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Fantasy Dildos

Glass Large Fantasy Dildo

In the ever-growing landscape of pleasure products, the best fantasy dildos have captured the imaginations of countless individuals seeking to add a touch of magic and whimsy to their intimate experiences. These enchanting toys bring mythical creatures and legendary beings to life, offering users a tantalizing escape into a world of sensual fantasy. If you've ever dreamt of venturing beyond the realm of ordinary pleasure products, fantasy dildos provide a doorway to new dimensions of stimulation and excitement.

Top 10 best Fantasy Dildos in 2024

Products Information Price
Wskcngxy Huge Soft Long Dildo Butt Plug With Suction Cup
Huge Dildo With Suction Cup
Material: Liquid silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Size: S M L XL
Circumference: 4.5-7.5 cm
Insertable Length: 18.5-27.5 cm
Length: 21-33 cm
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Gagu Silicone Animal Monster Dildo With Suction Cup
Gagu Monster Dildo With Suction Cup
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Size: S L
Length: 17.5-21 cm
Inserable length: 15.5-19 cm
Diameter: 4.7-6 cm
Check Price
Gqlubi Soft Bad Dragon Blue Dildo with Suction Cup
Soft Dragon Blue Dildo
Material: PVC
Insertable Length: 225 m
Circumference: 45-54 mm
Length: 250 mm
Check Price
Top Large Anal Butt Soft Animal Dildo
Large Anal Soft Animal Dildo
Material: Liquid silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 46 mm
Insertable Length: 175 mm
Length: 200 mm
Flexibility: Flexible
Check Price
FAAK Large Animal Hawk Werwolf dildo
Large Animal Dildo
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 2.76 inches
Length: 9.06 inches
Insertable Length: 8.07 inches
Check Price
FAAK 2021 New horse dog dildos
FAAK New Dildo
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 2-5.5 cm
Insertable Length: 19 cm
Length: 22.5 cm
Flexibility: Flexible
Check Price
FAAK New Multi Color Horse Dragon Dildo With Suction Cup
Multi Color Dragon Dildo
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 2-5.9 cm
Insertable Length: 19 cm
Length: 22.5 cm
Flexibility: Flexible
Check Price
Huge Super Thick Big Silicone Expander Anal Plug
Huge Super Thick Dildo
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 3.8-7.3 cm
Length: 21 cm
Flexibility: Flexible
Weight: 546 g
Check Price
Prostata massage anal Dildo
Prostata massage anal Dildo
Material: Medical Health Silicone
Waterproof: Submersible
Circumference: 5.5 cm
Length: 26 cm
Flexibility: Firm
Weight: 460 g
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In this article, we'll explore the most captivating and alluring fantasy dildos available, examining their intricate designs, innovative features, and the materials used to create these spellbinding works of art. We'll also discuss how these otherworldly toys can transform your solo or partnered play, adding an element of adventure and creativity that's bound to ignite your passion. So, are you ready to embark on a journey into the mystical and mesmerizing world of fantasy dildos? Hold on tight as we unveil the bewitching and beguiling pleasure products that will transport you to realms of ecstasy previously uncharted.

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What is a Fantasy Dildo?

A fantasy dildo is a unique dildo that may take on the semblance of any mythical creature, namely aliens, dragons, zombies, goblins, vampires, etc. Most people would call it an odd-shaped dildo, but we think of it as a dream come true over here. They are made to assuage the sexual fantasies of the dreamers in our society today. With fantasy dildos, you know it’s not enough to imagine what it would feel like fucking a goblin; you can get a feel of it.

The best part of it is that you don’t need to think up any scenarios. By just looking at these unique dildos, your imaginations will run wild.

If you think fantasy dildos look hideous, erase that thought ASAP. Honestly, they are just exotic dildos with some extra kink. We send our deepest gratitude to the people who come up with fantasy sex toys that fuel our passion, for real.

Blue dragon dildo.

