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If you have a sub-standard sex life, or you are searching for exciting ways to please your partner, then it is about time to spice things up with a queening chair. With the use of a Queening stool, you can get all the satisfaction you desire. Interestingly, the Queening chair was obsolete at one stage, but it is slowly getting back as more sex partners are keen on trying it out. So, in this article, we are sure to provide you with some useful information regarding the use of the Queening chair, its pros and cons, as well as knowing its types. To this effect, you should keep reading as you wouldn't want to miss a piece of information here.

Best Queening Chairs in 2024

Products Information Price
Master Series Queening Chair
Master Series Queening Chair
Material: Wood, PU leather and metal
Face hole: 11 x 8 inches
Length: 27 inches
Width: 20 inches
Height: 13 inches
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TOUGHAGE Sex Chair with Inflatable Sex Pillow
Material: Nylon, Rubber, Metal PVC
Vital stats: 52 x 50 x 37 cm
Size of Pillow: 38 x 32 x 27 cm
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What is a Queening chair?

A Queening chair or rather a facesitting chair is a chair that makes it possible for an individual to have oral stimulation of the vagina or in some cases the anus. This oral sex chair is a relatively low chair that sex partners, use to gain comfort while having a clear view of the anus or vagina. This Queening seat is constructed in a U-shaped pattern and it's mostly been used by a female. This Queening chair is focused on the dominant partner, usually a feminine as she takes full charge of her submissive partner. This BDSM Queening Chair is not only mysterious but also a very sexy and hot way of spicing up your sex life. If you have watched some porn videos, then there's a chance that you may have come across a BDSM Queening chair being used.

Its Purpose

The main use of a cunnilingus chair is for oral sex. As it has been mentioned once or twice throughout this article, the queening chair helps to expose your vagina area for easier access either for pussy stimulation or anal sex. Also called the cunnilingus chair, it is specially designed to make ‘getting a head’ easy. That is the reason the chair is constructed with a hole in the middle of the chair’s seat. The chair is also usually lower than most regular chairs. This is so that your partner can reach you from underneath the chair. See more on how to use a queening chair BDSM below.

Multifunctional Queening Chair for Couples.

Different types

Interestingly, there are various types of Queening chairs. Some of the familiar ones are:

  • Queening chair with windows: Who doesn't like a bit of creativeness on their Queening chair? This type of Queening chair is a bit transparent given the fact that it has windows in its design.
  • Body worship: This type of Queening bench focuses more on the anus. It has a head support cushion which you can take off if you deem fit. It is a bit sturdier but with its latest design, it certainly would become a bit sturdier.
  • Smoother box: This type of Queening chair is going to be appreciated by dominant women. It focuses on lots of things and comfort happens to be one of them.
  • Rim chair: This type of Queening chair is void of pins, and that makes it possible to have its height as well as the angle adjusted for a more sensation feeling.
Master Series Queening Chair. Choose Queening Chair

How to choose the best Queening chair?

A lot of times, people experience difficulty when it comes to choosing the best Queening chair. To make things a bit easier, the following tips can be of help. Some of the things to bear in mind are:

  • Design: One tip that can help you make the right choice is to look out for the Queening chair design. Normally, the most Queening chair comes with a U-shape. Some have a poor design to them. So, before buying a Queening chair, you need to be certain that the design meets your sexual fantasies.
  • Material: The queening chair comes with different materials. While some are with leather, others come with cotton. However, it all comes down to not just your sexual fantasies, but also what you feel comfortable with. If you are the type that is used to leathers, then, you should go ahead and pick a Queening chair that has leather.
  • Convenience: Who doesn't like to dominate with a bit of comfort attached to it? So, before deciding on the Queening chair to purchase, it is important to look out for those adjustable Queening chairs or the lockable Queening chair.
Queening Chair Sex Toy Multifunctional Stool Black.

Why It Might Not Be Suitable

Amongst all the impressive things that have been mentioned, you might not be able to use a queening chair in some circumstances. These are not disadvantages, it just means you might need to look for other alternatives or adopt an additional toy for pleasure.

For one, solo users might need a sex pillow or a vibrator, or a dildo to enjoy a facesitting chair. A man might not benefit a lot from it, and if you live with your parents or people, that are a little stiff to the idea of sexual freedom, owning this chair might not be the most discreet option.

