Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson

My name is Patricia Wilson. I am a freelance writer based in Manitoba, Canada. My writing career spans over 8 years, with a primary focus on the sex toy industry and how to attain optimum sexual satisfaction. I write purposefully to educate people and give them the proper orientation about sex, sexuality, and sexual fulfilment.

I`ve turned 36, recently, and I hope to have many more years of writing and educating more people on sex toys. My hobbies range around adventures like travelling, camping, mountaineering, skating, and skiing. My friends describe me as someone bold, daring, and carefree. Generally, I just believe in living as authentic as possible.

Growing up, there was a sex toy shop not far from where I lived. I observed how people avoided going to the stop and subtly labeled anyone who patronized the place indecent. I didn't know at the time that I would become a professional writer in this area. Nonetheless, the mystery surrounding the sex toy shop while growing up propelled my interest in sex toys and education.

As fate would have it, my degree specialization was on Sex Education from the prestigious Manitoba University. I later got a diploma in Human Relations from the same University because I needed to understand the primary catalyst of human desires.

I am a reader with great interest in Psychology, Anatomy, Mental development, and allied topics. During my research days, my research work was focused on using Sex Toys to advance sexual pleasure.

Over the years, I have leveraged on the rise in e-technology to achieve my goal of educating people on sex toys by blogging on the subject matter. I have also written several blogs for third-party entities and my blog.

When I'm not writing or indulging in my past time, I'm counseling people with various sexual challenges. I also have great experience writing adult topics, such as relationships, sex education, molds about sex, and its health. This has made my blogs and writing generally interesting and engaging.

I also have a great insight into other forms of sexual practices that can lead to immense sexual pleasures, evident in my self-help books and guides about oral sex.

It's so valuable to develop an understanding of sexuality, body, and yourself. I am on a continuous journey for pleasure and knowledge, and I am happy to share it with you. I am willing to help you find something useful, engaging, or just funny in everything related to sex.

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