Fantasy dildos have different types! Did you think we were going to fulfill one fantasy and ignore the rest? Not in this house. We have classified the fantasy dildos based on their design, material, size, etc., to help you better understand what we’re dealing with.


Purchasing a fantasy dildo made of excellent material is vital if you want to max out your dildo. Safe materials for your fantasy dildo include aluminum, steel, wood, ABS plastic, glass, SuperSkin, and silicone. However, silicone fantasy dildos are the most popular because they are safe, firm, yet flexible and durable.

Shape and Design

Fantasy dildos are designed to resemble the penis of a mythical creature. The dick you get is entirely up to you. For instance, tentacle dildos will look like an octopus’ tentacle, curving around the center in a way that will hit your G-spot (or P-spot) just right. The same goes for the bad dragon alternatives. A good fantasy dildo also has a flared base that keeps it firmly on the floor/bed while you ride hands-free.

Three fantasy dildo.


We’d like to point out that the size of your fantasy dildo is entirely dependent on what you want. On average, alien dildos and monster dildos have an insertable length of 7” and a girth of 4”. You can go bigger or smaller, depending on how familiar you are with fantasy sex toys.

Stimulation Zones

Dildos are meant for penetration. Therefore, it is safe to say that your fantasy dildo works best for vaginal or anal stimulation. While these areas are the primary focus of an alien dildo, it doesn’t stop you from pleasuring other parts of your body with the same toy. Fantasy vibrating dildos are great for every part of your body. It’s entirely up to you.


Vibrating dildos have motors that require electrical energy to function. Therefore, these types of dildos are powered by batteries and USB chargers. Rechargeable dildos are the best of the lot as they save you the cost of replacing batteries.


For the most part, you have to manually guide your fantasy dildo where you want it to go. If yours has a flared base, then you can prop it up and ride hands-free. You can also control some vibrating dildos through apps and remote controls.

Fantasy venom dildo. Choose Fantasy Dildo

How to find the Best Fantasy Dildo?

Choosing the best fantasy dildo depends on the nature of your fantasy and some other factors. Listed below are some guidelines to help you choose the best dildo to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

  • Discuss your fantasy with your partner (if you want them involved).
  • Choose a fantasy dildo made of hypoallergenic materials.
  • If you like to switch up the intensity of your fantasies, get a vibrating fantasy dildo.
  • Get a portable dildo, and take your fantasies with you wherever you go.
  • Buy your fantasy dildo from a reputable store.

Features of using

We know that this fantasy belongs to you alone; however, we’re giving you advice that will be immensely helpful to you. Take it or leave it; you need to be careful when using your fantasy dildo so that pleasure doesn’t turn to pain in the long run.

Fantasy muscle sucke tentacle dildo.

Usage and Safety Precautions

Using a unique dildo, heck playing out your fantasy is not just “push in, pull out business.” Take your time to engage in foreplay, touch other parts of your body (if you’re masturbating), run the dildo over your body, and see what it feels like to be handled by your favorite mythical creature dildo. When you’re aroused, slowly push the dildo in and allow yourself to feel everything at once. Pleasure, pain, sex, feel it all. The fantasy is coming true, and this moment belongs to you.

Let’s talk about safety now. Do not share your dildo if you’re uncertain of your partner’s health status. If you must, put a condom over the fantasy dildo before giving it away.


A dildo is designed to penetrate and stimulate. While a fantasy dildo should go in the mouth, anus, or vagina, you can also experiment on other spots such as the nipples, clit, and labia, especially if the dildo vibrates.

Ideal positions for using a fantasy dildo are missionary, cowgirl, doggy, scissors, any other position where you feel comfortable.

Cleaning and Care

Megan Stubbs, board-certified sexologist, says, ‘wash your dildo before and after use.’ You can wash your dildos in warm water with a mild soap. If your fantasy dildo is motorized, do not submerge it in water until you’re sure it’s waterproof. Clean non-waterproof fantasy dildos with a gentle toy cleaner, damp towel, and some water. Then, pat it dry with a clean towel.

Yellow-blue fantasy dildo.


