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Tongue Vibrators

Tongue Vibrator.

Welcome to our definitive guide on the best tongue vibrators, where we'll help you explore the exciting world of these innovative pleasure devices. Designed to mimic the sensations of oral pleasure, tongue vibrators have quickly become a must-have addition to any bedroom. Our expertly curated list of top-rated products will assist you in finding the perfect match for your desires, whether you're a seasoned user or a curious first-timer. Get ready to experience heightened pleasure, intense orgasms, and newfound intimacy with your partner. So, let us embark on this titillating journey and discover the amazing possibilities that tongue vibrators have to offer – your pleasure awaits!

Top 10 best tongue vibrators in 2024

Products Information Price
Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Flickering Tongue
Fun Factory Volta Flickering Tongue
Material: Silicone
Vibration speed/patterns: 6/6
Power type: Rechargeable
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 5.5 inches
Insertable Length: 4 inches
Length: 7.5 inches
Contains phthalates: No
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10 Function Extra Powerful Tongue Sensation Clitoral Vibrator
Extra Powerful Tongue Vibrator
Material: Silicone
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Power type: batteries (not included)
Base diameter: 1.5 inches
Circumference: 5.25 inches
Length: 5.5 inches
Contains phthalates: No
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Red Hot Rechargeable Silicone Flickering Tongue Vibrator
CaleXOtics Red Hot ember
Material: Silicone
Vibration speed/patterns: 3/7
Power type: Rechargeable
Flexibility: Firm
Length: 5 inches
Controller Type: Built in - push button
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Fantasy for Her Vibrating Pussy Pump and Tongue Vibrator Kit
Fantasy for Her Tongue Vibrator Kit
Material: Silicone
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Power type: Rechargeable
Waterproof: Submersible
Features: Set
Circumference: 4.25 inches
Insertable Length: 5 inches
Length: 9 inches
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Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator
Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator
Material: Silicone
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Power type: Rechargeable
Waterproof: Submersible
Flexibility: Flexible
Run Time: 60 minutes
Length: 3 inches
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Lovehoney Magic Touch Rechargeable Clitoral Finger Vibrator
Lovehoney Magic Touch
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Power type: Rechargeable
Waterproof: Submersible
Length: 3.5 inches
Contains phthalates: No
Flexibility:  Firm
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Power Buddies Clitoral Tongue Vibrator
Power Buddies
Material: Jelly Rubber
Vibration speed: Single speed
Power type: Batteries (included)
Waterproof: Submersible
Base diameter: 1 inches
Circumference: 1.5 inches
Length: 4.5 inches
Contains phthalates: No
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Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator
Sqweel 2
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Flexible
Circumference: 5.5 inches
Length: 3 inches
Power Type: Rechargeable
Run Time: 90 minutes
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
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Flickerphoria Rechargeable Silicone Flickering Clitoral Stimulator
Womanizer Starlet USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Features: Rechargeable
Waterproof: Splashproof
Power Type: Rechargeable
Run Time: 30 minutes
Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
Canal diameter: 0.5 inches
Circumference: 4.5 inches
Length: 3.5 inches
Flexibility: Rigid
Material: Silicone
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What are Tongue Vibrators?

Tongue vibrators are a type of sexual gadget that allows adults to engage in oral stimulation and masturbation and are specially developed for couples. If you like the pleasures of oral sex, tongue-shaped vibrators are for you. The flickering motions and super-soft materials can reproduce the sensation of having your spouse put their tongue on you (without the tongue cramp!). With their versatility, they may be used anywhere on the body, allowing you to explore all forms of foreplay, whether or not you have a partner present. There's nothing better than being able to experiment with your tongue vibrator's location without having to worry about a partner shaping themselves in order to do so.

Licking Vibrator For Woman.

Types of Tongue Vibrators

Tongue vibrators come in three main forms: wireless, remote control, and manual. Each style caters to different sorts of clients who seek varying levels of control and excitement during foreplay or intercourse. There's no need to plug a gadget into a wall or anything like that with the wireless ones, which can be controlled by downloading an app and connecting it to the device.

Foreplay is made easy with a remote-controlled vibrator, but the classic manual tongue vibrator is the most popular since it's an economical bet and because you have more control over intensity, time, and the locations you're able to stimulate.

