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Inflatable Sex Dolls (Blowup Sexdolls)

nflatable Sex Doll.

Sex dolls are one of the fun ways to satisfy your guilty pleasures with no live partners around. However, they can be costly, depending on how real you want them to look and feel. The blow up sex doll can be a great option if you are looking for a budget-friendly, yet realistic pleasure doll.

Want one? Here's a quick read to help you learn more about blow up sex dolls before your purchase.

Top 8 best Inflatable Sex Dolls in 2024

Products Information Price
THRUST Pro Xtra Naomi Vibrating Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 134oz
Naomi Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll
Material: Soft Plastic
Color: Flesh Pink
Opening: Vagina, Butt & Mouth
Internal Length: 3.5 inches
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Power Type: Batteries (not included)
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Waterproof: Splashproof
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Horny Quella Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 112oz
Quella Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll
Material: PVC
Color: Flesh Pink
Opening: Vagina & Butt
Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
Power Type: Batteries (not included)
Battery Info: 2 x AA batteries
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Shy Camilla Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 112oz
Shy Camilla Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll
Material: PVC
Color: Flesh Pink
Opening: Vagina & Butt
Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
Power Type: Batteries (not included)
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Gladiator Inflatable Male Sex Doll with 7 Inch Realistic Dildo 34.7oz
Gladiator Inflatable Male Sex Doll
Material: PVC
Color: Flesh Pink
Flexibility: Flexible
Canal diameter: 2.5 inches
Circumference: 5.25 inches
Insertable Length: 7 inches
Internal Length: 6.5 inches
Length: 7 inches
Battery Info: 3 x AA batteries
Power Type: Batteries (not included)
Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
Allergen Warning: Contains Latex
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Waterproof: No
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Fuck Friends Rico Suave Swinger Series Doll
Fuck Friends Rico Suave
Flexibility: Flexible
Insertable Length: 7 inches
Length: 7 inches
Circumference: 5.25 inches
Opening: Butt
Internal Length: 6.5 inches
Power Type: Rechargeable
Features: Vibration
Kit includes:: Air pump, repair kit
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Fuck Friends Love Doll 2 Orifice - Amber
Fuck Friends Amber
Flexibility: Flexible
Weight: 6.7 lbs
Opening: Vagina, Butt, Mouth
Kit includes: Air pump, USB warming stick
Power Type: Rechargeable
Features: Sitting position
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Blush X5 Men Sweet Jasmine Sex Doll
Sweet Jasmine Sex Doll
Flexibility: Flexible
Opening: Vagina, Butt, Mouth
Features: life-size
Hight: 63 inches
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What Is A Blow Up Sexdoll?

A blowup sex doll also called an inflatable sex doll is one that requires an air fill to take form, just like balloons. On purchase, some sex dolls are inflated, while sometimes, you may have to pump in the air yourself.

It can have male or female genitals and can be straight or trans, upright or in a sex position. Depending on the quality, your blowup sex doll can have silicon breasts, head, hands, and feet and a very realistic vagina, oral sex mouth, and butthole. On the other end, the body parts could also be all plastic and very fake.

Inflatable sex dolls come in different sizes, types, and skin colors to satisfy different desires. So, pretty much anyone can use them- men, women, and even couples to spice up their sex life.

Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll.

How We Tested The inflatable love dolls

As a first-time buyer, you are most likely to end up with an inferior product without a guide. That is why we have taken the liberty to filter through the market and picked out the best blow up dolls for you.

You can trust any of the sex blow-up dolls recommended above as all blowup sex dolls on our list are self-tested and confirmed to aid premium satisfaction for their users. They all have awesome features that make them worth every cent.

Benefits Of an inflatable sex doll

See some of the reasons you should have one below:

  1. Their inflatable nature makes them easy to store away.
  2. Compared to sex toys like dildos and fleshlights, inflatable sex dolls make your pleasure session look and feel more realistic.
  3. You can save a chunk of money by purchasing blow up sex dolls instead of expensive silicone sex dolls.
Inflatable Male Sex Doll. Choose Inflatable Doll

Types and Main Characteristics Of Blow Up Sex Dolls

Realistic blow up dolls generally have two types:

  • Male blow up dolls: When inflated, male blow up dolls have the features of a typical man. It comes with defined abs, a tongue, a realistic dildo, and a penetrable anus.
  • Female blowup dolls: The female doll has synthetic body parts to imitate that of a typical woman. It has breasts, a vagina, and a penetrable butt hole.

