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Anal Pump with Dildo

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best anal pumps, a game-changing addition to the realm of sexual pleasure. These innovative devices can enhance your intimate experiences, leading to heightened sensations and unforgettable moments of ecstasy. Whether you're a seasoned user or venturing into this territory for the first time, our expertly curated list of top-rated products will guide you towards the perfect match for your desires. So, prepare to explore the world of anal pumps and open yourself up to a whole new dimension of pleasure. Your journey to sexual bliss begins here!

Top 3 Best Anal Pumps in 2024

Products Information Price
Rosebud Anal Suction Cylinder
Rosebud Anal Suction Cylinder
Air pressure valve: Basic or Deluxe
Material: Polymers
Color: Clear
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Dr Joel Kaplan Essential Pump Kit - Clear
Dr Joel Pump Kit
Material: Plastic, Rubber
Color: Clear
Measurements: 7.75 x 2.25 inches
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How Our Experts Evaluated These Anal Pumps

The first thing our experts did was to have conversations with people who mainly have a kink for anal play. These conversations helped our experts gather reviews and opinions about some of the best asshole pumps in the market. Also, the material used, aesthetics, and price are some factors our professionals consider in evaluating the above list of anal pumps. With all of these in place, you can be sure that our recommended list is one to trust.

What Is an Anal Pump?

An anal pump is a sex toy designed to penetrate the anus and pump the lips around the anus. It is no news that there is a need to relax the anal muscles for better and painless penetration during anal play. This sex device proves very useful in safely relaxing and expanding the sphincter to get it ready for some anal action. The rod is slid into your anus to provide stimulating sensations while relaxing and widening your anus to a perfect size for other wilder anal activities.

Anal pump with beaded silicone insert.

What Distinguishes an Anal Pump from An Inflatable Butt Plug

Although an anal pump provides stimulating sensations, it is mainly used to prepare the butthole to take in more giant anal sex toys or anal sex. In contrast, an inflatable butt plug is one of the more giant anal sex toys an anal pump prepares the butt-hole for.

Which Type is Better?

Let’s get into the different anal pumps you can find based on their shape, size, and material.

Factors Description
Material When you’re choosing an anal pump, choose a body-safe material that doesn’t contain allergens. A good asshole pump is mostly phthalate and latex-free. Safe materials for your rosebud pumps are silicone, Superskin, acrylic, and steel.
Shape and Design The anal pump itself takes on a circular or oval shape; then, there’s a unifying cord linking the pump and inflatable buttplug. Air squeezed from the pump gets into the pipe, which goes directly into the butt plug.
Size Size does matter in every aspect of anal play/training. The actual anal pump is palm-sized because that’s where the pumping happens. Meanwhile, an average inflatable butt plug is about 4.2 inches long and 1.5inches wide. As a rule of thumb, we recommend getting the smallest butt pump you can find and work your way up.

Max cup suction anal pump.

Tips To Consider When Choosing an Anal Pump

Almost every sex store has a wide variety of anal pumps, and choosing the most suitable model for you might prove quite a daunting task. However, here are some essential tips to consider to help you narrow your choices:

  • Safety matters a lot when it comes to sex. Nobody wants to suffer from what was initially designed to provide pleasure. This is why you need to check out anal pumps made of skin-friendly and hygienic materials. Anal pumps made of silicone are highly recommended.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs, anal sex should not cause pain. A little discomfort might be standard, but no level of pain should be tolerated. Regarding this, consider the size of an anal pump before purchasing it. If you are a beginner in anal play, starting with smaller models is the wisest thing to do.
  • If you would not mind extra stimulation and pleasure, go for asshole pumps with some texture instead of smooth ones.
  • Also, ensure that whatever anal pump you choose has a unique vacuum limiter. This way, you can control the pressure in the cylinder. This would help you keep safe while doing your thing.
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How To Use and Get the Most from Your Anal Pump

  • Empty your bowel before using an anal pump. It is not fun to have poo all over the place during anal play. Also, clean your anus properly.
  • Shave off the hair around the butt-hole and apply oil to the edge of the vacuum cylinder. This would ensure that there is no form of friction between your anus and the anal pump.
  • Do not be in a hurry to slide the pump in your butt-hole. Relax and slide it in slowly. This would help to prevent the risk of tears and other forms of injuries.
  • Remove excess air from the cylinder before sliding in and ensure that too much pressure is not being pumped into the anus. Start with slight suction levels and increase slowly till stimulation heightens.
  • Do not forget to read all the instructions with your anal pump’s vacuum.
  • Thoroughly clean all anal pump equipment immediately after use with mild soap and warm water. Allow to dry and store correctly.

