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Sex Pillows

Sex Pillow.

Have you ever thought, ‘oh, why can’t I hit that spot?’ If you have, you are not alone! Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, there are some spots located so deep, you can’t just hit them right! If this is an issue you have, you have to try a sex pillow. Introducing sex wedge pillows in the bedroom is a great way to switch your angles, reach ‘deep down’ and achieve more comfort for yourself and your partner during sex. To change your sex game forever, try out our top sex cushions - and who knows how many screaming O’s you’ll get in your next session?

Top 10 Best Sex Wedge Pillows In 2024

Products Information Price
Liberator Heart-Shaped Sex Position Wedge
Heart-Shaped Sex Position Wedge
Length: 45 inches
Fastening: Zip
Dimensions: 8 x 14 x 7 inches
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DOMINIX Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge, Handcuff and Blindfold Set
Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge
Dimensions: 24.5 x 13 x 35 inches
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Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master
Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master
Features 4 handles for extra support
Length: 31.5 inches
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Liberator Sex Position Wedge
Position Wedge
Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 7 inches
Fabric: Fabric
Fastening: Zip
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Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion
Jaz Motion
Fabric: Velvet
Dimensions: 19 inches (L) x 13 inches (W) x 6 inches (H)
Fastening: Zip
Allergens: Latex-Free
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Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow.
Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow
Allergens: Latex-Free
Fastening: Velcro
Fabric: Velvet
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Liberator BonBon Toy Mount
Liberator BonBon Toy Mount
Dimensions: 15 (L) x 13 (W) x 8.75 inches (D)
Allergens: Latex-Free
Fabric: Velvet
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Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ride on Cushion with Realistic Vibrating Dildo
Inflatable Ride on Cushion
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Material: PVC
Dimensions: 32 inches (L) x 12 inches (W) x 39.5 inches (H)
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Liberator Sex Position Wedge
Liberator Sex Position Wedge
Allergens: Latex-Free
Length: 14 inches
Dimensions: 24 inches (L) x 14 inches (W) x 7 inches (H)
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What is a Sex Wedge?

A sex pillow is a firm cushion or wedge for sex that supports your body during various sex positions. They prop up certain body parts, such as the head, butt, stomach, back, and pelvis, for deeper penetration and comfort. Apart from these apparent benefits, did you know that a vibrating sex pillow can also act as a sex toy mount? Indeed, they can. If right now, you’re thinking of using a regular couch instead of wasting money, do not. There’s a reason sex pillows appear on the market. They are durable, and they come with covers that are easy to wash. Plus, who knows the years of bacteria packed on your couch anyway?

FlexRamp Sex Pillow.

Types of Sex Pillows

Sex pillows are of different varieties and making a decision on which to buy can be overwhelming. They come in different shapes, sizes and have various functions.

Sex Wedge Materials

The foam used in making your favorite sex pillows is not the type you find on your couch or bed- no need to be afraid. High-density foam is used in the production of a wedge pillow for sex to retain its original shape and form even after multiple uses. If you’re worried that cum and squirt from multiple orgasms will destroy the foam anyway, go for a sex pillow with water-resistant liners and a waterproof cover.

Shapes of Sex Cushions

A sex wage pillow looks like a cushion or ramp- the reason it is sometimes called a sex ramp. Pillows for sex can also be shaped like prisms, wedges, mounts. They are mostly triangular, crescent, cylindrical. Regardless of the shape, you decide on, ensure that your chosen sex pillow gives you the lift you need for deeper penetration while providing comfort.

Perfect Triangle Sex Pillow.

Size of Sex Wedges

Does the size of a sex pillow matter? Yes. If you’re interested in doubling your pillow as a sex toy mount, you have to go with a size that lets you spread out nicely while giving support behind the knees. If you or your partner are on the heavier side, look out for a pillow with a wider surface area to create much-needed balance.

