews. But, I took a risk and bought it anyway. I'm glad I got lucky.
The thing about this clip pump bondage is that it's easy if you're patient. You just need to understand the workings of your body. Experiment and discover what shape or size fits you the most.
The pussy pump has two release valves. One is at the base of the bulb, and the other is on top of the chamber. If you want to remove the hose when the chamber is in place, you can release the suction without having to bind everything again. The Supreme Sensation Pussy Pump is very intimate, and kinky too. I'd recommend it anyway!
user avatar
24.09.2021, 17:05
Thanks so much for being detailed in your product descriptions. I ordered a product, and it looked exactly the way it was described.
user avatar
29.09.2021, 17:26
Hi. I'm trying to get one of these clitoral plump thingies for someone. I know it might not be a conventional present, but I just think it would be thoughtful. The problem is I have no clue about where to start, and I don't know what I'm doing.
I need a guide. I heard that it has whole other benefits apart from getting orgasms. I just want to make sure I'm not getting the wrong idea about it because I don't see any reviews or websites talking about them. What are these benefits?
user avatar
30.09.2021, 13:10
Hi Dave, nice to meet you. We'll be happy to assist. Asides from better orgasms, the other clit pump benefits include; strengthening one's pelvic floor, stimulating natural lubrication, boosting one's confidence, and empowering gender affirmation.
Those are the major benefits that come with these clit plumps. We hope you get a better guide on what to get for that someone. If not, please contact us ASAP!
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06.10.2021, 05:32
The Automatic Pussy Pump works wonders on my kitty. It helps with sensitivity too. It gives more of a concentrated, intense sensation, but you can still alter it when you’re in the mood for some loose, mild sensation.
The pump is designed with a transparent cup with a soft silicone sim. While it heightens your arousal, you get to watch it in real-time through the pump's transparent cup. Sometimes, the suction side can be extremely hard to do, because of the seal. Even at that, the suction is incredible.
This pump features two buttons that enable independently-controlled three suction Speeds and seven different peculiar vibration functions. The sounds from the pump can be quite loud though. It would have been nicer if it was slightly quiet. There's another button for releasing air to achieve fast and safe removal of the suction. The pump can be fragile, so you need to treat it with more care. But, it is very easy to clean.
Power controls can be shut if you intend to store them somewhere or perhaps when you're travelling. It's electric, so you have to charge it. You charge for like ninety minutes. Then, you can use it for as long as one hour. If you're not using this pussy pump, you're missing out.
user avatar
11.10.2021, 16:41
Thank you for patiently withstanding my constant messages to Customer care about my order. I was impressed by your transparency. My package got here safe and timely too! I like that I didn't have to start covering it up either. Many thanks!
user avatar
17.10.2021, 11:19
Apart from my normal sex toys and lingerie, I thought it would be fun to explore more unusual kink items. I’ve been wanting to try a pussy clamp or pump for a while, and I finally concluded on clit pumps.
I got the Double Silicone Nipple & Clit Teasers set. It's easy to use and features two strong bullets you can apply with suction. It's independent, you don't need hands to work it.
The set might be easy to apply, but it's hard to stay on one's breast if the titties are small. So you might have a hard time positioning it. I don't think it's a good idea to purchase if you don't have a lot of breasts to position it on. But, if you want to get it regardless, you might need a handful of tolerance, when it comes to positioning the suction and vibration as well.
user avatar
22.10.2021, 23:05
Please how do I use a clit plump? I got one on impulse. Now, I'm overwhelmed with the information I'm getting from videos I googled.
user avatar
24.10.2021, 09:29
Lubricate the edge of the clit pump and your pussy. After that, place the cup on your clitoris, and pump gradually. When you apply pressure to the pump, it draws blood to the clitoris/vulva. If it’s a vibrating clit pump, it'll stimulate the pussy with delicate touches or tingling vibrations.