Types of materials

Most inflatable love dolls are made from vinyl or polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), but they sometimes contain latex. There are also a few dolls made of polythene plastic available in the industry.

Inflatable Sex Doll Type Length (averages) Diameter (averages)
Blow up Sex Dolls for Women 7 inches dildo 7 inches insertable length. 3.5 inches internal length Canal diameter: 2.5 inches Circumference: 5.25 inches
Blow up Sex Dolls for Men 6.5 inches internal length Canal diameter: 2.5 inches
Vibrating Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll.


The male blow up doll has a tongue suitable for oral sex and its dildo vibrates for additional stimulation. Likewise, the female inflatable doll sometimes comes with a multi-speed bullet vibrator. You can adjust the speed of both body parts with their controller.

As a rule of thumb, inflatable dolls with realistic parts and smooth textures are preferable. Their body is usually made of PVC while breasts, penis mouths, and butt holes are silicon.

How To Choose The Best Blow Up Sex Doll

We have compiled a list of things you should consider before swiping your card. See them below:

Factors Description
Color The best blow up sex doll for you should have your preferred skin color.
Size Ensure that you choose the doll with the perfect size for premium pleasure.
Material You might want to select the sex doll inflatable made with a material that doesn't trigger your allergy.
Shape Your sex doll blow up should have your preferred shape for a realistic pleasure session.
Brand Ensure that you do a background check on the manufacturing company before buying.

Choosing the Right-Sized Blow Up Sex Doll For Your Needs

When looking for the right-sized inflatable sex doll, the main things to consider are your experience and end goals. If you have used an inflatable sex doll before, consider whether you need to size up or size down to get the perfect-sized doll.

You may also select your sex doll size based on your goal. Do you want to try a new size of dildo? Then get a blow up doll sex with a dildo size that fulfills your fantasy.

Choosing The Right Material, Shape, and Texture

The material of these dolls is one that you should pay attention to when selecting a product. Generally, we recommend PVC sex dolls because they are soft and feel good against the skin. However, if you are allergic to vinyl, you can explore other options, like polythene. It is also soft and gives the doll a smooth texture.

You would also do yourself a solid when your inflatable sex doll had a realistic preferred shape. That way, it can look appealing and at the same time satisfy your needs adequately.

Big Beautiful Becky Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll.

How to Use a Blow Up Sexdoll?

Setting it up is straightforward and non-time-consuming. All you have to do is follow our guide below to begin using it:

  1. Use the pump in the package to inflate the sex doll.
  2. Apply lube to any opening of the doll that you would like to use and also on your genitals.
  3. Insert the doll's dildo into your vagina or penetrate through the oiled opening with your penis.
  4. If any, use the controller to set the vibrator speed in the doll's genitals.
  5. Have fun until you are satisfied.

After use, ensure you clean your sex doll to promote hygiene and infections. Luckily most of them come with detachable genitals and as such, are easy to clean. Simply deflate and use the sample care powder in your package to clean the sex parts. When you are done cleaning, store your doll in its storage bag to keep it away from dust.


Blow up sex dolls are realistic and pleasurable, but they are also affordable and easy to clean and store. Ready to get one? Look through our recommendations and select the best blow up sex doll with the comprehensive guide above.

