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Sex Swing Positions

Couple using Traditional Sex Swings

Ever tried suspension sex? It’s wild, exciting, and passionate all at once! Enjoying every sexual experience is our number one priority on this platform, which is why we’re so excited to show you how sex swings work, and the ideal sex swing positions to make sex hotter and better.

Benefits of using Sex Swings

A sex swing -also called a love sling or sex sling- is a harness for intercourse. It is a device that suspends or lifts one partner off ground level, while the other partner(s) can move freely to pleasure and tease the restricted partner.

Megan Stubbs, clinical sexologist, says, ‘a sex swing is any device that can elevate you or your partner, helping you get into new sex positions with ease.’

Whether you’re kinky or not, the goodness of sex swing positions is open to all. You only have to try.


Sex swings typically support the back, buttocks, and (adjustable) stirrups for each leg. Although the basic structure of a sex swing has to remain the same, some sex swings have more intricate designs than others.

Traditional Sex Swings

A traditional sex swing features stirrups, a webbed seat, and two straps to hold the swing. Some conventional sex swings may have headrests or handles, but they’re not necessary. You can install this love sling with hooks attached to the ceiling of your sex dungeon or either wall in a hallway. You might also suspend the swing from a sex swing stand. Traditional sex swings are the most versatile of the bunch because their primary design allows for various sex positions.

Body Sex Swings

A body sex swing is a harness that attaches to another person instead of an immobile surface. It is typically worn over the whole body with leg straps that can support the other partner. This sex swing, however, maybe the most restrictive as it only supports standing sex swing positions.

Door Sex Swings

A door sex swing is typically installed over the door. The installation of this sex swing is fast and easy as it is simply held in place by a door frame. Its installation process inspired the name of its associated sex position, ‘door sex swing positions’.

Five Sex Swing Positions To Try ASAP!

Let’s face it. Regular sex positions can get old, and sometimes you just need that extra thrill to revive your sex life and make it ten times better. That’s where a sex swing position comes in!

Our best sex swing positions are both easy and exciting. The best of both worlds, if you ask us. Keep reading and try out one or all five love swing positions in your own good time!

  • Virgo Position. A door sex swing supports the Virgo position. One partner sits in the swing and spreads her legs, placing them in each strap for support. Then, kneel in between her legs and give her the best head of her life until she begs to come! If you’re new to sex swings, the door swing position is the best place to start. This position provides more support but less swinging. And newbies need stability even when fucking in a sex swing position.
  • Swinging Missionary. The passive partner (in the harness) can lie on their back with their feet in the leg straps. The penetrating partner then stands between their legs and penetrates their vagina. This position is only ideal for vaginal penetration and cunnilingus.
  • Cowgirl Swinger. Is the cowgirl position usually tiring for you? Here’s how to make it better. Have your male partner lie back in the swing. Then straddle him while holding onto the swing straps for support. Once you’re stable, ride him like never before! There are many variations of the cowgirl swinger, so constantly adjust the swing/straps to an angle that suits you.
  • Hanging Doggy. How do you like your doggy? In a doggy sex swing position, you’ll experience hardcore penetration and intense stroking because the swing allows deeper access into your vagina. Lie face down in the swing, and brace yourself with the attached straps. Your partner will stand between your spread-out legs and penetrate that pussy until you can’t take anymore.
  • Floating Oral Position. In the words of Dr. Stubbs, ‘sex swings are great for oral sex because the receiver can simply bask in the pleasure without worrying about their leg placement.’ And what could be truer than that? In the floating oral position, the receiver lies back and secures their feet in the leg straps, letting the other partner go down on them in return for toe-curling oral orgasms.


  • Using sex swings can diversify one’s sex life.
  • Sex swing positions assist with motion during sex.
  • They also provide deeper access to the genitals (vagina/penis/anus) for intense stimulation.
  • A sex swing position is ideal for people with physical disabilities.
  • Kinky couples can use sex swings for power play.

Cons of Using Sex Swings

One may incur injuries on a sex swing if they neglect the sex swing instructions.

The pros and cons of the sex swings should only intrigue you more to try out our best sex swing positions for yourself. As long as you follow our sex swing tips, you’re guaranteed the pleasure of a lifetime.

Can Sex Swing Positions Allow Sex Toys?

Yes, to the highest power! Because a sex swing position keeps you open for stimulation, you can use toys to make the experience so much better. You can have a vibrating buttplug pleasuring your butthole while your partner penetrates your vagina and vice versa. There are so many sex toys that can make your sex swing positions much more intense. You only have to pick your preference from our review section.

With sex swing positions, you do less work for more orgasms. That’s a good deal, right? All you need to do is get in a position that allows your partner easy access to your penis/pussy, indeed, every hole begging to be filled.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you stop by our sex toy reviews for the best toys to make your sex swing positions even more orgasmic than ever. Stick with us, and your sex life will change for the better.

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