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How to Lick Clitoris

Flower like a clitoris.

Hey there, pleasure seekers! If you're reading this, it's likely you want to up your game in the oral department, specifically targeting the mystical land of the clitoris. Lucky for you, we're here to delve deep (well, surface-level in this case) into the art of licking the clitoris to maximize pleasure. Let's get started!

A Little Anatomy Lesson

Before we dive into the main event, it's essential to understand the clitoris's anatomy. While it might seem like a tiny, unassuming button, the clitoris is a complex structure with much more going on than meets the eye.

The clitoris has a glans, shaft, and two crura (legs) extending deep into the body, plus the bulbs, which are found on either side of the vaginal opening. The part most people are familiar with, the visible glans, is just the tip of the iceberg! It's super sensitive, boasting thousands of nerve endings, making it a prime pleasure zone.

Communication is Key

You've probably heard it a million times, but we're going to say it again: every body is different. What drives one person wild might not do much for another. This is why communication is your best friend when it comes to pleasuring the clitoris.

Before you get started, chat with your partner. Ask them about their preferences, sensitivities, and any boundaries. Checking in during the act can also help guide you. A simple "How does this feel?" can make all the difference.

Techniques to Try

Alright, now for the fun part. Here are some tried and tested techniques to consider when licking the clitoris. Remember, these are just starting points! Feel free to modify, combine, or get creative based on your partner's feedback.

  • Flat Tongue Technique: Flatten your tongue and use it to lick the entire vulva, moving upwards towards the clitoris. This move provides a broader surface area and can be a gentle warm-up for more focused attention.
  • Tip of the Tongue: Use just the tip of your tongue to flick or circle the clitoral glans. This technique can be more intense due to the concentrated area of sensation.
  • Suction: Gently envelop the clitoris with your lips and create a soft suction. You can add some tongue play while maintaining suction for varied sensation.
  • The Figure Eight: Imagine drawing the number eight with your tongue around the clitoris, alternating between focused and broader strokes.
  • Deep Pressure: Not everyone enjoys light flicks. Some prefer a deeper pressure. Experiment with pressing your tongue more firmly against the clitoris and see how your partner responds.

While these techniques are focused on the clitoris, don't forget the surrounding areas like the labia or the entrance to the vagina. Incorporating these areas can provide a more holistic experience.

A Few Extra Tips

To wrap things up, here are some additional nuggets of wisdom to keep in mind:

  • Stay hydrated: A dry mouth isn't fun for anyone. Ensure you're well-hydrated before diving in, and if you need some extra wetness, don't shy away from using a flavored lube.
  • Mind the stubble: If you've got facial hair, be aware that it can either be ticklish or even a tad prickly for some. Check in with your partner to see how they feel about it.
  • Mix it up: Varying your techniques can be exhilarating. Don't get stuck on one move. Combine techniques, change the pace, or even take little breaks to kiss or nibble elsewhere before returning to the clitoris.

In conclusion, pleasuring the clitoris via licking is an intimate act that can lead to profound pleasure when done with care, communication, and technique. It's about exploration and finding what makes your partner tick. So dive in, have fun, and always keep the lines of communication open!


What is the clitoris and why is it significant during sexual activity?
The clitoris is a part of female genitalia located above the vaginal opening. It's a highly sensitive organ packed with thousands of nerve endings, making it a prime pleasure zone for many women. When stimulated correctly, the clitoris can produce intense sensations and often leads to orgasm.
Can clitoral stimulation lead to orgasm?
Absolutely! For many women, clitoral stimulation is the primary or even the only way they can achieve orgasm. While everyone's body is different, the clitoris is often central to a woman's sexual pleasure and climax.
Is the clitoris always visible?
No, the clitoris can vary in size and visibility among different individuals. For some, it might be more concealed beneath the clitoral hood, while for others, it may be more exposed. Additionally, it can become more pronounced with arousal.
How do I know if I'm applying the right amount of pressure when licking the clitoris?
It's all about communication. What one person finds pleasurable, another might find too intense or not stimulating enough. Always check in with your partner about the pressure, speed, and technique to ensure they're comfortable and enjoying the experience.
Should I incorporate fingers or toys while licking the clitoris?
It depends on your partner's preferences. Some people enjoy combined sensations of oral and manual stimulation, or even toys. Discuss boundaries and desires beforehand and always ensure you have explicit consent.
How do I deal with concerns about hygiene or taste?
It's essential for both partners to feel clean and comfortable. Taking a shower together before getting intimate can be a sensual way to address hygiene concerns. As for taste, every individual's body is unique. If it's an issue, consider using flavored lubes that are safe for oral play.
Can I cause harm or discomfort by licking the clitoris?
Yes, if not done carefully. The clitoris is sensitive. Too much pressure, teeth, or aggressive techniques can cause discomfort or even pain. Always prioritize your partner's comfort and ask for feedback.
Is it necessary to focus only on the clitoris during oral sex?
While the clitoris is a significant pleasure center, it's not the only area to consider. The entire vulva, including the labia and vaginal opening, can be sensitive and responsive to stimulation. Varying your techniques and areas of focus can enhance the overall experience.
What if my partner doesn't orgasm from clitoral licking?
Orgasm is a complex response, and not everyone will climax from clitoral stimulation alone. It's essential to remember that pleasure doesn't always equate to orgasm. Focus on the journey, the connection, and the sensations rather than just the end goal.
How can I get better at licking the clitoris?
Practice, communication, and education. The more you understand the anatomy and your partner's preferences, the better you'll become. Consider reading books or articles on the topic, attending workshops, or watching educational videos together with your partner.
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