Procedure for Use

Some people may have suffocated from having their partners sit on their faces. However, those kinds of issues are being eliminated with the use of a Queening chair. Its use is relatively a straightforward process as the dominant force which in most cases is feminine. What she does is to sit on the Queening chair, while the submissive partner, goes under the chair to get a clear view of not just the anus, but also the vagina.

Why You Can Trust Us

Though we have tested and approved the above facesitting chairs, how can you be sure we conducted the right tests? No need to wonder, we will let you in on the different tests our sex experts conducted on the cunnilingus chairs until we ended up at the few featured for you above.

Sorted For Appeal

The first thing we looked for in every queening chair is the appeal. What’s a facesitting chair if it does not attract you, the buyer? Truth is, no matter how great a queening chair BDSM is, how amazing or efficient, if it looks like a grandma’s old rocking chair with a hole in between, it will stay on the rack for a long while. In the same way, if you have a cunnilingus chair that looks just as good as you want to feel, it will spice up your sexual moments even by the look of it alone. To that effect, our sex experts made sure to look into the design, color, and added features to see if it passes our test of an amazing outer look.

Tested Them for Body-safety

Aside from the fact that a queening sex chair should look good, it also has to be safe to use on your body. Likely, you won’t be fully clothed when you sit on the BDSM queening chair. Hence there is a huge probability that your skin will make contact with the chair’s material. That is the basis of our tests. We safely assumed that the users of a queening chair would either be fully naked or half naked with exposed thighs. Since the thighs are fairly sensitive, we tested the material of the chair for the presence of any allergy-triggering material. This includes fur, nylon, rubber, and so on. While these materials are safe, they could contain allergens like vinyl, or latex. The job of our sex toy testers was simply to check for the presence of these allergens in the material to help streamline our list.

Checked For Sturdiness

Finally, we checked for the stability of every facesitting chair that you see appear on our list. While a cunnilingus chair can look amazing and have the safest material, it would still kill the fun if you were to fall on your partner’s face while he or she was eating you up. Hence, our tests included the examination of the chair’s durability and sturdiness. Additionally, as you might have guessed, wobbling queening oral sex chairs were eliminated at once and not included in our list of the best facesitting oral chair.

Queening Chairs Vs Other Sex Toys

These chair specialties are highly different from other pieces of sex furniture. While a sex chair or sex bed is a great piece as well, the BDSM queening chair is one of the few items of sex furniture that is portable and easy to store. It takes up only a little space and is easy to move around from one room to the other. It also has a discreet appearance as it can easily be camouflaged and switched into a small table or a chair. In addition, they are not selfish pieces of sex furniture as they can be used with other sex toys like a vibrator, sex machine, suction cup dildo, and so on. Whether you are into BDSM or you like things a little soft, the facesitting chair can still work great for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Queening chair

  • Instant sensation: The dominant force is going to be treated with an instant sensation as she receives stimulation in her anus and her vagina.
  • Freedom to roam: The advantage of the Queening chair is that her partner's hands aren't fixed on a particular spot. This means that he can confidently touch other parts of her body while also ensuring she receives stimulation.
  • Another notable advantage of using a Queening chair is that fantasies would be achieved.
  • The disadvantage of using a Queening chair is that you are likely not going to see your partner's facial reaction while she receives stimulation.
  • Queening chairs are much more comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time in sex games.
  • They are specifically designed to support the back and neck, and they also offer adjustable head and foot rests.
  • They are very durable and built to last, making them a wise investment for anyone who wants to improve their sitting experience during sex.
  • Queening chairs can also be quite expensive, so if you're on a budget, they may not be the best option for you.
Love Chair for Couples Position.


An oral sex chair is one chair that can help in boosting both you and that of your partner's sex life. This Queening stool is something that is invoked and doesn't look like going off the market anytime soon. So, it would be favorable on your path to follow through with the listed tips so that you do not miss out on picking a suitable Queening chair.

