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Sex Positions for Breathing Problems

Sex positions for breathing problems.

Do you have breathing problems but still want to enjoy sex without complications? Sexually active adults can alleviate shortness of breath caused by sexual activity by using less rigorous postures for sexual intercourse.

When planning less rigorous poses, keep the following in mind:

  • Plan ahead of time and discuss new sexual positions with your spouse. Talk to your partner about how they feel about attempting various positions.
  • To provide comfortable support, use pillows. With your head and chest lifted, you will be able to breathe more easily.
  • Avoid positions that force you to lean on your arms for support or put pressure on your stomach. The best sex positions for COPD patients don't put pressure on your stomach or chest.
  • Most of the moving should be done by the partner who does not have pulmonary problems, slowly and rhythmically. Make sure your partner isn't lying directly on your chest or stomach if they're on top.

It is important to note that with the correct sex positions, you can still enjoy intimate sex without resulting health complications.


This is one of the best sex positions for COPD patients, asthma patients, and people who suffer from breathlessness. Spooning is ideal for couples who want to conserve energy because it requires little effort from both parties. It is most effective for both spouses, regardless of who is experiencing the problem. It also permits easy G spot access due to the angle of insertion.

How to: Both partners lie down on their sides, facing the same way. As your lover approaches from behind, you raise your knees slightly. You can also raise one leg if comfortable to spice it up and increase the intensity of the pleasure.


If the COPD sufferer is a man, this method works well. Because the woman will be making most of the labor-intensive moves, the male will be able to conserve his energy and avoid wheezing attacks. For the same reason, reverse cowgirl works best.

How to: As you straddle your partner, have him lie on his back with his legs bent or straight. You experience orgasm while sliding up and down on his thighs with his chest as leverage. Be careful not to put too much pressure on his chest: always check to see that he is comfortable.

Standing Sex

Standing position: Both men and women suffering from COPD benefit from standing positions. It allows men and women to move in more minor labor-intensive ways.

How to: These positions take some practice to get used to, but it becomes euphoric when you do eventually master them. As you stand face to face with your partner, spread her legs apart and enter her gently. You can also raise one leg as she rests on the wall to make penetration more accessible and intense. You can also explore the standing doggy position.


Scissors, often known as scissoring, is a simple sex position that is enjoyable and easy on the lungs. It needs you to lie down in a scissor stance with your legs entwined. It is suitable for both men and women.

The Scissors require lying on your backs with your heads at opposite ends of the bed and making an X with your legs (like scissors), with one leg below the other. You'd clasp hands for control with him inside you.

Missionary Position with Pillow

If you're tired of the standard missionary posture, try it with a simple twist to alleviate your back of the extra strain. While having sex, keep a cushion beneath your hips to keep your back straight with the bed.

This position works best if the COPD patient is female, as she won't be doing much work. Sexually active adults can also enjoy it if both partners are COPD patients. However, the intensity must be slow and rhythmic.

How to:

  • With a pillow, prop up your partner's hips as she lies on her back.
  • Ensure that she is comfortable.
  • Lie on top of her gently, ensuring that you don't put pressure on her chest or stomach.

Reverse Cowgirl Girl

Yes, we are all about female dominance. You are known as a reverse cowgirl when you straddle your partner while facing away from him (i.e., facing his legs and feet). This method, like the cowgirl, is best if the COPD sufferer is the man because the woman will be doing most of the work.

How to: As you straddle your partner and face his feet, have him rest on his back. This position allows for deep penetration and heightens the pleasure for both you and your partner.


Being a COPD patient or an asthma patient can restrict you from engaging in many fun activities, but it doesn't have to be so for sex. With the correct sex positions and constant communication during sex, sex can become tolerable and immensely pleasurable, and intimate. I hope you found this article helpful. If you want to spice up your sex life, check out our most incredible sex toys list. Everything that meets your budget and needs can be found here.

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