As a whole, the variety helps you figure out what works best for you, which is something we like.

In the past few years, ladies have embraced the concept of tongue vibrators in great numbers. Females can relieve themselves in an enticing and safe manner with these tongue vibrators. Tongue sex toys come in a variety of shapes, each with its own characteristics.

  1. Ring: This tongue sex item vibrates and has small bumps that give traction and enjoyment.
  2. Teaser: They fit precisely on top of a real tongue and look just like a tongue.
  3. G-Spot: As a large tongue, the G-Spot vibrator has a dual function. Women will also benefit from this product because it stimulates their G-Spots in addition to their own. For a magnificent climax, brush the vibrator against your pussy and gently press it.
  4. Flickering: Orgasm is most enjoyable when accompanied by an oral lovemaking gadget. In appearance, it has two pointed tips that look like two tongues that are ready to satisfy your desire for greater sex A woman can place her clitoris in the middle of her tongues and go wild when the tongues wiggle their clitoris in an uncontrollable manner. It's just too amazing to pass up.
  5. Powerful Flickering: You need greater pressure and pleasure in your lower abdomen. Why don't you try something else instead of pressing your partner's head to that spot? The real deal would be a powerful, flexible tongue vibrator with a remote control that flickers and moves. Then, apply it to your nipples or clit for the desired arousal. Men can use them to massage their balls with these balls.
  6. Kisser: To offer you a blissful climax, tongue vibrators can go to any length. Lips give them a weird look and the varied speeds make playing solo or with a partner much more enjoyable.
  7. Wireless, multi-speed: Wireless, multi-speed - Unlike the others, this does not have a vibrating tongue. It's the opposite when you're masturbating with your spouse and an egg with vibrating bumps blows your head. Inclusion on the list is due to the sensation of a tongue licking your vagina at different speeds.
Pipedream Fantasy For Her Tongue Vibrator.

How to choose the best Tongue Vibrators?

This depends depend on what you and your spouse are searching for in a tongue vibrator. As a rule of thumb, if you prefer very gentle and slow stimulation, you will select the best tongue vibrator that has low power and extreme motion.

Most likely, you'll have to test a few before you find the one – and the settings - that have you lying back in your bed and curling your toes in pure bliss!

You should compare different vibrators with respect to their stimulating pattern, type, and vibration level before making a purchase. First, decide on your comfort level, and then decide on your appearance.

Consider the substance of the tongue vibrator before you purchase it, regardless of whether you plan to use it for oral lovemaking, foreplay, or alone pleasure. Soft like your tongue, the toy should also be of good quality. While some individuals like rubber oral sex vibrators because they resemble the tongue, others prefer silicone oral sex vibrators because they are more flexible than rubber models.

Size is another crucial component in determining whether you'll have fun or be irritated. There are a wide variety of sizes available for these toys, which can range from 1.2" to 5". Choose the one that best meets both your and your partner's needs and wants. Your satisfaction and comfort should always come first. To make an informed decision, you can also read online reviews.

Remote control Tongue Vibrator. Choose Tongue Vibrator

Features of using

Using a tongue vibrator properly can enhance your pleasure and ensure a safe, enjoyable experience. Follow these step-by-step instructions for proper usage, keeping in mind that each step should be at least 300 symbols:

  1. Read the instructions: Familiarize yourself with the user manual and any specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Pay close attention to safety precautions, recommended usage, and cleaning instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  2. Charge or insert batteries: Make sure your tongue vibrator is fully charged or has fresh batteries before use. This will ensure optimal performance and prevent any interruptions during your intimate moments.
  3. Apply lubricant: Use a suitable, body-safe lubricant based on the material of your tongue vibrator to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience. Proper lubrication can make all the difference in the overall enjoyment of using a tongue vibrator.
  4. Tongue Tied Vibrator.
  5. Test the settings: Turn on the tongue vibrator and explore the different vibration settings and functions to find your preferences. Experimenting with various modes can help you discover new sensations and intensities that work best for you.
  6. Find the right position: Experiment with different positions and angles to find the one that provides the most pleasure and comfort for you. You may need to adjust your body, the toy, or both to achieve the desired stimulation.
  7. Listen to your body: Pay attention to how your body responds and adjust settings, positions, or intensity as needed. If you experience discomfort or pain, stop using the toy immediately and reassess your approach.
  8. Clean and store: After use, clean your tongue vibrator according to the manufacturer's guidelines and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Proper care and storage will prolong the life of your toy and ensure it remains safe to use.