Without proper storage, your fantasy dildo could meet untimely destruction. So, store your tentacle dildos and other fantasy sex toys in a clean, dry box/pouch in an airy space of your home.

Pros and Cons of Fantasy Dildos

  • Fantasy sex toys spice up one’s sex life.
  • They help fulfill one’s sexual fantasies, whether alone or with a partner.
  • They come in different shapes and sizes, so there is always a pick for everyone.
  • It is also a great toy for BDSM.
  • It can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation — depending on the type and features.
  • The ridges/bulges on an alien dildo can heighten sexual pleasures.
  • Fantasy dildos can stimulate both internally and externally.
  • Silicone fantasy dildos trigger intense, powerful orgasms.
  • Introducing a fantasy dildo may cause feelings of inadequacy between a couple.
  • They may be more expensive than regular dildos.
  • It may be overwhelming to select just one.
  • Might not be beginner-friendly.


Are you afraid of what you’ll find when you dip into your fantasies? It’s important to understand that your sexual fantasies do not change who you are at the core. Rest assured, a single taste of our fantasy dildos will have you abandoning your regular sex toys to board this moving train with lightning speed!

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What makes fantasy dildos unique compared to regular dildos?
Fantasy dildos are unique because they feature designs inspired by mythical creatures, fantasy worlds, and other imaginative themes. These products can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures that cater to different preferences and fantasies. With their intricate details and sometimes otherworldly appearances, they provide an exciting and creative alternative to conventional dildos.
How do I choose the best fantasy dildo for me?
To select the best fantasy dildo for your needs, consider factors such as size, material, texture, and design. It's essential to choose a size that is comfortable and appropriate for your experience level, as well as a material that is body-safe, such as silicone or glass. Read fantasy dildos reviews to learn about other users' experiences and make an informed decision based on your preferences.
Are there any vibrating fantasy dildos available?
Yes, there are vibrating fantasy dildos available on the market. These products combine the creative design elements of fantasy dildos with the additional stimulation provided by vibration. You can find a range of options, including different sizes, materials, and vibration settings, to suit your preferences.
What are some popular materials used to make fantasy dildos?
Fantasy dildos are often made from body-safe materials like silicone, glass, and stainless steel. Silicone fantasy dildos are popular due to their flexibility and soft texture, while glass and stainless steel options offer a firmer and smoother feel. Each material provides a unique experience, so consider your preferences when choosing your fantasy dildo.
Can I use a fantasy dildo for anal play?
Fantasy anal dildos are specifically designed for safe and enjoyable anal play. These dildos typically feature a flared base to prevent them from being accidentally inserted too far. Ensure you select a product specifically designed for anal use, and always use a generous amount of lubricant to ensure a comfortable and pleasurable experience.
Are there any large or huge fantasy dildos available?
Yes, large fantasy dildos and huge fantasy dildos are available for those seeking a more sizeable toy. These products cater to various preferences, from fantasy monster dildos to giant fantasy dildos inspired by mythical creatures. Remember that it's essential to choose a size that is appropriate for your experience level and always use plenty of lubricant to ensure comfort and safety during use.
Can I find cheap fantasy dildos without compromising on quality?
It's possible to find affordable fantasy dildos without sacrificing quality. Look for sales and discounts on reputable websites, or consider purchasing a slightly smaller or less intricate design to save money. Always ensure that the product you choose is made from body-safe materials and read reviews from other users to ensure the quality and performance of the dildo.
What are some popular fantasy dildo designs?
Fantasy dildos come in a wide range of designs inspired by mythical creatures, including fantasy dragon dildos and other fantasy monster dildos. Other popular designs include tentacles, mermaids, and various other imaginative concepts. Choose a design that appeals to your personal fantasies and preferences for the best experience.
How do I clean and maintain my fantasy dildo?