user avatar
01.03.2023, 11:20
Just got the best clit pump based on the recommendations from this article. My solo sessions have never been the same! 🔥
user avatar
05.03.2023, 18:10
My partner and I tried a clit vacuum pump for the first time last night. Seriously, why didn't we get this sooner?
user avatar
11.03.2023, 15:50
The clitoral suction pump from this list has changed the game for me. Totally recommend.
user avatar
15.03.2023, 09:50
I'm a bit embarrassed to ask, but is it weird to use a clit pump toy? Will it make me look abnormal?
user avatar
15.03.2023, 10:45
Not at all, GalaxyNerd! Every individual's pleasure journey is unique. Using a clit pump toy is just another way to explore and enhance sensations. Nothing abnormal about seeking pleasure! 💜
user avatar
21.03.2023, 22:20
Who else here loves the vibrating clit pump? Feels so heavenly! 😇
user avatar
29.03.2023, 17:45
The clit pump reviews from this article convinced me to buy one. Best decision ever!
user avatar
04.04.2023, 20:35
Always thought BDSM wasn't for me, but then I tried the bdsm clit pump from this article. Now, I can't imagine my collection without it.
user avatar
10.04.2023, 13:15
Anyone else nervous about the sensation of a clit suction pump? Does it hurt?
user avatar
10.04.2023, 14:30
No need to be nervous, InkedFairy! When used correctly, clit suction pumps enhance sensations without causing pain. Always start with a gentle suction and see how it feels. Remember, it's all about what feels good for you!
user avatar
17.04.2023, 08:20
I'm amazed at how the clit sucker pump heightens sensitivity. It's an absolute game changer!
user avatar
24.04.2023, 16:10
The best clitoris pump I bought from this article was perfect. The size, the intensity – everything! 🌟
user avatar
01.05.2023, 19:45
I want to buy a clitoral pump, but I'm scared it might look creepy to my partner. Any advice?
user avatar
01.05.2023, 20:30
MysticMoondust, it's all about open communication. Discuss with your partner about wanting to try it out and share its potential benefits. Many find clit pumps intriguing and pleasurable once they give them a chance. Remember, it's all about mutual exploration and understanding in a relationship!
user avatar
07.05.2023, 21:50
For those wondering, the electric clit pump is worth every penny! The power and consistency is unmatched.
user avatar
14.05.2023, 14:10
Using clit pumps has given a new dimension to our couple play. My partner loves it as much as I do.
user avatar
22.05.2023, 17:25
Is it safe to use a clit pumper frequently? I'm worried about overdoing it.
user avatar
22.05.2023, 18:10
AriaNymph, moderation is key. While clit pumpers are safe, it's important to listen to your body. If you experience any discomfort or pain, give yourself a break. Always follow the guidelines and recommendations for usage. Enjoy and stay safe!
user avatar
28.05.2023, 12:15
I got the best clitoral pump from this list, and my solo sessions have never felt this good!
user avatar
05.06.2023, 11:50
I was skeptical at first, but now I swear by clit pumps. The sensations are just next level!
user avatar
12.06.2023, 15:10
Thinking of getting a clit pump vibrator. Will it be too intense for a beginner?
user avatar
12.06.2023, 15:55
AuroraSkye, a clit pump vibrator can be a delightful experience! Just start with the lowest setting and work your way up. You can always adjust the intensity to your comfort level. Happy exploring!
user avatar
19.06.2023, 09:30
If you're on the fence about clit pumps, take the plunge! It's a whole new world of sensations.
user avatar
27.06.2023, 21:10
The big clit pump might sound intimidating, but trust me, it's incredible. It feels so different and exciting.
user avatar
04.07.2023, 16:40
I was curious about the small clit pump and got one. It's so discreet yet so effective!
user avatar
11.07.2023, 18:15
Just a shoutout to everyone - clit pump bdsm play is an exhilarating experience. Worth every moment!
user avatar
20.07.2023, 14:20
My partner got a clitoris vacuum pump and I was skeptical. Now, I'm the one reaching for it every time!