By following these steps, you can ensure a safe and pleasurable experience with your tongue vibrator.

Tongue Vibrator Oral Sex Massager.

Benefits of Tongue Vibrators

  • Simulates Oral Stimulation: Designed to mimic the sensations of oral pleasure, they bring a lifelike feel to solo or partnered play.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both men and women, tongue vibrators can be used for clitoral, nipple, or even penile stimulation.
  • Enhanced Foreplay: They can add an exciting twist to your usual routine, heightening arousal and anticipation.
  • Variable Speeds and Patterns: Most models come with multiple vibration settings, allowing you to customize the intensity and rhythm to suit your desires.
  • You don't have to shave every time: Your vibrator is not your sex partner that won't have oral sex with you because you didn't shave. You can enjoy oral sex simulation without having to bother about shaving.
  • You can control it: Tongue vibrators are inanimate objects, they are not like the human being that get tired easily. Unlike your sex partner that might feel you have had enough of the oral sex stimulation and stop. The tongue vibrator can work for as long as you want.
  • You don't have to give your sex partner a blowjob: A tongue vibrator won't ask for a blowjob, unlike your partner. If you don't like sticking a cock into your mouth then a tongue vibrator should be your friend since it's most likely that your sex partner that gives you a heady will want you to give him a blowjob.
  • Eliminates the fear of getting STIs: You might want to satisfy yourself sexually but the fear of contacting STIs has been drawing you back from having sex. A tongue vibrator can provide you with the same pleasure while preventing you from contiguity any STIs.
  • You don't need any birth control pills: If you are the type that hates taking drugs then a tongue vibrator will serve you well as you won't need to take a pill before you can use it.
  • Gives you a wild spontaneous orgasm: As a female, you know the sensitive part of your vagina that gives you intense sexual pleasure, unlike your male partner. A tongue vibrator enables you to explore this.


In conclusion, investing in one of the best tongue vibrators can significantly elevate your intimate experiences, introducing new sensations and unparalleled pleasure. Our comprehensive guide has highlighted the top choices available in the market, ensuring there's something for everyone. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your sexual wellness and deepen connections with your partner. Take the plunge and explore the world of tongue vibrators, as they can truly revolutionize your intimate moments. Now is the time to treat yourself and your partner to the mind-blowing pleasure that these exceptional devices can offer. Go ahead and indulge in a tantalizing journey of sensory delight!

