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Male Masturbation Techniques

Male Masturbation Techniques

Hey you, have you been masturbating for a while now, and it seems like you are doing it wrongly? Or the pleasure has died down, and it feels like you have overgrown masturbation? Hold it for a minute. There might be something you are missing - like your technique - for example. You might have been holding your pleasure rod wrong the whole time. Luckily, we have got your back and have loaded this guide with new tricks and techniques to make your solo sex more pleasurable.

So, if you are ready to learn how to double your orgasm during jerk-off, don’t stop here, keep reading.

Let’s Start at The Top

Before we begin to reveal all the secrets you are missing, let’s talk a little about what male masturbation is all about. It is not such a secret that some dudes with a dick still don’t know what masturbation is about nor the heavenly sweetness attached to it.

So, what is male masturbation? In simple terms, it’s when a man with a dick pleasure himself by using his hands or any masturbation toy to stimulate his penis and initiate ejaculation/orgasm without any form of help from another human. Some people call it solo play because it is you and yourself alone doing the work.

In the past, it was considered a thing of shame and disgrace. That’s why a lot of people did it secretly and quietly behind closed doors. It is even worse when someone walks in on you jerking off the shit out of that penis. But now, it is not so secret anymore. Why? Because it is a natural phenomenon, and also because it has a lot of benefits attached to it. In some cases, medical practitioners would even advise some men to do a little bit of jerking off. And you would soon see why.

What Are the Benefits?

Briefly, here are some benefits of staying indoors to release some tension down there.

  • Male masturbation decreases the risk of having prostate cancer. And this is backed up by many pieces of research online. For real.
  • It helps to keep your immune system active. No kidding.
  • Stress and Tension stays far away from you.
  • It improves your general mood (duh) and decreases your chances of developing depression.
  • No need for a condom.
  • And finally, no risk of unwanted pregnancy nor STDs.

Now, we understand that these benefits are tempting and all, but if you aren’t experiencing sexual pleasure from it, it's more or less a futile effort. So, what could you be missing when it comes to your solo play?

At Last Male Masturbation Techniques, The Tips and Tricks

We have 9 techniques that would help you intensify your orgasm and ejaculation during masturbation. Now for some of you, a few of these tips might not be a stranger, but make sure you still read through because you might be doing it wrongly. So, if you are ready to learn about them all, let’s go.

  1. Lube, Lube, and Lube. You would have most likely heard about the magic of lubricant. And maybe you have incorporated it already into your regime, but there is still no difference. Hear this. There are different types of masturbation lube, and if you are using the wrong one for you, there just might not be any magic. First, your choice of lubricant has to be long-lasting, so you don’t have to go in with a new one every few seconds (that can kill the mood). Then try incorporating some special lubricants like the tingling one. It gives a tingling effect to the area applied (i.e. your penis). So even without the work, you are still getting a small sensation from the lube.
  2. Don’t Just Go In. Have you ever just locked your doors, pull down your trousers and boxers, and grabbed your penis to begin stroking? Yes, you applied lube. But have you heard of setting the mood? Your body has to be turned on to enjoy masturbation. So next time, before going in, stimulate yourself. Play with your nipples and explore all the parts of your body. Porn could help too.
  3. Ever Heard of Edging? Edging is when you stop penis stimulation just when you are about to orgasm, then you start all over. It works like magic if you haven’t tried this. This is how to do it. You start by stroking your penis lightly, and then you increase the grip and speed, then you begin to choke the chicken and you are almost there. Just when you are about to urgh, you stop and wait for your chicken to relax, then you go again. Try this, and you would see that your masturbation would take a whole new look.
  4. Change Your Grip, Dude. How do you hold your penis? Some people hold their penis like they want to suck the life out of it. Yes, tight grips make the thing sweeter, but over time, you lose sensitivity in your dick. Try the ‘OK’ grip. Fix your hand like you want to say ‘OK’ and use that instead. Then see the difference. Another thing you can do is tighten when you come towards the pelvic and loosen as you go back up.
  5. Thrust. This is not a common technique and we can bet that 80% of people that would read this don’t know about this. Instead of bringing your hands to your pelvis, do the opposite (like you are fucking your hands). The mental orientation is what would change the feeling.
  6. Explore Other Parts of Your Penis. Your penis is a beautiful part of the body that was made with so many pleasure spots and nerves. And these spots are waiting to be stimulated. Apart from the head of your penis, other parts that can lead to crazy stimulation are the scrotum (also called balls), the frenulum (that’s the under-part where the head meets the rod), perineum (your male G-spot. It is between the balls and your asshole), and the corona (this is the ridge that surrounds your penis head). Exploring these parts would change the way you feel masturbation.
  7. Still on Exploration. Anal masturbation is also a spice you can add to your masturbation technique. The anus has some nerve endings that cause pleasure when caressed. And the best way to do anal by yourself is to use anal sex toys with plenty of lube. Just make sure that you start with small toys like small butt plugs so that you can ease yourself into the experience.
  8. You Can Buy an Assistant. You don’t have to do it all on your own, you could buy some male masturbators to assist. Toys like pocket pussies, fleshlights, vibrators, and hands-free toys can increase masturbation sensation by a hundred. And they are not expensive.
  9. Finally, Change Your Position. How can you use the same position for masturbation over and over? It will most definitely, 100% get boring. Switch things up. Instead of lying down like a piece of wood, try sitting down, standing up (oh yeah), in the shower, in the pool (your pool, not a public one), do it lying on your back, kneeling, etc. There are many options to choose from. Put your fantasy and creativity to work, and things would get more interesting.

What Else Should You Know?

Now that we have revealed the secrets to better masturbation, you need to be aware of a few things.

  • One, if masturbation is making you skip school, work, important meetings, events, your son’s soccer games (you get the point), then you are most likely addicted. To fix these, try taking a shower or a walk to cool things off so that you can balance your sex life with your other lives better.
  • Also, note that masturbation cannot lessen your sexual capability as a man. It is a myth that should be burnt. What it does is make you more aware of your sensuality. Remember the benefits too.
  • You can still get infected if you don’t clean up well after every round. The moist can lead to the growth of fungi and bacteria. So, wash off with water and DO NOT share your toys.
  • Though there isn’t a prescription on how often you should masturbate, you would know if it's too much by the symptoms listed in point number one.


This brings us to the end of our journey on the hidden tips that can make your masturbation better as a man. We hope that this article was very helpful and you learned a thing or two. If you did, and you want to know more about your sex life (and how to spice it up), you can always check out our best sex toys reviews. You would always find good contents and results that would suit your taste and budget.

How to make male masturbation better?
There are different ways to increase the sensation of solo wanking. Some of the ways are to use masturbating lube, and sex toys. Other ways include creating the mood, practicing edging, changing your grip and position, thrust, and exploring other parts of your penis.
What to use for male masturbation?
The major things to use during wanking are a good lube for masturbating, a porn video (or anything that can help you set the mood), and your hands. When you have these three things, you are set to go.
What are the best male masturbation devices?
The best devices to use when masturbating depend on you. However, there are different options to choose from such as vibrators, fleshlights, pocket pussies, butt plugs, cock rings, hands-free sex toys, and so on.
What is the average duration for male masturbation?
People masturbate for different lengths of time. Some go as far as 25-30 minutes, while some spend less than 10 minutes. The time you spend depends on you. However, don’t grip your penis too tight, and make sure you are not missing any important responsibility.
What is the lubricant for masturbation?
There are many lube choices for you to use while fapping. And there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Just make sure that your lube lasts long and does not react to your skin.
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