Sex Pillow Positions

Each type of sex pillow has a specific area they cater to. To perform dual functions or create a more intense feeling, you can use the sex wedge and sex ramp together.

  • Sex Ramp: this is typically bigger than a sex wedge. It lifts the torso and lower body to allow for deeper penetration. It also helps prevent strain on the back and the spine. This pillow is ideal for sex positions such as missionary position, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, oral sex.
  • The Sex Wedge: sex wedges are smaller than ramps and support specific parts of the body such as the stomach, pelvis, knees. Using a wedge for sex means that you never have to worry about your partner (or vibrator) hitting that spot-just the way you like it. A sex wedge is excellent for oral sex, missionary position, spooning, cowgirl, and so much more.
  • Sex Mount: a sex toy mount is used for solo play. It has a firm elevated cushion and a flat base, making it a great pillow for sex due to its stability. Most sex toy mounts have an opening on the top surface where you can firmly insert your toy of choice. Enjoy the ride!
Liberator Stage System Sex Enhancing Pillow. Choose Sex Pillow

How to Make the Best Deal?

A lot of people tend to buy things that do not provide the promised satisfaction. It’s usually due to a case of misinformation or a lack of communication. To help you choose the best sex pillow for you and your partner, we have curated some tips below.

  • Figure out the areas that cause discomfort to you or your partner during sex.
  • Have honest conversations about where you lack in the bedroom.
  • Buy from reputable retail stores only.
  • Read the packaging or product description to understand if it’s a great fit for you.
  • Consider your size- we don’t want to slip off the ramp now, do we?
  • For solo play, choose a pillow that allows you to ride hands-free.
Wedge Pillow Sex Position.

How to Use Sex Pillows?

The fact that sex pillows are somewhat pricey makes it imperative that they are used judiciously and taken care of.

  • Care and Cleaning: The care and cleaning of your sex furniture cannot be overemphasized. When sex pillows are cleaned out and taken care of regularly, there is less risk of contracting an infection. Most of these pillows have moisture-resistant liners and waterproof covers- so all the fluid from your rendezvous is trapped on the covers. Wash with a mild, antibacterial soap either by hand or with the help of a machine.
  • Storage: The question of storing sex pillows often comes up in conversations like this one. We suggest doing whatever feels right. As long as the covers are washed, dried, and the pillows kept away from the elements, you’re good.

Pros and Cons of Sex Wage Pillows

  • Sex pillows help prevent and relieve discomfort during sex;
  • Sex position pillows are suitable for people with limited mobility;
  • Triangle sex pillow provides easier access to the clitoris and G-spot;
  • They help improve height differences during sex;
  • Sex cushions allow for deeper penetration.
  • A sex pillow makes oral sex more intense for both parties.
  • A vibrating sex pillow allows one to release sexual tension even without a partner.
  • They must be cleaned after each use.
Liberator Ramp Sex Pillow.

Final Thoughts

If your partner has a small penis or you struggle with lower back pain, knee aches, etc., sex pillows are just right for you. Apart from the increased intensity of each thrust, you get to stay comfortable -even in the most difficult of positions. According to certified relationship coach Casandra Henriquez, “pillows are heaven.” They can prop up all the right places to make your sexual experience more pleasurable. If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, a sex pillow should definitely at the top of your list.