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Are tongue vibrators suitable for couples?
Absolutely! Tongue vibrators can be a fun and exciting addition to couples' play. They provide unique sensations that can enhance oral sex or be used during foreplay and intercourse. Communication and consent are key when introducing a tongue vibrator into your intimate encounters, so discuss your desires and boundaries with your partner beforehand.
How do I clean and maintain my tongue clit vibrator?
To clean and maintain your tongue clit vibrator, follow the manufacturer's instructions. In general, use warm water and a mild, unscented soap to wash the toy after each use. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry before storing it. Keep your tongue clit vibrator in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Additionally, check the toy for any damage or wear before each use to ensure it remains in good condition.
What's the difference between a tongue-shaped vibrator and a regular vibrator?
A tongue-shaped vibrator is specifically designed to mimic the sensations of oral sex, with a shape and texture that resembles a human tongue. Regular vibrators, on the other hand, come in various forms and shapes, and are designed for a broader range of stimulation. While both types can provide pleasure, a tongue-shaped vibrator offers a more focused and realistic oral experience.
Can I use my realistic tongue vibrator during intercourse?
Yes, you can use your realistic tongue vibrator during intercourse to enhance your pleasure and explore new sensations. The toy can be used to stimulate the clitoris, nipples, or other erogenous zones, providing additional stimulation during penetration. Always communicate with your partner and ensure they are comfortable with incorporating the tongue vibrator into your shared experiences.
Can I use a vibrating tongue toy for nipple stimulation?
Definitely! Vibrating tongue toys can be used to stimulate not only the clitoris but also nipples and other sensitive areas. The soft, flexible texture and the flickering motion of the toy can provide tantalizing sensations on the nipples, making it a versatile addition to your collection of sex toys.
Are there tongue sucking vibrators specifically designed for men?
While many tongue sucking vibrators are designed with women in mind, some models can be enjoyed by both men and women. These versatile toys can be used for stimulating the penis, testicles, perineum, or other erogenous zones. Always read the product description and reviews to determine if a specific tongue sucking vibrator is suitable for your needs.
How do I charge my tongue vibrator sex toy?
Charging methods for your tongue vibrator sex toy will depend on the specific model you own. Some tongue vibrators are battery-operated, while others are rechargeable via USB or a dedicated charging dock. To charge a rechargeable model, connect it to the provided charging cable or dock and plug it into a power source. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging times and safety precautions.
What type of lubricant should I use with my vibrating tongue dildo?
When using a vibrating tongue dildo, it's recommended to use a water-based lubricant. Silicone or oil-based lubricants can damage the material of your toy and affect its longevity. Water-based lubricants are compatible with most toy materials, including silicone, and are easy to clean up after use.
Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when using an oral sex tongue vibrator?
Safety should always be a priority when using any sex toy, including oral sex tongue vibrators. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, follow these guidelines: 1) Choose a toy made from body-safe materials, such as silicone or ABS plastic; 2) Clean your toy before and after each use, following the manufacturer's instructions; 3) Use a water-based lubricant to reduce friction and prevent irritation; 4) Always listen to your body and stop using the toy if you experience discomfort or pain; 5) Communicate with your partner when using the toy during couple's play.
Can tongue vibrators help improve oral sex techniques?
Tongue vibrators can indeed help improve oral sex techniques by providing unique and stimulating sensations that may be difficult to replicate with the human tongue alone. Incorporating a tongue vibrator into your oral sex routine can enhance your partner's pleasure, as well as give you a better understanding of their preferences and sensitivities. Remember, communication is key, so discuss your desires and boundaries with your partner, and encourage them to provide feedback on their experience.
Are there tongue vibrators suitable for anal play?
Yes, some tongue vibrators are designed for anal play, offering a unique experience for those who enjoy this type of stimulation. When choosing a tongue vibrator for anal play, look for models with a flared base or a retrieval cord to ensure safe use. As always, use a generous amount of water-based lubricant, and clean the toy thoroughly before and after each use. If you plan to share the toy between vaginal and anal use, consider using a condom to prevent the transfer of bacteria.
Can I use my phone-controlled vibrating tongue toy discreetly in public?
Phone-controlled vibrating tongue toys allow you to enjoy pleasurable sensations discreetly in public, provided that you use them responsibly and considerately. Keep the volume of the vibrations low, and choose a toy that is quiet and unobtrusive. Always be mindful of your surroundings and make sure you are not infringing on the comfort or consent of others. Remember, discretion and respect for others are essential when using sex toys in public spaces.
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28.02.2023, 13:42
I was skeptical about buying a tongue vibrator, but after reading this article, I might just give it a go. My partner and I have been looking for ways to spice things up.
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Whoa, I never thought a tongue licking vibrator could be this amazing! My solo sessions have never been better.
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06.03.2023, 10:12
Hey JuliaT, it's okay to feel that way initially. But remember, toys like these are made to enhance pleasure and explore new sensations. Give it a try, and you might be pleasantly surprised!
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The vibrating tongue toy has been a game changer in my relationship! My boyfriend and I have had so much fun with it.
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I've heard a lot about the tongue vibrator for women but always wondered if it's really that effective?
