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How to Masturbate in The Shower?

Shower Masturbation Tips

Not to exaggerate, but only a few things can compare to a shower orgasm! The shower is an excellent spot for both solo and group sexual activities, and topping the list is shower masturbation. Imagine slathering up with a nice body wash after a tiring day and relaxing with an orgasm or two. It’s typically comfy, private, and relaxing, and you don’t have to clean up when you finish. Perfection!

What is shower masturbation?

Masturbating in the shower is a moisture-friendly affair. It is the act of using various techniques to stimulate yourself sexually by using water in the shower. Shower masturbation increases blood circulation in the body, relieves stress, and generally boosts your mood. You can also invite your partner to join if you are feeling generous - just make sure there is enough space for everyone to fit conveniently.

Tips for masturbating in the shower

If you’re new to bathtub masturbation, here are few ideas to get started:

  1. Get sex toys for some fun: For any sexual activity, investing in sex toys can help spice up the experience. Waterproof vibrators and dildos are the obvious choices for anyone that might want to experiment with masturbating in the shower. Prostate massage toys can also be used to incorporate anal play. Getting waterproof sex toys to eliminate the risk of damage and electrical shock, and most of them are usually durable and quiet.
  2. Have fun with the water temperature: One great thing about shower masturbation is temperature play. Make sure you turn on the water before getting into the shower. It would help if you also got the water warm to the touch but not sizzling hot. Keep in mind that the penis and clitoris are more temperature-sensitive than other parts of the body.
  3. Use the right lubricant: Using lubricant besides the running water is preferred by some men. Make sure you use a silicone-based lubricant that will withstand the water or a hybrid lubricant. It is just to prevent the lubricant from washing away in the flow of the shower.
  4. You might want to change your regular position: To get the best experience out of your shower masturbation, you should be flexible and embrace adventure. Try to switch your go-to positions while in the shower. Some ladies have better luck with orgasms while seated and relaxed, and for some guys, it is better when they stand in the shower. Seriously, try different positions. You are eventually going to find one that feels good and unbelievably pleasurable.
  5. Explore other erogenous zones: Exploring your erogenous zones while masturbating in the shower is a great way to have a sensational full-body climax. These zones include your nipples, ears, mouth, and lips. Pinch, rub, pull, squeeze or tug at these parts of the body to increase the intensity of your orgasm during shower masturbation.

The standout risk with masturbating in the shower is slipping and falling. How can you avoid this?

  • Be sure to get a slip-resistant rug or mat for your bathroom, shower, or tub.
  • Find a position where there’s something handy to grab or hold if you start to feel unsteady.
  • Keep your phone close to you. It helps you reach out to someone when you need help... or a hot selfie.
  • Remove soap bits before walking into your bathtub to avoid slipping or falling.

How to improve your bathroom masturbation experience?

Ready to make your shower masturbation even sexier, try out these suggestions:

  • Burn an incense or light a candle for better ambience
  • Listen to an audiobook
  • Create a sensual playlist and play the songs out
  • Massage your body with essential oils to enhance the experience
  • Grab a glass of wine
  • Use lubricants to help you achieve an orgasm in the shower


There you have it! Masturbating in the shower is a pleasurable experience that you do not want to miss out on. Hopefully, this article has set you on the path to self-discovery and satisfaction. If you want to know more on how you can spice up your sex life, drop by our sex toys reviews. There’s something that fits your budget and taste.

How to masturbate better in the shower?
Try out several positions and settings till you discover what you love; you can also invite your partner as long as it is comfortable. Set yourself in the proper position, set the water at the right temperature, and follow all the safety measures.
What to use to masturbate in the shower?
Your hands, lubricants (preferably silicone), your toys, and your imagination. You couldn’t go wrong with a glass of wine, candles, and a sensual music playlist to improve the ambiance.
What is the best sex toy for shower masturbating?
There are various sex toys for shower masturbating, depending on individual preferences. For ladies, go for sex toys designed to give G-spot and clitoral stimulations. Guys should consider waterproof sex toys with prostate massagers and stimulation modes that allow comfort and easy insertion.
How to choose a sex toy to masturbate in the shower?
Make sure your sex toy is waterproof and durable because it will come in contact with water a lot of times. Also, consider your personal preference for features such as size and material. You might want a wand-like dildo, prostate massager, anal beads, or vibrators.
How to have shower masturbation?
First, make sure the tub and showerhead are all clean to avoid getting infections. Also, find the right spot and position for penetration or stimulation. Control the water temperature and use your fingers or sex toys to get the job done. Finally, don’t be scared to experiment with various positions and settings until you find the one that works for you and mix it up in new ways as you keep making discoveries.
How safe is shower masturbation?
Shower masturbation is safe as long as you avoid slipping or falling. Ensure that your bath is clean and free of slip or fall hazards. Be sure to stay in a steady position to prevent crashes, and hold on to something if you feel unsteady.
How to masturbate in the bath?
Masturbating in the bath is pleasurable and sexually stimulating! It induces muscle relaxation and reduces anxiety. You can masturbate in the bathtub with or without toys. Adding bubbles and essential oils can also help increase your relaxation and arousal.
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I love to masturbate. I’ve done the bathtub faucet on my labia and clit. I have larger labia so I need to keep myself open. I can’t wait to try this in the shower!
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