Care and Cleaning

The anal pump should be dismantled before cleaning. If your anal vacuum pump can’t be dismantled, carefully clean every part of the pump with water, a towel, and mild soap.


The best place to store an anal pump is in a clean, spacious drawer or box. Keep your anal pump toy away from heat, direct sunlight, and dust.

Anal suction cylinder.

Alternatives to Anal Pump Toy

For the most part, anal pumps are a great way of introducing yourself to the world of anal play and experimenting with new forms of stimulation. If you would like to try something a little different, there are a number of other options available.

  • Anal beads: An anal bead is a great way of boosting your confidence and experimenting with new forms of stimulation. They can also be used to experiment with new forms of orgasm and give you some extra pleasure during sex.
  • Anal strap on: Anal strap-on sex toys can help to boost your confidence and experiment with new forms of stimulation. They can also be used to experiment with new types of stimulation and give you some extra pleasure during sex.

Pros and Cons of Anal Vacuum Pumps

An anal pump increases sensitivity in the anus.
It gives a feeling of fullness in the anus.
It stimulates the P-spot (for men).
Anal pumps allow individuals to undergo anal training at their own pace.
It may be a little confusing to understand especially for first-timers.
The anal pump is a little difficult to clean and might require dismantling.


Our guide on the best anal pumps has highlighted the incredible potential of these pleasure devices in transforming your intimate moments. The right anal pump can unlock new levels of arousal and satisfaction, ensuring a thrilling addition to your sexual repertoire. We've showcased the top-rated products available, making it easier than ever for you to find your perfect match. Don't hesitate to take the leap and invest in an anal pump that will elevate your pleasure to new heights. It's time to treat yourself and your partner to an extraordinary sensual experience that you both deserve!