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17.03.2023, 08:12
Absolutely, SunnyDaze! The best tongue vibrators are designed to mimic oral sensations, providing unique pleasure. But as with any toy, individual preferences may vary.
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Reading this tongue vibrator review just made me place an order. Can't wait to try it out with my girlfriend!
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Moonlit_Fantasy, I thought the same until I tried one. Trust me, the design focuses on sensation rather than looking like an actual tongue. It's fantastic!
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I just love my tongue shape vibrator! The sensation is unlike any other toy I've tried. Highly recommend.
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15.04.2023, 18:52
I'm worried about hygiene. How do you clean a tongue shaped vibrator effectively?
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16.04.2023, 08:10
Mystical_Mel, great question! Most tongue vibrators are made of body-safe silicone which is easy to clean. Just use warm water and a gentle soap or a toy cleaner. Ensure it's thoroughly dried before storing.
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05.05.2023, 14:20
I've always been nervous about buying sex toys online. How discreet is the packaging when buying a tongue vibrator sex toy?
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05.05.2023, 15:05
No worries, LovelyLuna! Most reputable online stores ship in plain packaging without any indication of the contents. You can have your privacy and your pleasure.
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Got a tongue sucking vibrator after reading this, and WOW! My partner and I are both blown away. Thanks for the recommendation.
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I've always been traditional in the bedroom. The idea of an oral sex tongue vibrator is intriguing, but I fear it might look abnormal if someone found it.
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20.05.2023, 12:10
JazzHands, it's all about exploration and finding what works for you. And remember, everyone's pleasure journey is personal. Just store it discreetly, and it's all good!
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I thought a realistic tongue vibrator was just hype, but boy, was I wrong. This thing is a game changer!
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The thought of a clit vibrator tongue is exciting, but I worry it won't match up to the real thing. Any thoughts?
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GracefulDancer, while it's different from the real thing, it brings its own unique sensations. Plus, you can control the intensity, which is a bonus! Worth trying.
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I'm a newbie to the world of sex toys. After reading this, I'm curious about the tongue vibrator for women. Would it be too intense for a first-timer?
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11.06.2023, 09:10
BookNerd91, not to worry! Many tongue vibrators come with adjustable settings, so you can start off gentle and find the right intensity for you. It's all about exploring and finding what feels best.
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The tongue vibrator sex experience is unbeatable. It has truly transformed my solo sessions. A must-have!
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I want to surprise my wife with a tongue clitoris vibrator. But I'm worried she might not like it. Thoughts?
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25.06.2023, 10:15
JazzFusionist, it's thoughtful of you! Communication is key. Maybe drop hints or discuss it with her first. Every person's preference is unique, but having an open dialogue can make the experience enjoyable.
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My best friend recommended the tongue vibe after reading this article. So glad I listened to her. It's fantastic!
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Is it weird that I'm considering buying a tongue vibrator as a gift for my partner? We've never used toys before.
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HarmonySeeker, it's not weird at all! Introducing toys can be a fun way to enhance intimacy. Just ensure you communicate and make sure both of you are comfortable with the idea.
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18.07.2023, 09:30
I had no idea what a tongue clit vibrator was until this article. And now? I can't imagine my life without it!
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The sensation of the tongue shaped vibrator is simply mind-blowing. For anyone on the fence, just dive in and try it!
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I'm a bit old-fashioned, and the idea of a realistic tongue vibrator seems daunting. Will I look creepy or abnormal if someone discovers I have one?
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CharmingCharms, everyone's pleasure journey is personal, and there's no right or wrong. What's important is what makes you happy and fulfilled. Just store it discreetly and remember you're not alone in exploring!
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Just tried out the best tongue vibrator based on this guide. All I can say is, the hype is real and worth every penny!
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Can someone tell me about the durability of these tongue vibrators? I've had toys break on me before, and I want something that lasts.
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FieryPhoenix, the best tongue vibrators are made of high-quality materials and with proper care, they can last a long time. Just ensure you clean and store them properly and avoid using them with incompatible lubes.
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The tongue vibrator review here convinced me to try it out, and boy, it did not disappoint! Thanks for the great recommendation.
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I'm keen to try the tongue vibrator for women. Any tips for first-timers?
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MysticMango, absolutely! Start slow, use a good quality water-based lube, and explore the different settings to find what feels best for you. Enjoy the journey!
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Is the tongue vibrator quiet? I have roommates and I need discretion.
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GalaxyGoddess, many of the best tongue vibrators are designed with discretion in mind. They're quiet, especially when used under a blanket. You should be fine!
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