Cleaning and maintaining your fantasy dildo depends on the material it is made from. For silicone fantasy dildos, use warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner to clean the toy after each use. For glass or stainless steel dildos, you can use the same cleaning methods or even boil them for a few minutes to ensure thorough sterilization. Make sure to dry your dildo thoroughly before storing it in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Regular cleaning and proper storage will help prolong the life of your fantasy dildo and ensure its continued safety and enjoyment.
Can I use my fantasy dildo with a harness?
Some fantasy dildos are compatible with harnesses, making them suitable for strap-on play. Look for a fantasy dildo with a flared base or a specially designed base that can securely fit into a harness. Make sure to choose a compatible harness that can accommodate the size and shape of your chosen dildo for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
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26.02.2023, 14:23
I got my first fantasy dildo a few months ago and it's been a game-changer for my solo play. Highly recommend diving into the world of fantasy dildos!
user avatar
02.03.2023, 08:15
Honestly, the best fantasy dildos bring so much more to the experience than regular ones. The details and textures are just... wow.
user avatar
10.03.2023, 17:04
I've always been curious about fantasy dildos, but I've been too shy to buy one. What if someone finds it and thinks I'm weird?
user avatar
11.03.2023, 09:22
Everyone has their own desires and fantasies, and there's no shame in exploring them. Fantasy dildos are just another way to do that. As long as you're using them safely and consensually, there's no reason to feel weird about it. Explore and enjoy!
user avatar
19.03.2023, 21:03
My partner and I introduced a fantasy dragon dildo into our sessions and it's been AMAZING. Adds a whole new dimension to our playtime.
user avatar
29.03.2023, 12:44
I read a couple of fantasy dildos reviews and finally decided to get one. Best decision ever!
user avatar
04.04.2023, 15:28
Are there any cheap fantasy dildos that are still of good quality? I’m on a budget but really want to try.
user avatar
05.04.2023, 08:10
Absolutely! There are various brands that offer budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. Make sure to check the fantasy dildo review sections to ensure you’re getting a good product.
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14.04.2023, 10:20
The textures on my fantasy monster dildo are unparalleled. Never going back to the basic ones!
user avatar
22.04.2023, 19:01
Is it normal to want a fantasy anal dildo? I feel like it might look a bit... extreme.
user avatar
23.04.2023, 10:11
Everyone's desires are unique. As long as you're practicing safe and consensual play, there's no "normal" or "abnormal". If you're interested in a fantasy anal dildo, go for it! Just remember to use appropriate lubrication and take it slow.
user avatar
03.05.2023, 13:40
My silicone fantasy dildo feels so real! It's flexible yet firm, and the details are impeccable.
user avatar
12.05.2023, 16:23
Anyone else love the mythical dildo range? The designs are so unique and otherworldly.
user avatar
21.05.2023, 18:15
I've always been intrigued by huge fantasy dildos, but I'm a bit scared it might be too much for me.
user avatar
22.05.2023, 11:12
It's always important to know your own limits. Start with a size you're comfortable with and gradually work your way up if you wish. Communication and relaxation are key, especially if you're playing with a partner.
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02.06.2023, 14:44
Fantasy dragon dildos are hands down the best designs I've seen. The creativity is unmatched!
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11.06.2023, 21:55
I was skeptical about getting a fantasy dildo, but after trying one, I can’t imagine not having it in my collection.
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21.06.2023, 09:12
Is it strange that I want to collect all types of fantasy dildos? They're like artwork to me.
user avatar
22.06.2023, 10:25
Not at all! Many people appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry in fantasy dildos. They're unique and can be seen as both functional and decorative.
user avatar
30.06.2023, 17:32
Looking to get a vibrating fantasy dildo. Any recommendations? The extra sensation sounds intriguing.
user avatar
10.07.2023, 08:08
Are there any concerns about using a fantasy monster dildo? I'm worried it might be too much for me.
user avatar
11.07.2023, 12:00
Always listen to your body. If something feels uncomfortable, it's essential to stop. Start with a smaller size and work your way up if you desire. And always ensure proper lubrication and hygiene.
user avatar
20.07.2023, 15:22
Big fantasy dildos have definitely spiced up our bedroom activities. The variety and detailing are a treat!
user avatar
30.07.2023, 19:15