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What are the benefits of using a sex pillow?
A sex pillow can enhance your sexual experience by providing additional support, comfort, and elevation during various positions. They help reduce strain on the neck, back, and joints, allowing you and your partner to explore new positions with ease. Sex pillows can also improve intimacy and make it easier to achieve deeper penetration and hit the right angles for increased pleasure.
Are sex pillows easy to clean and maintain?
Yes, most sex pillows are designed with hygiene in mind. They typically come with removable, washable covers that can be easily cleaned. Additionally, the pillow itself is often made of waterproof or water-resistant materials to prevent the absorption of bodily fluids. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper care and cleaning.
How do I choose the right sex pillow for my needs?
When selecting a sex pillow, consider factors such as size, shape, material, and firmness. The ideal pillow will depend on your personal preferences, comfort level, and desired sexual positions. You may want to try out different pillows to determine which one works best for you and your partner.
What is a sex wedge pillow?
A sex wedge pillow is a type of sex pillow designed to provide support and elevation during sexual activities. Its unique, angled shape allows for better positioning and deeper penetration in various positions, including missionary and doggy style. Sex wedges can help reduce strain on the neck, back, and joints, making sex more comfortable and enjoyable.
Can a sex pillow help with back pain during intercourse?
Yes, a sex pillow can alleviate back pain during intercourse by providing proper support and alignment for your body. They help distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure on the spine and joints. By using a sex pillow, you can maintain a comfortable position without compromising your back health.
Are sex pillows discreet?
Many sex pillows are designed with discretion in mind. They often resemble regular pillows or cushions and can easily blend in with your bedroom decor. Some brands even offer discreet storage options, such as pillowcases or covers that conceal the pillow's true purpose.
Can I use a dildo pillow for solo play?
Yes, a dildo pillow is specifically designed for solo play and can be used to secure a dildo or other sex toy for hands-free pleasure. These pillows often come with straps, pockets, or other attachment mechanisms that hold the toy in place, allowing you to enjoy various positions and stimulation without the need for manual support.
Do sex pillows work for oral sex?
Sex pillows can be beneficial for oral sex, as they provide elevation and support to make the experience more comfortable for both the giver and receiver. A blowjob pillow, for example, can help align the giver's head and neck with the receiver's genitals, reducing strain and improving access during the act.
What is the difference between a sex wedge and an intimacy cushion?
While both sex wedges and intimacy cushions are designed to enhance sexual experiences, they differ in terms of shape and functionality. Sex wedges are typically triangular or angled pillows that provide elevation and support for various sexual positions. Intimacy cushions, on the other hand, may come in various shapes and sizes and are designed to offer comfort and support during cuddling, foreplay, and other intimate moments.
Can a sex pillow be used for other purposes besides sex?
Yes, sex pillows can be versatile and used for other purposes, such as providing support during yoga, meditation, or as a regular pillow for resting or sleeping. The firmness and shape of some sex pillows make them ideal for providing support and comfort in various everyday situations.
Are there sex pillows specifically designed for pregnant women?
While there may not be sex pillows specifically marketed towards pregnant women, many sex pillows can be used to provide support and comfort during pregnancy. Pregnant women may find sex pillows helpful in reducing pressure on the belly and maintaining comfortable positions during intercourse. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using any sex accessory during pregnancy.
How do I store my sex pillow when not in use?
Proper storage of your sex pillow will depend on its size, shape, and material. Some pillows come with discreet storage options like pillowcases or covers that can help conceal their purpose. You can also store your sex pillow in a closet, under the bed, or in a dedicated storage box. Ensure that the pillow is clean and dry before storing it to maintain its longevity and hygiene.
user avatar
20.02.2023, 11:35
I recently purchased a sex pillow and it has really improved my sex life with my partner! It's much more comfortable and helps us achieve better angles. Highly recommend it!
user avatar
01.03.2023, 14:15