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What is the purpose of a queening chair?
A queening chair, also known as a facesitting chair or oral sex chair, is a specialized piece of furniture designed to enhance and facilitate the act of facesitting, queening, or kinging. The chair typically features a seat with an opening or hole, allowing the person sitting on the chair to receive oral pleasure from their partner positioned beneath the seat. Queening chairs are used for sexual pleasure and can also be found in BDSM and femdom scenarios.
What materials are queening stools typically made from?
Queening stools are typically made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and leather or faux leather. Some stools may also have cushioned seats for added comfort during use. The choice of material largely depends on personal preferences, budget, and the desired level of durability and ease of cleaning.
How do I choose the right facesitting chair for my needs and preferences?
To choose the right facesitting chair for your needs and preferences, consider factors such as the size, material, weight capacity, and design. Look for a chair that is sturdy, easy to clean, and comfortable for both partners. Additionally, consider the available space in your home to ensure that the chair will fit comfortably. Reading reviews and consulting with knowledgeable retailers can help you make an informed decision when selecting a queening chair.
Are there any height or weight restrictions for using a queening seat?
The height and weight restrictions for using a queening seat will depend on the specific model and manufacturer. Generally, queening chairs are designed to accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes, but it's important to consult the manufacturer's recommendations or product specifications to ensure the chair will safely support both you and your partner. If you have concerns about the chair's suitability, consider reaching out to the retailer or manufacturer for guidance.
Are queening thrones discreet, or will they stand out in my home?
The discreetness of a queening throne will depend on its design and your home's décor. Some queening chairs are designed to blend in with your existing furniture and can double as a regular seat or stool when not in use. Other models may have a more distinct appearance, making them stand out. Consider your preferences and whether you want a discreet piece of furniture or one that makes a bold statement when selecting a queening chair.
How do I store my facesitting stool when not in use?
To store your facesitting stool when not in use, first ensure that it is clean and dry. If the stool can be disassembled or folded, do so to save space. Store the stool in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. If the stool has cushions or upholstery, consider using a protective cover to shield it from dust and potential damage.
What is the average price range for queening chairs?
The average price range for queening chairs can vary greatly depending on the materials, design, and craftsmanship involved. Basic models made from more affordable materials can be found for as low as $100-$200, while more luxurious, high-quality chairs made from premium materials and featuring intricate designs can cost upwards of $1,000. Consider your budget and desired features when selecting a queening chair that meets your needs and preferences.
Can queening chairs be used for other types of sexual activities?
Queening chairs are primarily designed for facesitting and oral sex, but they can be versatile and used for other types of sexual activities as well. Some chairs may be suitable for supporting various positions or incorporating restraints and other BDSM accessories. It's important to ensure that the chair is sturdy and safe for any intended activities and to communicate openly with your partner about your desires and boundaries.
Are there any safety considerations when using a queening chair for BDSM play?
When using a queening chair for BDSM play, it's essential to prioritize safety and consent. Establish clear communication with your partner, discuss boundaries, and agree on a safe word to stop the activity if necessary. Ensure that the chair is stable and secure, and be mindful of any potential risks, such as falls or restricted breathing. Take your time to learn and understand the dynamics of the activity and always prioritize the well-being of all parties involved.
Can I customize a queening chair to fit my specific preferences and desires?
Many manufacturers and retailers offer customization options for queening chairs, allowing you to choose specific materials, colors, and designs to suit your preferences. Customization can range from simple adjustments, such as selecting a particular color, to more elaborate design modifications. To explore customization options, consult with the retailer or manufacturer, and be prepared to provide your specific requirements and preferences. Keep in mind that custom orders may take longer to produce and may incur additional costs.
user avatar
20.09.2021, 15:22
Sharon Boyd
My queening stool makes me feel like a boss. It grants me a strong aura of feminine confidence, and naturally gives my partner the duty of worshipping my body. I prefer being dominant than submissive, so you can guess that the queening throne has grown to become my favorite bdsm obsession.
user avatar
24.09.2021, 19:19
Lorelai Ford
Which is the most comfortable queening chair to purchase? I would prefer for someone to go down on me while I sit pretty comfortably.
