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What Does A Fleshlight Feel Like?

Fleshlight near a sexual woman.

Male masturbators are heaven-sent when you want to increase the physical pleasure of jerking off without a partner. However, there has always been one major problem - most masturbators for males feel artificial and rubbery, so it falls way short of the experience you want to replicate. Well, that was the story until fleshlights became an option.

These strokers offer an impressive impression of the soft silky feel that you only get from vaginas and butts. If you’ve always been curious about what using a fleshlight would feel like or you’re looking to get one, you might find this article helpful.

What Do Fleshlights Feel Like?

The fleshlight male masturbator has been becoming increasingly popular, and that is solely down to the pleasure that guys derive from this sex toy. This pleasure instrument is made from a hard plastic case on the outside and an interior sleeve made from SuperSkin that feels like stroking the insides of your partner. These masturbators are designed in various styles to ensure that you get the utmost satisfaction. Compared to bare hand masturbation, this is a step up because the fleshlight provides more stimulation than your hand could.

Types Of Fleshlights And How They Feel

Like other sex toys, fleshlights come in many variations and models designed to meet diverse sexual needs and grant the bliss of orgasms in the absence of a partner. Below are some of the common types of fleshlights that are available today.

1. Vaginal fleshlight

These are the most common fleshlight sex toys available. They are designed to replicate the sensation from thrusting your partner’s vagina. These models are made from a soft interior fabric that feels like human skin and provides a warm and realistic sensation. On the outside, it is made from sturdy material that allows you to hold it firmly while you do your thing. They may also feature a series of contours on the interior that heighten the sensation.

2. Fleshjacks (Anal fleshlight)

Fleshjacks are very similar to the vaginal fleshlights, with the most obvious difference being that they are designed to feel like a partner’s anus. These toys are adjusted to provide sexual satisfaction to gay men in most cases. They can also be used by any man who simply wants to enjoy anal intercourse (as the giver). Like the vagina fleshlight, this toy is made of soft and realistic fabric that pleasures the real thing.

3. Stamina training units

Not all fleshlights are created to give you the pleasure of a quick release. Stamina training units are designed to help you last longer in bed. These special types of strokers are used for orgasm delay training, teaching you how to last longer in bed with your partner. Like other models, they replicate the sensation of intercourse with a realistic interior that hugs the penis shaft. The idea behind this sex training device is to help you gain control of your orgasm.

4. Interactive fleshlight

If someone told you that you only get to use your fleshlight during solo sex, they weren’t being entirely honest. Fleshlights also come in interactive models that can be connected to other sex toys and controlled by your partner. It is perfect for couples in a long-distance relationship. This interactive toy introduces your partner to a different sexual experience, making it even more similar to regular sex.

How To Choose The Perfect Fleshlight For You

Now that you know everything about how a fleshlight feels and the various types available, here are things to consider before buying one.

  • The size of the penis: These masturbators are designed with interior compartments that vary in terms of pleasure that they provide. For this reason, you won't get the sensation you desire when you buy a 10-inch fleshlight for your 6-inch penis.
  • The material: Just as you would do when purchasing any other sex toy, watch out for the material from which the fleshlight is made. The goal is to ensure that it is safe and provides the right sensation. One of the popular available options is the superskin, which replicates the pleasure of the human skin and is safe for the penis.
  • Experience: Your level of experience is another important factor to consider when buying fleshlights. If you’re a beginner, you can start by buying a basic model that requires a few tweaks and is easier to use. However, if you happen to be a legend in the game, feel free to explore various available models with modern features.


A fleshlight may not exactly be like sexual intercourse with a partner, but it is the closest you’ll get to the real thing, so a perfect buy is worth every penny. If you found this article helpful, you can improve your sex life further by looking through our best adult toy reviews. Here, you’ll find everything that fits your budget and taste.

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