I've been considering getting a sex wedge pillow, but I'm not sure if it's worth the investment. Can anyone share their experience?
user avatar
02.03.2023, 19:25
I bought a sex wedge pillow a few months ago and it's been a game changer! It's super versatile and helps with achieving different positions. I think it's definitely worth the investment.
user avatar
10.03.2023, 08:45
My partner and I have been using a sex cushion for a while now, and it's fantastic! It's perfect for when we want to switch things up and try new positions.
user avatar
18.03.2023, 22:10
I've been thinking about getting a sex position pillow, but I'm worried it might be too awkward to use or explain to my partner. Anyone have advice on how to introduce it into the bedroom?
user avatar
19.03.2023, 17:45
Communication is key! Just be honest with your partner about wanting to try new things and enhance your intimacy. Most partners are open to trying new things, and a sex position pillow is a great way to do that.
user avatar
28.03.2023, 16:30
My partner and I got a sex ramp a few weeks ago, and it has definitely spiced up our love life. It's so much easier to try new positions and it's super comfortable!
user avatar
05.04.2023, 12:55
I've heard a lot about how great sex wedges are, but I'm not sure how to use one. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to use a sex wedge?
user avatar
06.04.2023, 18:10
Using a sex wedge is pretty simple! Just place it under your hips or your partner's hips to change the angle during intercourse. It can also be used to support your body during oral sex or other positions. Feel free to experiment and find what works best for you and your partner.
user avatar
12.04.2023, 09:20
I have a bad back and was worried that using a sex pillow would be uncomfortable, but it's been a lifesaver! The support it provides has made a huge difference in my comfort during sex. Highly recommended for anyone with back issues!
user avatar
21.04.2023, 21:15
I'm interested in getting a sex toy pillow, but I'm a little embarrassed about having it around the house. What if someone sees it?
user avatar
22.04.2023, 10:35
Most sex pillows have discreet designs and can easily be stored away when not in use. You can also use a pillowcase to cover it and make it look like a regular pillow when it's not being used for its intended purpose.
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01.05.2023, 17:55
My partner and I bought a wedge sex pillow and it's been amazing! We've been able to try so many new positions and it really enhances our intimacy. Can't recommend it enough!
user avatar
10.05.2023, 13:10
I use a dildo pillow for solo play, and it's fantastic! It allows for hands-free play and adds a whole new level of excitement to my alone time.
user avatar
20.05.2023, 15:40
I've been considering getting a dildo mount pillow, but I'm worried it might be difficult to clean. Any tips on maintaining hygiene with these types of products?
user avatar
21.05.2023, 20:15
Most of these products have removable covers that can be easily washed. Additionally, make sure to clean your toys properly after each use. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance, and you should have no issues with hygiene.
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29.05.2023, 09:30
I got a missionary pillow for my partner and me, and it's made a world of difference in our sex life. It provides the perfect amount of support and allows us to try new positions with ease.
user avatar
08.06.2023, 21:00
I'm interested in getting a sex wedge, but I'm afraid it might make our sex life seem abnormal or creepy. Does anyone else feel this way?
user avatar
09.06.2023, 14:45
There's nothing abnormal or creepy about wanting to enhance your sex life! Many couples use sex wedges and other intimacy aids to improve their experiences together. Just focus on open communication with your partner and enjoy exploring new aspects of your sexuality.
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17.06.2023, 11:20
I've been using an anal sex pillow for a while now, and it's been a game changer for me and my partner. It provides the perfect support and makes everything so much more comfortable.
user avatar
26.06.2023, 17:30
I'm intrigued by the idea of a body pillow with a dildo, but I'm concerned it might be too much for my partner to handle. How can I discuss this with them without making them feel uncomfortable?
user avatar
27.06.2023, 10:50
The key is open and honest communication. Share your desires and interests with your partner and let them know you're open to trying new things. Make sure they know that their comfort is important to you, and you can explore the idea together at a pace that works for both of you.
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05.07.2023, 15:15
I recently got a blow job pillow and it has made a huge difference in my solo play! It's so comfortable and allows me to really focus on the sensations.