user avatar
25.09.2021, 13:50
Hello Lorelai, there are a couple of different options you can explore if you are particular about having the most comfort while enjoying oral sex. You can get yourself an adjustable queening chair where you can adjust the height and angle to suit your preference. You might also prefer the lockable queening chair.
user avatar
01.10.2021, 13:41
Melody Yu
This queening seat has just taken oral sex to a whole new level! The entire action is utterly thrilling! And I should say that apart from being completely efficient at fulfilling all my kinky fantasies, the Master Series queening chair is truly beautiful and completely adorable. It has brought more life and spice to my sexual relationship than any other sexual accessory I ever bought. It drives me ecstatic to see my partner right underneath me with both hands cuffed to the oral sex chair. Who knew oral sex could be so pleasurably superb?! Sincerely, the queening bench is the perfect sex accessory!
user avatar
05.10.2021, 21:38
Sammy Hardin
Oh, so glorious! My significant other has been going on about this femdom queening chair, and I had been wondering what she was so crazed about. Interesting!
user avatar
09.10.2021, 11:00
Juliette Barajas
This cunnilingus chair looks incredibly beautiful! It would be a dream-come-through to own one of these. But aren’t these like extremely pricey? I don’t want to have to spend a ton on getting sex accessories. Sometimes, you love these sex toys, and you are about to place an order, then boom! The prices are out the roof! This queen right here just wants to have all the fun for as little cost as possible.
user avatar
14.10.2021, 07:26
Katrina Garza
Hey Juliette, It depends on what brand or what specifics you are aiming for. A friend of mine got hers for about $500, but while I was purchasing mine, I had no intention of breaking the bank, so I went for one as low as $100, and it has been serving me well ever since.
user avatar
27.10.2021, 12:41
Jakobe Fowler
My girlfriend only accepts head from me on the condition that she sits on this queening chair. I don’t particularly like it, but I do it for her.
user avatar
31.10.2021, 14:46
Ashlynn Mueller
It seems that the queening chair is mostly made from leather which is not always so easy to keep clean. Is there a way around that?
user avatar
02.11.2021, 11:54
Hello Ashlynn. Yes, it is possible to keep your oral sex chair clean. You can always clean the leather with a disinfectant before and after use. The most important thing is to keep it in a dry place, and under very good aeration. This would help to avoid bacteria and dirt.
user avatar
26.02.2023, 10:15
Just got my first queening chair and the experience was transformative. Highly recommend to anyone considering it!
user avatar
03.03.2023, 14:30
I've always been curious about the queening stool. I've heard that it can intensify the experience for both partners. Can anyone attest to this?
user avatar
03.03.2023, 14:55
Absolutely, JasperTurns! My partner and I have used a queening stool for a while and it does wonders for intimacy and comfort.
user avatar
11.03.2023, 16:10
I never knew the importance of a good facesitting chair until I tried one. The difference in comfort and positioning is night and day.
user avatar
19.03.2023, 09:45
I'm a bit on the heavier side, will a queening seat hold up?
user avatar
19.03.2023, 10:05
TomSilverstone, most queening chairs are designed to be sturdy and support various weights. Just check the specifications and reviews before purchasing!
user avatar
28.03.2023, 13:20
Introduced a cunnilingus chair into our playtime and it's been a game-changer. Highly suggest everyone gives it a go!
user avatar
05.04.2023, 18:30
Is anyone else worried about storage? I don't want my guests to find a queening throne in my living room!
user avatar
05.04.2023, 19:00
SerenaBliss, many queening chairs are foldable or discreet in design. Plus, you can always store them under the bed or in a closet when not in use.
user avatar
13.04.2023, 12:40
Been using a facesitting stool for a while now. I must say it enhances the experience tremendously for both of us.
user avatar
21.04.2023, 21:10
Anyone else feel like they look weird using a queening sex chair?
user avatar
21.04.2023, 21:30
LilaRose, it's all about what makes you and your partner feel good. Everyone has their preferences, and there's no right or wrong way to enjoy intimacy.
user avatar
29.04.2023, 10:50
I’ve heard that the femdom queening chair models offer more control for the person on top. Anyone else found this to be true?
user avatar
07.05.2023, 16:20
I'm quite tall and my partner is petite. Would the dimensions of a standard bdsm queening chair be suitable for us?
user avatar
07.05.2023, 16:45
JakeTheMist, most queening chairs are designed to accommodate various body types. However, always check dimensions and reviews to ensure a comfortable fit for both you and your partner.
user avatar
15.05.2023, 19:30
After reading this article, I'm convinced that the queening chair facesitting experience is something I'd like to explore further. Thanks for the insights!
user avatar
23.05.2023, 09:10
I've been interested in adding a chair for facesitting to our bedroom but am concerned about the safety aspects. Can anyone share their experience?
user avatar
23.05.2023, 09:40
EllieMist, safety should always be a priority. Ensure open communication with your partner, set boundaries, and always have a safe word. Most chairs are designed with safety in mind, but always take it slow and prioritize comfort.