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What is an anal pump and what is its purpose in sexual play?
An anal pump, also known as an anus pump or butthole pump, is a sex toy designed to create a vacuum suction around the anus, drawing blood flow to the area and increasing sensitivity. This can heighten sensations during anal play, making it more pleasurable for the user. Anal pumps can also be used in conjunction with other anal toys, such as plugs or beads, to enhance the experience.
How do I choose the right size and type of anal pump?
When choosing an anal pump, consider factors like size, comfort, and ease of use. Opt for a pump with a comfortable, flexible, and body-safe cup material that can create a secure seal around the anus. Make sure the pump's size is appropriate for your body and experience level, and choose a pump with a user-friendly design, such as one with an easy-to-use hand pump or release valve.
Are there any safety concerns when using an anal pump?
Safety is crucial when using an anal pump. Make sure to use a body-safe, comfortable, and appropriately sized pump to avoid injury. Do not over-pump or create excessive suction, as this can lead to discomfort or injury. Always use a lubricant specifically designed for anal play, and stop using the pump immediately if you experience pain or discomfort.
Can I use an anal pump in combination with other anal toys?
Yes, you can use an anal pump in combination with other anal toys, such as plugs or beads, to enhance the overall experience. Make sure to use a body-safe, water-based lubricant specifically designed for anal play, and prioritize communication and consent when incorporating multiple toys into your sexual activities.
How do I clean and maintain my anal pump?
To clean and maintain your anal pump, first remove any lubricant and bodily fluids from the pump's cup using warm water and mild soap. Make sure to rinse the pump thoroughly and allow it to air dry completely before storing it in a cool, dry place. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance.
Can anal pumps be used by both men and women?
Yes, anal pumps can be used by both men and women, as they are designed to enhance sensations and pleasure during anal play for all genders. It's important to prioritize communication, consent, and safety when using an anal pump with a partner.
How do I determine the best anal pump for my experience level?
To determine the best anal pump for your experience level, consider factors like size, comfort, and ease of use. Beginners should opt for a smaller, more user-friendly pump, while more experienced users may choose a larger or more advanced pump. Always prioritize safety and comfort when selecting an anal pump.
Are anal pumps safe for long-term use?
Anal pumps can be safe for long-term use when employed properly and responsibly. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines, and avoid over-pumping or creating excessive suction that can lead to discomfort or injury. It's essential to prioritize communication, consent, and safety when using an anal pump, and regularly inspect the pump for any signs of damage or wear. If you have any concerns about long-term use, consult a medical professional or a qualified sex educator.
How long should I keep the suction applied when using an anal pump?
The duration of suction applied when using an anal pump varies depending on individual comfort and preference. Start by using the pump for a short period, such as a few minutes, and gradually increase the duration as you become more comfortable with the sensations. Always prioritize your comfort and safety, and stop using the pump immediately if you experience pain or discomfort.
How do I know if an anal pump is the right toy for me?
Deciding if an anal pump is the right toy for you depends on your personal preferences and interests in anal play. If you enjoy the idea of enhancing sensations and increasing sensitivity around the anus, an anal pump may be a suitable choice. It's essential to research and understand how anal pumps work, consider your experience level, and prioritize safety and comfort when making your decision. Additionally, consulting a qualified sex educator or reading user reviews can help you determine if an anal pump is the right fit for your needs.
user avatar
27.02.2023, 10:35
Just got my first anal pump toy and I'm excited to try it out. Any tips on using it for the first time?
user avatar
27.02.2023, 11:22
Absolutely! Start slow and use plenty of lube. Remember, comfort is key, so don't rush. Happy exploring!
user avatar
05.03.2023, 21:18
Never thought I'd enjoy an anal pump as much as I do! It's a game changer. Anyone on the fence about buying one, I say go for it.
user avatar
09.03.2023, 16:09
I'm a bit worried about safety. Isn't using an anal vacuum pump risky?
user avatar
09.03.2023, 17:02
As with any sex toy, safety is key. Always read the instructions and use as directed. It's safe if used correctly, but if you're unsure or uncomfortable, consult with a professional.
user avatar
15.03.2023, 08:47
I just bought my best anal pump yet, and I've used quite a few. It adds a new level of excitement to our sex life. Definitely a must-try!
user avatar
21.03.2023, 10:59
I feel strange buying an ass pump. Is it normal?
user avatar
21.03.2023, 12:11
Absolutely normal! Many people enjoy exploring different forms of pleasure. As long as it's consensual and safe, there's no reason to feel strange about it.
user avatar
29.03.2023, 16:37
Adding an anal pump to our collection was the best decision we made. It's spiced up our sex life in ways we didn't even think possible.
user avatar
05.04.2023, 15:21
Isn't using an asshole pump a bit creepy?
user avatar
05.04.2023, 16:45
Not at all! Everyone has different preferences and what might seem unusual to one person could be very enjoyable for another. Remember, sex positivity is all about respecting individual likes and dislikes.
user avatar
12.04.2023, 18:58
After using my first anal suction pump, I can definitely say it's a unique sensation worth trying out. Don't knock it till you try it!
user avatar
18.04.2023, 14:05
A friend recommended I try an anal pump sex toy and I must admit, it's been an exciting addition to my toy collection.
user avatar
26.04.2023, 13:45
I'm concerned about the hygiene aspect of using an anal pump. How do you keep it clean?
user avatar
26.04.2023, 15:00
Great question! It's essential to clean your toy after every use. Most pumps can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Be sure to check the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.
user avatar
03.05.2023, 19:19