user avatar
14.07.2023, 19:20
I've been considering getting a sex pillow for dildo use, but I'm worried that it might not be sturdy enough to support the action. Can anyone share their experience with this?
user avatar
15.07.2023, 12:30
I've used a sex pillow for dildo play and it's been great! They're typically designed to handle the weight and movement, so you shouldn't have any issues with stability. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper use.
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23.07.2023, 21:45
We bought a body pillow dildo a few months ago, and it has been a fantastic addition to our bedroom. It's versatile, comfortable, and allows us to explore new positions together. Highly recommended!
user avatar
01.08.2023, 10:05
I got a sex pillow with a dildo attachment recently, and it's been so much fun to experiment with! It's great for solo play, and I can't wait to try it with my partner too.
user avatar
10.08.2023, 14:25
I'm interested in trying a dildo wedge, but I'm worried about the safety aspect of using such a product. Are there any precautions I should take?
user avatar
11.08.2023, 09:55
As with any sex toy, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and cleaning. Additionally, always use a compatible lubricant and start slowly to ensure you're comfortable. Most importantly, communicate with your partner and trust your body's signals. With these precautions in mind, you can enjoy a safe and pleasurable experience.
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19.08.2023, 18:40
My partner and I recently purchased a sex pillow for bad backs, and it has been a game changer for us. It's so comfortable and supportive, making our intimate moments more enjoyable without any pain.
user avatar
28.08.2023, 13:20
I've seen a lot of positive reviews about wedge sex pillows, but I'm not sure if it will actually make a difference in my sex life. Can anyone share their experience?
user avatar
29.08.2023, 15:45
I was skeptical at first too, but a wedge sex pillow has really enhanced my sex life. It helps with positioning, takes pressure off joints, and makes it easier to try new things. I think it's definitely worth giving a try!
user avatar
07.09.2023, 22:05
I bought a sex pillow for my partner and me, and we've had so much fun experimenting with it! It's amazing how such a simple addition can make such a big difference in our intimate moments.
user avatar
16.09.2023, 08:15
I've been looking into getting a sex wedge pillow, but there are so many options. How do I choose the best one for me and my partner?
user avatar
17.09.2023, 12:40
When choosing the best sex wedge pillow, consider factors like size, material, and firmness. You might also want to read reviews and ask for recommendations from others. Ultimately, it's important to find a pillow that suits both you and your partner's needs and preferences.
user avatar
26.09.2023, 16:30
I was hesitant to try a sex position pillow, but now I can't imagine my sex life without it! It's made trying new positions so much more comfortable and enjoyable.
user avatar
05.10.2023, 20:25
I'm new to the world of intimacy pillows and have no idea where to start. Can anyone give me some advice on how to use one for the first time?
user avatar
06.10.2023, 14:35
Start by trying different positions with your sex pillow to see what feels most comfortable for you and your partner. You can use it to support your hips, elevate your legs, or even prop up your upper body. Don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you. Communication and patience are key, so enjoy the journey!
user avatar
14.10.2023, 09:55
I purchased a sex ramp a few months ago, and it has made a huge difference in our intimate moments. My partner and I have been able to try so many new positions with ease, and it's been a great addition to our sex life.
user avatar
23.10.2023, 17:40
What exactly is a sex pillow? I've heard the term before, but I'm not quite sure how it works or what it's used for.
user avatar
24.10.2023, 11:25
A sex pillow is a specially designed cushion that can be used to enhance sexual experiences by providing support and elevation for various positions. They come in different shapes and sizes, and can be used for both solo and partner play. They can help improve comfort, reduce strain on joints, and make it easier to try new positions.
user avatar
01.11.2023, 22:15
My wife and I bought the best sex pillow we could find, and it has been a revelation in our bedroom. It's not just the support and comfort it provides, but it has also opened up a whole new world of positions and sensations for us to explore.
user avatar
11.11.2023, 14:30
A sex cushion has been a great addition to my solo play. It has allowed me to experiment with new positions and made my experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommended for anyone looking to spice things up!