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What materials are used to make inflatable sex dolls?
Inflatable sex dolls are typically made from PVC or vinyl, which are lightweight, durable, and relatively inexpensive materials. High-end dolls may also incorporate silicone or TPE components for a more realistic feel, particularly in areas such as the face, breasts, or genitalia. These materials aim to simulate the texture and appearance of human skin, providing a more lifelike experience.
How do I clean and maintain my blow up sex doll?
To clean and maintain your blow up sex doll, deflate it and gently wash the surface with warm water and mild soap, taking care to avoid submerging any electronic components. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the doll's surface. To maintain its shape and prevent damage, store your doll in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Can I use lubricants with my inflatable love doll?
Yes, you can use lubricants with your inflatable love doll. However, it's essential to use a water-based lubricant, as silicone or oil-based lubricants may cause damage to the doll's material. Water-based lubricants are compatible with PVC, vinyl, silicone, and TPE materials and will make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable.
Are there male blow up dolls available?
Yes, male blow up dolls are available for those interested in a male companion. These dolls typically feature a realistic face, an erect penis, and sometimes even an anus for versatile play. Just like their female counterparts, male blow up dolls come in a variety of styles, sizes, and price points to cater to different preferences and budgets.
What features should I consider when choosing the best inflatable sex doll?
When choosing the best inflatable sex doll, consider features such as the doll's size, appearance, materials used, and additional components like removable orifices or vibrating functions. You should also consider your personal preferences and budget. Higher-end dolls may offer more realistic features, but they also come at a higher cost.
Can I customize my sex blow up doll?
Some manufacturers offer customization options for sex blow up dolls, including choices for hair color, eye color, and other features. However, customization is typically limited compared to solid silicone or TPE sex dolls, as inflatable dolls have a simpler construction. If customization is essential to you, consider looking into more advanced, solid material dolls for greater personalization options.
How do I inflate and deflate my blow up sex dolls?
To inflate your blow up sex doll, you can use a manual or electric air pump. Some dolls come with a built-in inflation valve, while others require an external adapter. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper inflation. To deflate, simply open the valve and apply gentle pressure to release the air. Be sure to store the doll in a cool, dry place when not in use.
How do realistic blow up dolls differ from regular inflatable sex dolls?
Realistic blow up dolls are designed to provide a more lifelike experience, incorporating features such as more detailed facial features, anatomically correct genitalia, and even textured skin. These dolls may also include silicone or TPE components for added realism. In contrast, regular inflatable sex dolls tend to be simpler in design, with less focus on realistic details.
Are there any safety concerns with using an inflatable sex doll?
Inflatable sex dolls are generally safe to use, but there are some precautions you should take. Ensure the doll is properly inflated and inspected for any damage or leaks before use, as a puncture could cause injury. Additionally, use water-based lubricants only, as other types of lubricants may damage the material. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper use and cleaning, and ensure you store the doll in a cool, dry place when not in use to maintain its integrity and longevity.
How do I choose the right size for my inflatable adult doll?
Inflatable adult dolls come in various sizes, from smaller, more compact designs to life-size models. To choose the right size, consider factors such as your available storage space, personal preferences, and intended use. If you're looking for a travel-friendly option or have limited storage, a smaller doll may be suitable. However, if you want a more immersive and realistic experience, a life-size model might be the better choice.
What is the price range for blow-up sex dolls?
The price range for blow-up sex dolls varies depending on factors such as materials, size, realism, and additional features. Basic inflatable dolls can cost as low as $20 to $50, while more advanced models with realistic features or silicone components can range from $100 to $500 or more. It's essential to consider your budget and desired features when selecting a doll to ensure you get the best value for your money.
user avatar
26.09.2021, 17:45
Marcus Bolton
Awesome! Makes me feel like I am having sex with a real person. I personally love big women, so you can imagine how happy I was to find the option of the voluptuous blow up sex doll. This sex toy takes care of my sexual needs without all the emotional hassle.
user avatar
02.10.2021, 08:11
Grant Robinson
I would like to ask: Is it okay to clean my inflatable love doll with regular detergent and warm water?
user avatar
04.10.2021, 18:34