Just got my first anus pump and I'm thrilled! I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
user avatar
10.05.2023, 10:23
Feels weird considering a butthole pump, is it worth the embarrassment of buying one?
user avatar
10.05.2023, 11:48
There's no need to feel embarrassed about exploring what makes you feel good. Plus, many sex toy retailers respect your privacy with discreet shipping and billing.
user avatar
18.05.2023, 22:05
My partner and I have been using an anal pump toy for a while now. It's been a great way to add some spice to our intimate moments.
user avatar
26.05.2023, 12:35
Considering an anal plug pump but worried it might hurt. Any advice?
user avatar
26.05.2023, 13:15
Like with any new toy, go slow and use a lot of lube. Stop if it feels uncomfortable. Remember, it should feel pleasurable, not painful.
user avatar
02.06.2023, 14:20
Got my first ass pump and it's been a game changer. Definitely recommend giving it a try.
user avatar
09.06.2023, 19:55
My partner and I recently tried an anal suction pump and we were pleasantly surprised. The experience was definitely unique and enjoyable.
user avatar
16.06.2023, 11:45
Does an anal pump toy feel unnatural? I'm not sure how I feel about it.
user avatar
16.06.2023, 13:02
It might feel different initially, but many people enjoy the sensation once they get used to it. Remember, everyone's different and it's okay if it's not for you.
user avatar
24.06.2023, 20:15
Using an anal pump sex toy has certainly spiced things up in the bedroom. Highly recommend for those looking to try something new.
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02.07.2023, 09:25
The best anal pump I've tried added a whole new level of excitement to my sex life. Definitely a must-have.
user avatar
10.07.2023, 18:30
Used my new anus pump for the first time last night and it was incredible. Can't wait to explore more.
user avatar
18.07.2023, 16:40
An anal pump can definitely be a great addition to your toy collection. Don't let any fears hold you back from trying it out.
user avatar
26.07.2023, 22:30
Trying an anal vacuum pump for the first time was quite the adventure. If you're considering it, I say go for it!
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04.08.2023, 15:10
Adding an anal pump to our collection was a great decision. It's brought a new level of pleasure and fun.
user avatar
12.08.2023, 13:45
I'm considering getting an anal suction pump but I'm worried about the cleanup. Is it a hassle?
user avatar
12.08.2023, 14:20
No, it's quite easy. Most can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Some even come apart for easier cleaning. Always check the cleaning instructions for your specific model.
user avatar
20.08.2023, 21:30
Recently got an anal pump and it's been quite the game changer. I highly recommend trying it out.
user avatar
28.08.2023, 15:10
I feel a bit weird about using a butthole pump. Is it considered normal?
user avatar
28.08.2023, 16:15
Absolutely. Everyone's sexual preferences are different and what matters most is that it's safe, consensual, and enjoyable for you.
user avatar
06.09.2023, 19:05
Using an anal pump sex toy has definitely added a new level of fun in the bedroom. Highly recommend.
user avatar
14.09.2023, 12:35
Is it safe to use an anal vacuum pump? I've heard mixed reviews.
user avatar
14.09.2023, 13:40
Yes, it's safe as long as you use it as directed. If you're uncertain, always consult with a healthcare provider or a sex therapist.
user avatar
22.09.2023, 20:15
Got my first anal pump toy and I'm loving it. If you're on the fence about getting one, I say go for it.
user avatar
30.09.2023, 18:50
I was unsure about using an anal pump at first, but I'm glad I gave it a shot. It's definitely worth trying out.
user avatar
08.10.2023, 14:30
I'm concerned about the stigma around using an ass pump. Any advice?
user avatar
08.10.2023, 15:10
It's important to remember that your sexual preferences are your own and should not be judged by others. Everyone has different tastes, and as long as it's consensual and safe, there's no need to worry about what others may think.
user avatar
16.10.2023, 20:25
Just used my anal pump toy for the first time and it was amazing. Can't wait to use it again.
user avatar
24.10.2023, 19:45
I was initially unsure about using an anal suction pump but I'm so glad I did. It's added a new level of fun to my sex life.
user avatar
01.11.2023, 15:15
I'm considering buying an anus pump but I'm worried about the sensation. Does it hurt?
user avatar
01.11.2023, 16:05
No, it shouldn't hurt. The sensation can be intense, especially at first, but with proper preparation and use of lube, it should not cause pain. If it does, stop immediately.
user avatar
09.11.2023, 21:30
The anal pump sex toy I got has been a fantastic addition to my collection. If you're considering it, I highly recommend it.
user avatar
17.11.2023, 18:10
Got my first anal pump and it's been a game changer. Definitely worth trying if you're looking to add some excitement.
user avatar
25.11.2023, 14:05
Just ordered my first butthole pump. I'm excited and a bit nervous. Any tips for a first timer?
user avatar
25.11.2023, 14:40
Sure! Relaxation and preparation are key. Start slow, use plenty of lube, and never force anything. It should be a comfortable and pleasurable experience. Always remember, if it feels uncomfortable, it's okay to stop.
user avatar
03.12.2023, 20:15
I was hesitant about getting an anal pump but I'm so glad I did. It's definitely spiced things up.
user avatar
11.12.2023, 15:30
I'm considering buying an anal vacuum pump but I'm a bit shy. I'm worried what my partner will think.
user avatar
11.12.2023, 16:10
Communication is key in any relationship. Discuss it with your partner, explain why you're interested in it, and see how they feel. They may be more open to it than you think.
user avatar
19.12.2023, 20:40
Just used my new anal pump for the first time and it was great. Can't wait to experiment more.
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27.12.2023, 19:25
The anal pump I recently got has added a whole new dimension to my sex life. Highly recommend for those looking to try something different.
user avatar
04.01.2024, 14:50
I've been contemplating getting an anus pump. Is there any specific brand that you'd recommend?
user avatar
04.01.2024, 15:35
There are many reputable brands out there. What's best for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular ones include Doc Johnson, CalExotics, and Pipedream. Be sure to research and read reviews before making a purchase.
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