user avatar
20.11.2023, 18:45
I've been considering buying a sex wedge pillow, but I'm worried it might be too firm or uncomfortable. Does anyone have any advice on finding the right firmness?
user avatar
21.11.2023, 12:20
When looking for a sex wedge pillow, make sure to read reviews and check the product description for information on firmness. Some pillows are designed to be softer, while others provide firmer support. It might take some trial and error to find the perfect one for you, but it's worth it once you find the right balance of comfort and support.
user avatar
30.11.2023, 09:40
My partner and I recently purchased a sex pillow, and it has been a fantastic investment. It's made a significant difference in our ability to try new positions, and it's definitely spiced up our love life!
user avatar
08.12.2023, 17:55
I want to try a sex toy pillow, but I'm nervous about it feeling too unnatural or awkward. Can anyone share their experience and help put my mind at ease?
user avatar
09.12.2023, 11:40
I had the same concerns initially, but once I started using a sex toy pillow, I found that it actually felt very natural and comfortable. It took a little bit of time to get used to, but it has greatly enhanced my intimate experiences, both solo and with a partner. Just remember to communicate with your partner and take it slow as you explore together.
user avatar
17.12.2023, 20:15
I got a missionary pillow a while back and it has truly improved my favorite position. The added elevation and support make it so much more enjoyable and intimate.
user avatar
27.12.2023, 14:50
I was gifted a sex pillow by a close friend, and at first, I was hesitant to try it. But now, I can't imagine my life without it! It's made trying new positions so much more comfortable and enjoyable, both alone and with my partner.
user avatar
05.01.2024, 10:35
I've been thinking about buying a sex pillow, but I'm worried it will make me feel weird or creepy for using such a product. Does anyone have any advice for getting over this mental hurdle?
user avatar
06.01.2024, 09:10
There's nothing weird or creepy about wanting to enhance your sexual experiences. A sex pillow is just a tool designed to make intimate moments more enjoyable and comfortable. Embrace your desires and remember that exploring your sexuality in a healthy and consensual way is a normal part of life.
user avatar
14.01.2024, 16:20
I bought a sex wedge a few weeks ago, and it has been a game changer for my partner and me. It's made experimenting with new positions so much more enjoyable, and I can't believe we waited this long to try it!
user avatar
23.01.2024, 21:45
I never thought a simple sex pillow could make such a huge difference in my sex life, but it has. It's helped me discover new positions and made everything so much more comfortable. I highly recommend giving it a try!
user avatar
01.02.2024, 13:10
I've been considering getting a doggy style pillow to spice up my sex life. Can anyone share their experience with this type of pillow?
user avatar
02.02.2024, 12:45
I purchased a doggy style pillow a few months ago, and it has been a great addition to my bedroom. It provides excellent support and elevation, making the position more comfortable and enjoyable for both me and my partner. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!
user avatar
10.02.2024, 18:25
After reading so many positive reviews, I finally bought a sex pillow, and it has honestly transformed my intimate experiences. It's amazing how much more comfortable and enjoyable sex has become with this simple addition.
user avatar
19.02.2024, 09:55
I want to try a wedge sex pillow with my partner, but I'm worried they might think it's strange or unnecessary. How can I bring up the topic without making it awkward?
user avatar
20.02.2024, 14:20
The key is open communication. Let your partner know that you've been reading about wedge sex pillows and how they can enhance intimacy by providing support and comfort. Ask them if they'd be open to trying it together. Be sure to emphasize that it's something you'd like to explore as a couple and that their feelings and comfort are important to you.
user avatar
28.02.2024, 21:35
I was skeptical about trying a sex pillow, but after giving it a shot, I'm completely sold. It has made a huge difference in the comfort and pleasure of my intimate moments, both solo and with my partner.
user avatar
09.03.2024, 16:45
My partner and I recently purchased a sex wedge pillow, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. It's allowed us to explore new positions and has added a whole new dimension to our love life. Definitely worth trying!
user avatar
18.03.2024, 12:55
I bought a body pillow with a dildo attachment a while ago, and it has been such a fun addition to my solo play. It's comfortable, versatile, and allows me to explore new sensations. Highly recommended!
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