user avatar
29.07.2023, 11:10
The pussy and clit pump combination is truly revolutionary. Double the pleasure!
user avatar
06.08.2023, 20:50
I've heard about clitoral pumps enhancing sensations, but are there any long-term side effects?
user avatar
06.08.2023, 21:30
WanderlustWitch, when used correctly and in moderation, clitoral pumps are safe. They work by increasing blood flow temporarily, but it's always important to follow usage guidelines. If you're concerned, consult a professional or read more about user experiences.
user avatar
14.08.2023, 13:15
This article nailed it with the best clit pumps list. Every suggestion is a gem!
user avatar
22.08.2023, 16:50
I never thought I'd say this, but the clit pumper is now a must-have in my collection.
user avatar
30.08.2023, 18:20
I've always felt shy about using sex toys. But after trying out the best clitoris pump, I feel more empowered and in touch with my body.
user avatar
07.09.2023, 14:10
The clit pump vibrator combo is the ultimate pleasure tool. Do yourself a favor and get one.
user avatar
15.09.2023, 12:05
Took a leap of faith and got the best clitoral pump as a surprise for my partner. The reactions were priceless and so worth it!
user avatar
22.09.2023, 21:40
Is it strange that I'm intrigued by the idea of a clit pumper but also scared of being judged?
user avatar
22.09.2023, 22:15
SilentSiren, your feelings are valid! Remember, personal pleasure is all about you. What matters most is what feels right for you. Society is becoming more accepting of sexual exploration, and it's okay to prioritize your happiness and pleasure.
user avatar
01.10.2023, 16:30
Thank you for this comprehensive guide! The clit pump reviews were super helpful.
user avatar
09.10.2023, 18:45
The electric clit pump is a game-changer. Consistent and powerful – a perfect addition to any collection.
user avatar
17.10.2023, 20:20
My partner was initially hesitant about the clit suction pump, but after trying it, we both can't get enough!
user avatar
25.10.2023, 14:55
I was nervous about the big clit pump, but this article cleared my doubts. Took the plunge and have no regrets!
user avatar
02.11.2023, 17:40
Small clit pump for the win! It's compact yet so effective.
user avatar
10.11.2023, 21:15
Incorporating the clit pump bdsm style into our play has been a thrilling experience. A must-try for those looking to spice things up!
user avatar
18.11.2023, 15:50
I've always been curious about clitoris vacuum pumps. After reading this article, I'm convinced to give it a try!
user avatar
25.11.2023, 12:30
The pussy and clit pump combo from this article was an excellent recommendation. Double the sensations, double the fun!
user avatar
05.12.2023, 10:15
The clit pump reviews in this article made my choice so much easier. I'm ecstatic with my purchase!
user avatar
14.12.2023, 19:30
For those feeling shy or hesitant, I was too. But the clit pumper is now my favorite toy! The sensations are truly unparalleled.
user avatar
22.12.2023, 16:45
Holidays with the best clitoral pump from this article = best gift to myself!
user avatar
26.12.2023, 11:20
I never believed the hype until I tried it. Now I'm wondering why I didn't jump on the clit pump bandwagon sooner.
user avatar
30.12.2023, 17:05
New Year's resolution: more self-love and exploration with the clit pump vibrator. Can't wait!
user avatar
03.01.2024, 15:50
The bdsm clit pump play was a revelation. If you're curious, this article is the best starting point.
user avatar
06.01.2024, 12:30
As a newbie, the clit suction pump has opened up a whole new realm of sensations for me. Can't recommend it enough!
user avatar
09.01.2024, 14:05
Clit pumps are not just for solo play. Incorporating it into our couple sessions has been a delightful discovery.
user avatar
12.01.2024, 19:15
I got the electric clit pump for my birthday and it's the gift that keeps on giving. The consistency and power are top-notch!
user avatar
15.01.2024, 18:50
Starting the year with self-exploration and the best clitoral pump from this list has been a game-changer. Thanks for the recommendation!
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