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How to Self Suck

Man becoming flexible before self suck.

Is self-sucking even possible? That is the first question that crosses the mind of several people at their initial discovery of the subject. If you are wondering the same, it is not unexpected. Autofellatio, otherwise called self-sucking, is possible but not easy to do. Sucking your own dick requires flexibility to happen. While some people can breezily get into a position and self-suck, others struggle and never get it done.

To test if you can perform autofellatio, check if your head can reach your erected cock from a sitting position. If it does not, chances are you cannot suck your dick at the moment. However, if you want to master how to suck your dick it is possible with enough stretches and practice. This article aims to help you master the art of self-sucking in the fastest possible ways. Hopefully, within a few months, you should have learned how to suck own cock.

Read on to see our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to suck your dick below.

How To Suck Your Own Dick Becoming Fit

A protruding stomach is the first barrier to mastering self-sucking. It deters your mouth from reaching your cock and cancels out the dream of sucking your dick. If you have a big stomach, your first step to performing autofellatio is losing the fats. It helps to join a gym or begin to engage in workouts that will help lose the tummy. The former is a better option as it enables a professional to guide you through the journey.

Your time at the gym will not only help take away the extra fats, but it will increase your endurance level needed for your quest. Endurance helps you stay longer in new positions and assists in stretching your muscles. It also allows you to start your flexibility exercises faster than when you are not fit.

How to Suck Your Own Penis Becoming Flexible

Flexibility is a crucial attribute that you must possess to achieve self-sucking. It enables you to stretch your body comfortably to desired positions without sustaining injuries. If you try to go straight to force your back to bend farther than your limit, it may lead to muscle injuries and pain. However, when you stretch your body gradually, it contorts appropriately without causing problems.

When you begin your stretches, ensure that they focus on the parts that aid your self-sucking stances. If you wish to suck your dick from a sitting position, engage in exercises involving your spine and neck. The best thing is to talk to your gym instructor about your intentions. You do not necessarily have to tell them about your quest to learn self-sucking. You can just point out the areas where flexibility is required. The gym instructor will guide you and make the process faster and more effective.

How to suck your own dick Mastering self-sucking

Once you have stretched your muscles, you can proceed to master the self-sucking technique. The first thing you need to do here is to get an erection. Do whatever it takes to get your penis up in its longest inches. The longer the erection, the less strain you put on your neck to reach your dick. You can watch some porn videos, fantasize, or use sex toys to aid your erection. When you get it up, sit and bend forward until your mouth reaches your dick, then do whatever pleases you. You may also suck your dick from other angles that you find comfortable. Your flexibility exercises will pay off here if you have been doing them right. Explore your creativity by attempting all the self-sucking ideas in your head for premium satisfaction.

If you are unable to reach your dick still after going through steps one and two, continue doing the stretches. It may take you longer to get the desired result, but your consistency will pay off after some time. Keep trying until you get it.


Hopefully, the guide that we have provided above solves queries like "how to suck my own dick, how do I suck my own dick, how to suck my own cock," and similar ones. Following the steps, you can become a pro in self-sucking and give yourself the best blow jobs ever. If you enjoyed reading our article on self-sucking, check out our sex toys reviews . The list comprises various items that add spice to masturbating or love-making sessions. You will surely find one that satisfies your sexual urge and falls well within your budgeted price. Proceed to check out our sex toys reviews now.

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