Hello Grant. Yes, it is okay to clean your inflatable sex doll with detergent and warm water. However, it is advisable to also use antiseptic or a sex toy cleaner to disinfect it. You would also need to be very gentle with the material while you are at it. Avoid scrubbing.
user avatar
08.10.2021, 07:15
Aaron White
This blow up sex doll has won my heart over completely! The way that she vibrates is as real as it gets. With very realistic body parts, I don’t feel like she is a sex toy at all. I feel just as if a woman is in bed with me whenever I’m with her. If you are wondering which one I’m referring to, it’s the Thrust pro Naomi vibrating realistic inflatable sex doll. Her size, body shape, and weight is hundred percent right! The most beautiful thing about all these is the fact that I do not have to worry about her loyalty.
user avatar
17.10.2021, 07:10
Linda Wilkinson
Where do I put this after I buy it? I mean, how do I keep this? I love realistic sex toys quite alright, but I am not used to anything bigger than the size of my palm. This is almost as big as a person. I want it by all means, but the size and weight are giving me a huge re-think. I like to be with myself with as little hassle as possible.
user avatar
20.10.2021, 13:50
Shyla Navarro
Oh it’s not that difficult. Since they are inflatable, it means they are equally deflatable. So, blow up dolls only need to get this big whenever you want to use them. You can always deflate afterwards, clean it, dry it, and then tuck it away in your box or drawer. Easy!
user avatar
25.10.2021, 20:53
Antony Deleon
Okay, the sex appeal of this realistic blow up doll is crazy! Mine is the Thrust pro xtra Brianna realistic inflatable sex doll. Thank you for listing such an amazing sex toy on your site. I use her for stamina training most times, and she’s perfect for the job. The fact that she’s got a foot pump that also makes it so easy for me to get on with the action.
user avatar
03.11.2021, 20:23
Antoine Dyer
I have never used blow up dolls, and they look like fun. But I also bet there will be quite some work involved in pumping.
user avatar
11.11.2021, 14:16
Whitney Booth
Is there anyone here who could answer this question for a friend? How convenient is it to use lifelike blow up dolls with a third party?
user avatar
12.11.2021, 08:02
Hello Whitney, this depends on you and the third party. If it is okay with you both, then you are good to go. Some people prefer to use lifelike blow up dolls for building their sexual stamina, and in that case, they sometimes prefer to use it with third parties involved.
user avatar
28.02.2023, 14:20
Bought the best blow up doll from the list and it certainly added a new element of fun to our couple's play. Totally worth it!
user avatar
03.03.2023, 09:05
Using an inflatable love doll has actually improved my relationship. My partner and I use it for different fantasies, and it's spiced things up.
user avatar
07.03.2023, 11:30
As someone who values quality, the best inflatable sex doll from the list is made of high-grade materials. Feels surprisingly real too!
user avatar
15.03.2023, 18:55
I had my reservations about purchasing an inflatable sex doll, but it's been a game-changer for my solo sessions. Gives a new dimension to self-pleasure.
user avatar
22.03.2023, 20:45
Is it weird to use a blow up sex doll? I'm curious but also a little hesitant about what others might think.
user avatar
23.03.2023, 12:00
Every individual's sexual preferences are unique. If you think a blow up sex doll can bring you joy, there's no harm in trying. Your pleasure is your personal business.
user avatar
29.03.2023, 10:10
The male blow up doll I got from the list is a great addition to our collection. My wife loves it too!
user avatar
03.04.2023, 17:30
I had a hilarious party with some close friends and we used a midget blow up doll as a gag gift. It was all in good fun and everyone found it hilarious.
user avatar
10.04.2023, 11:55
I'm thinking about buying an inflatable male sex doll. Do they feel real? I want something more than just a novelty.
user avatar
12.04.2023, 14:15
While inflatable dolls aren't exactly like real humans, many top-quality ones come close in terms of feel. Always choose a model made from high-quality materials for the best experience.
user avatar
18.04.2023, 20:25
How do you discreetly store a blow up sex doll? I have roommates and I'm a bit concerned about privacy.
user avatar
19.04.2023, 09:30
I keep mine deflated in its box under my bed. Once you deflate it, they're surprisingly compact. Just ensure you clean and dry it properly before storing.
user avatar
28.04.2023, 17:00
The best inflatable sex dolls can really enhance solo experiences. They're much more than just a toy, it's almost like a companion.
user avatar
05.05.2023, 19:50
Is it safe to use blow-up sex dolls? I'm worried about any health implications.
user avatar
06.05.2023, 14:00
As long as you clean and maintain your doll properly, it's safe. Most are made from body-safe materials. Always read the care instructions and perhaps use a toy cleaner for extra peace of mind.
user avatar
12.05.2023, 12:15
The realistic blow up dolls from the list are impressive. They've added so much fun to our bedroom adventures!
user avatar
20.05.2023, 18:00
I've never used any sex toys before. Are inflatable sex dolls a good starting point?
user avatar
21.05.2023, 10:45
Absolutely! They can be a great introduction. Just make sure to read the guidelines and go for something you're comfortable with.