user avatar
30.05.2023, 11:50
The master series queening chair has spiced things up for us. It's a worthwhile investment for those considering.
user avatar
07.06.2023, 15:05
I've been considering the best queening chair for my partner and me. This article has given me so much clarity. Appreciate it!
user avatar
15.06.2023, 20:20
Just curious, is there a learning curve to using a face sitting sex chair, or is it pretty straightforward?
user avatar
15.06.2023, 20:50
RonaldStar, while every individual's experience may vary, most find it intuitive. Start slow, communicate with your partner, and you'll find your rhythm in no time.
user avatar
23.06.2023, 13:40
Ever since we introduced the queening facesitting chair into our play, our intimacy has reached new heights. Absolutely love it!
user avatar
01.07.2023, 17:00
Concerned about the durability of these bdsm queening stools. Are they built to last?
user avatar
01.07.2023, 17:20
DanTheMan, many queening stools and chairs are made with durability in mind. Always opt for well-reviewed products and check the materials used to ensure longevity.
user avatar
09.07.2023, 12:25
Introduced a queening bench into our sessions and it's made a world of difference. Both in terms of comfort and pleasure.
user avatar
17.07.2023, 08:40
I'm a bit self-conscious about introducing a queening chair bdsm to our bedroom. I'm worried about how my partner might react.
user avatar
17.07.2023, 09:00
TrevorDeep, open communication is key. Discuss your interests and concerns with your partner. You might find that they're curious or even enthusiastic about the idea!
user avatar
25.07.2023, 14:20
The queening chair bondage features really added a new dimension to our playtime. For those considering, it's definitely worth it!
user avatar
02.08.2023, 16:00
I'm quite new to this. Is the queening stool bdsm different from the regular queening stools?
user avatar
02.08.2023, 16:20
NinaStars, while the core purpose is similar, a BDSM-specific stool might have additional features or restraints designed for BDSM play. Always read the product descriptions and reviews to ensure it suits your needs.
user avatar
10.08.2023, 11:30
After reading this article, I feel more informed and comfortable about investing in a facesit chair. Thanks for the insights!
user avatar
18.08.2023, 19:50
I've been thinking of upgrading our current queening chair. Any recommendations for something more advanced, like a femdom queening chair?
user avatar
26.08.2023, 10:05
I'm still on the fence. How do I ensure that a facesitting queening chair is the right fit for both me and my partner?
user avatar
26.08.2023, 10:30
LucasNight, it's crucial to consider both of your comfort levels. Check dimensions, adjustability, and read reviews. And remember, open communication with your partner about your desires and concerns is key.
user avatar
03.09.2023, 13:40
The bdsm queening stool we got recently has spiced things up more than I could've imagined. Totally worth the investment!
user avatar
11.09.2023, 15:10
I worry about hygiene when using such chairs, especially for facesitting. Any tips?
user avatar
11.09.2023, 15:40
HugoDeep, hygiene is essential. Ensure the chair's material is easy to clean, and always sanitize it before and after use. Using a soft cloth with mild soap and water usually does the trick, but always follow the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations.
user avatar
19.09.2023, 18:25
The article's mention of the queening chair femdom features really piqued my interest. Considering introducing this to our play.
user avatar
27.09.2023, 20:55
Has anyone tried multiple types like the facesitting stool and the chair for facesitting? Curious about the differences.
user avatar
03.10.2023, 08:15
Bought the best queening chair after reading this article, and wow! Totally enhanced our experience.
user avatar
11.10.2023, 21:50
I’m hesitant about storage. These chairs aren’t exactly small. Anyone have solutions for discreet storage?
user avatar
12.10.2023, 09:30
JaredTides, many users opt for under-the-bed storage boxes or dedicated storage ottomans. Some chairs even fold up for easier storage!
user avatar
20.10.2023, 16:20
The face sitting sex chair has made things so much more intimate and comfortable for both of us. Can't believe we waited this long to try it!
user avatar
29.10.2023, 10:05
Just got our first queening facesitting chair. The anticipation alone has added some excitement to our relationship!
user avatar
08.11.2023, 14:40
I appreciate the list of keywords and the detailed descriptions. Helped me understand the subtle differences and choose the right queening throne for us.
user avatar
19.11.2023, 12:15
For those hesitant about the queening sex chair, give it a shot. The new dynamics it brings is definitely worth the investment.
user avatar
28.11.2023, 18:20
Wondering about the weight limits on these facesitting chairs. Anyone with experience can chime in?
user avatar
29.11.2023, 08:10
EveStarlight, always check the product specifications. Most manufacturers provide weight limits. It’s important to choose a chair that suits both you and your partner’s needs for safety and comfort.
user avatar
09.12.2023, 15:55
My partner and I are beginners in this. The article made it less intimidating. Looking forward to exploring with a basic queening stool.
user avatar
13.01.2024, 20:45
The facesitting stool has genuinely revolutionized our intimate moments. Can’t recommend it enough for those considering!
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