I've heard that the silicone fantasy dildos feel the most realistic. Can anyone confirm?
user avatar
08.08.2023, 16:05
Got a large fantasy dildo as a surprise gift for my partner. They were skeptical at first but ended up loving it. Now it’s a regular feature in our intimate moments.
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17.08.2023, 12:45
Ever since I've tried the fantasy dragon dildo, regular ones just don't cut it for me anymore. The texture and design are beyond incredible.
user avatar
27.08.2023, 10:17
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I'm curious about huge fantasy dildo options. I just worry about it looking intimidating or creepy.
user avatar
28.08.2023, 11:00
It's totally okay to be curious! Everyone has their preferences and desires. Remember, it's about what makes you feel good. Just ensure you're using it safely, and as always, communication with any partners is key.
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06.09.2023, 14:25
Cheap fantasy dildos can be just as good as the pricey ones if you know where to look. Don't be discouraged by a budget!
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16.09.2023, 09:30
Got a giant fantasy dildo recently. It's been an exciting challenge and has added a lot of fun to my sessions.
user avatar
26.09.2023, 17:48
I have a silicone fantasy dildo and the feel is unparalleled. It's soft yet firm, and warms up so nicely!
user avatar
06.10.2023, 15:03
I've heard about the fantasy anal dildos, and I'm intrigued. But I'm worried about safety. Are they designed differently?
user avatar
07.10.2023, 12:30
Absolutely! Fantasy anal dildos are designed with safety in mind, often having a flared base to prevent over-insertion. Always use a good quality lubricant and start slow. Safety and comfort should always be top priorities.
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16.10.2023, 18:45
I've read a lot of fantasy dildo reviews, and I'm convinced. Going to get my first one soon. Excited!
user avatar
26.10.2023, 20:05
I was never into toys, but after trying out the best fantasy dildo from this list, I can't imagine going back. It's an experience everyone should try.
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05.11.2023, 14:18
Got a mythical dildo recently, and it's as much a piece of art as it is a pleasure device. It's beautiful!
user avatar
15.11.2023, 16:50
If anyone is on the fence about trying fantasy dildos, just do it. The designs, the feel, everything is just on another level.
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25.11.2023, 19:02
I got a fantasy monster dildo on a whim and it's become my favorite. The texture and detailing are out of this world!
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05.12.2023, 17:30
My partner and I were hesitant about introducing a large fantasy dildo into our sessions, but it ended up being the best decision. The added stimulation and fantasy element has rekindled our passion.
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08.12.2023, 09:00
Can't believe how a deep fantasy dildo changed the game for me. It's a unique sensation I'd recommend everyone to at least try once.
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13.12.2023, 12:25
The fantasy dragon dildos from this list are so beautifully crafted. It's like owning a piece of art that also gives pleasure!
user avatar
20.12.2023, 16:45
I'm thinking of getting a silicone fantasy dildo for my partner this Christmas. Hope they love it as much as I think they will!
user avatar
23.12.2023, 10:05
I've always been curious about fantasy dildos but worry I might be judged for wanting one. Is it weird?
user avatar
23.12.2023, 12:15
Not at all! Everyone has unique tastes and desires. Embrace what makes you feel good and remember that your pleasure is personal. Enjoy exploring!
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27.12.2023, 17:20
Fantasy dildos reviews really helped me make an informed choice. Picked one from the list and it's been a great addition to my collection.
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01.01.2024, 01:05
Rang in the new year with my new fantasy monster dildo. Let's just say it started the year off with a bang!
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05.01.2024, 14:30
I never thought a vibrating fantasy dildo would make much of a difference, but boy, was I wrong. It's now my go-to.
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10.01.2024, 11:45
The best fantasy dildos aren't just about the looks. The sensations they provide are incomparable to regular ones. So glad I ventured into this realm.
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15.01.2024, 20:15
Just a heads up for newcomers: give yourself time to adjust and explore with your new fantasy dildo. It's a journey and every session can be a new adventure!
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