user avatar
30.05.2023, 15:40
I'm afraid if I get a blow up doll, it might look too unrealistic and ruin the mood. Any advice?
user avatar
01.06.2023, 11:20
There are several realistic inflatable sex dolls available now that look and feel lifelike. It's all about picking the right one. The list here provides a good starting point.
user avatar
08.06.2023, 19:15
Ever since I added a blow up doll to my collection, my solo sessions have never been the same. Highly recommended!
user avatar
20.06.2023, 12:45
I'm concerned about the maintenance and cleaning of a sex doll inflatable. Is it a hassle?
user avatar
21.06.2023, 14:10
Not at all! It's pretty straightforward. Most dolls can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Just ensure they're completely dry before storing to prevent mold.
user avatar
01.07.2023, 17:55
For those hesitant about getting a blow up doll sex toy, don't be! It can be a game-changer for exploring fantasies and desires.
user avatar
10.07.2023, 09:25
The inflatable adult doll I got feels so good and is incredibly easy to store. Plus, it's always ready when I am!
user avatar
20.07.2023, 16:00
Honestly, buying the best inflatable sex dolls has been one of the best decisions I've made. Adds so much variety to my sessions!
user avatar
30.07.2023, 12:10
I’m intrigued but also slightly nervous about the societal judgment surrounding blow up dolls for men. I mean, are they really accepted?
user avatar
31.07.2023, 13:35
Everyone has their own preferences and it's essential to do what feels right for you. Your personal pleasure shouldn't be judged by societal norms. As long as it's safe and consensual, enjoy!
user avatar
10.08.2023, 19:45
I can vouch for the realistic inflatable sex doll from the list. Feels great and is well worth the investment.
user avatar
20.08.2023, 15:00
For those wondering, a blow up sexdoll can really amp up solo play. It adds a touch of realism that's hard to describe but absolutely wonderful to experience.
user avatar
02.09.2023, 11:05
I've been curious about the plus size blow up doll. Anyone tried it? I'm wondering if the size makes it more real.
user avatar
03.09.2023, 12:15
The plus size models offer a fuller figure and can enhance the experience for those who prefer a larger body type. They're designed with realism in mind. Go for it if it aligns with your preferences!
user avatar
12.09.2023, 14:20
The inflatable fuck doll I got is a game-changer! It feels surprisingly real, and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic.
user avatar
24.09.2023, 18:35
I've never owned any kind of sex toy before and am slightly embarrassed about buying an inflatable doll. Are they discreetly packaged?
user avatar
25.09.2023, 10:40
Absolutely! Most reputable sellers prioritize discretion, so the packaging won't indicate what's inside. Your secret's safe!
user avatar
05.10.2023, 20:05
For those on a budget, even the cheap blow up sex dolls from the list are decent. I got one and it's given me great value for the price.
user avatar
18.10.2023, 15:30
I'm concerned about durability. Do these inflatable dolls wear out or get punctured easily?
user avatar
19.10.2023, 12:00
Quality varies, but if you go for a higher-end model and treat it with care, it should last you quite a while. Most come with repair kits in case of minor punctures too.
user avatar
01.11.2023, 09:10
Ever since I introduced an inflatable adult doll into my bedroom, things have been electric! Such a fantastic way to explore and experiment.
user avatar
07.11.2023, 18:30
Is it weird to consider using a blow-up sex doll during couples play? I don't want my partner to feel replaced or inadequate.
user avatar
08.11.2023, 11:05
Every couple is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. Communication is key! Discuss with your partner and ensure they're comfortable with the idea. Some couples find it a fun and exciting addition.
user avatar
15.11.2023, 20:25
I can't believe I waited so long to get a blow up sexdoll. It's made my solo sessions so much more enjoyable!
user avatar
25.11.2023, 16:20
Are these inflatable dolls easy to clean? Hygiene is really important to me.
user avatar
26.11.2023, 09:15
Absolutely! Good hygiene is crucial. Most high-quality inflatable dolls are designed to be easily cleaned. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions, and you should be good to go.
user avatar
04.12.2023, 14:40
Got the best inflatable sex dolls for my birthday, and it's honestly the gift that keeps on giving!
user avatar
14.12.2023, 19:15
After reading this article, I'm seriously considering getting a blow-up doll. Never thought I'd be this intrigued!
user avatar
23.12.2023, 12:50
Just in time for the holidays, my inflatable love doll arrived. Best Christmas present to myself!
user avatar
02.01.2024, 09:30
For those on the fence, just take the plunge. My inflatable doll has been a fantastic addition to my personal time.
user avatar
08.01.2024, 16:45
I'm curious but a bit scared. Do these blow up dolls look too unreal or creepy?
user avatar
09.01.2024, 10:00
It's all about personal preference. There are many models available, from very realistic to more fantasy-oriented designs. Check out reviews, photos, and find one that suits your taste. Remember, it's all about enhancing your experience!
user avatar
12.01.2024, 13:20
Using an inflatable adult doll has really broadened my horizons. So glad I decided to experiment with it.
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