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Submissive Sex Positions

Submissive sex positions.

For the most part, being in command is a positive thing. However, when it comes to sex, being a little submissive can be a great way to change things up. There are plenty of submissive sex positions to try out that you'll love, whether you're a boardroom boss who loves to be dominated in the bedroom or someone who is turned on by the notion of their spouse taking command. There are a few things you should talk about before jumping right in and trying out dominant sex positions.

First and foremost, you must devise a safe word or signal. Because you'll be bending yourself into vulnerable positions — including ones that make communication difficult — this word or gesture will let your partner know when to ease up or stop.

Before proceeding, you should obtain explicit consent. Make sure you and your partner agree on what is and is not acceptable. But after that, feel free to go ahead and enjoy yourself.

Below are some submissive sex poses guaranteed to give you the ultimate pleasure. You can also try these submissive sex positions with your partner if you love to dominate.

Doggy Style

The dominant individual is in charge of pacing the action in this submissive position. Because your partner is behind you rather than in front of you, the submissive's emotion is more impersonal and primitive. Lift your butt higher with a pillow beneath your stomach for improved access. The addition of accessories such as cushions might feel objectifying, heightening the sense of submission.

Sweet Surrender

Anything is conceivable with your hands tied behind your head, since your lover has complete control over you while you lie on your back. This position allows you to try out various sorts of penetration and oral pleasure—whatever your heart or your dominant desires.

The Power Grab

This is one of the most submissive sex positions known. The Power Grab, which is comparable to doggy style, is a position in which the partner invading from behind has complete control.

The dominating partner keeps the subordinate partner on their knees while holding their arms back. Hair pulling and nasty talk earn extra points.

Lowered Dog

In this submissive position, you receive all the intensity of doggy style with the added illicit thrill of being face down, ass up. By pushing on the back of your head, your partner can hold you down. They can also lay their weight on your shoulders or drag your hands behind you to make you feel utterly controlled.

The V

Because this position necessitates a great deal of flexibility. It can be physically taxing and vulnerable for you, primarily when relying on your partner to keep you from bending too far back. You'll truly feel trapped and powerless.

Have your spouse hold your hands above your head to add to the tension. Alternatively, Marin suggests raising your legs into a cannonball stance, so your partner's body can go even closer to yours.

The Armlock

If the Power Grab isn't your thing, switch to the Armlock. It's another from behind situation, but the dominant partner holds only one arm back in an armlock this time, akin to a wrestling maneuver. When the Armlock becomes too gentle, switch to the Power Grab.

The Spanking

The bottom partner must surrender total control to the standing partner in this submissive sex position. Maintain a subservient mindset to fully participate in power dynamics. Pet, property, small, and masochist are all famous roles. Submissive partners must 'give up their preferences and liberties to serve the dominant spouse."

Against The Wall

Because the partner being held up must rely on the dominant partner for support, any Against the Wall position variation is a hot submissive option. The dominating partner pushes the submissive partner against the wall while simultaneously standing and thrusting. Make sure your dominant partner has some upper body strength, so you don't fall on the floor together.

The spreader

In this position, they're practically separating you. Your most private parts will be completely exposed, which can be highly uncomfortable. Your partner might slow down and stare at your body as they move in and out of you. Being so closely observed can make you feel vulnerable.

Doggy Blowjob

You're on your knees, which always makes you feel subservient. You don't have much control because you're resting your weight on your hands and knees. They'll be able to set the pace. Hold the back of your head with your partner. They can restrain you or pull you against their genitals (but make sure you have a safe symbol to show them if things become too hot).


Being a submissive requires you to sit back and give control to your partner during sex. This involves a lot of trust. It is important always to check to see if both of you are comfortable and that the sex is pleasurable.

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