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How To Orgasm Together?

Couple Orgasm Together In Bed

Ever read a romance novel or seen a movie that had lovers climaxing at the same time, bodies warm and flush against each other? Well, we have, and it’s a real thing. It may not happen every time you have sex, but it’s a truly wonderful feeling. As always, we have brought you the juicy details on how you can have a mutual orgasm with your partner, even if you’ve never had one.

What is a Mutual Orgasm?

A mutual orgasm involves partners climaxing at the same time during sex. You can also call it a shared orgasm. This is different from a blended orgasm, where one climaxes from two erogenous zones (like the anus and vagina) at once.

While a blended orgasm does not require the presence of a partner, you can only experience a mutual orgasm with your sexual partner. Do you get it now?

Research by famous sex toy company LoveHoney showed that only 37% of couples orgasm together half the time they have sex. That’s a tiny population, and we’re going to increase those figures, starting today.

Compromise is often needed to achieve simultaneous orgasm. Sometimes, you have to delay your orgasm and wait for your partner to get to the edge before you go off together. But that's a small price to pay for passionate love-making, right?

The Best Techniques for To Orgasming Together

  1. Aim To Please: Climaxing at the same time requires maximum effort from both partners. You need to understand how to pleasure yourself individually before attaining that level of intimacy as a couple. This is where masturbation comes into play. Spend as much time as you can, pleasuring yourself alone before trying for a mutual orgasm with your partner.
  2. Use Enough Lube: We all know that adequate lubrication makes for a pleasurable sexual experience. Lube can increase your partner’s sensitivity to your touch. So, before you jump in the sack, ensure to lube that coochie up! An artificial lubricant can also trigger the release of natural lubrication, thus making stimulation easier for both parties. When a woman is well-lubricated, it’s easier to finger/stimulate the clitoris and help you orgasm together.
  3. Focus On Her Clit: If you’re in a heterosexual relationship, you probably know that women take more time to climax than men. The clitoris consists of numerous nerve endings designed to transport feelings of intense pleasure to her brain. Therefore, while taking your pleasure from her body, pay adequate attention to the clit, and you’ll make her cum at the same time as you.
  4. Be in Sync With Each Other: What better way to ensure a simultaneous orgasm than being in tune with each other’s bodies? As you pleasure your partner, ensure to read their body language and know where they’re at in your sexual journey, if we can call it that. When you’re close to an orgasm, and they’re not, try edging and wait for them to catch up before you fall into your release. This way, you can prolong every sex session while giving your partner freedom to feel.

Benefits of Couples Orgasm

A mutual orgasm can provide immense benefits to you and your partner, improving your relationship’s quality and your passion for each other. When you understand all the benefits of mutual orgasm, you will never want to experience another kind.

  • A simultaneous orgasm can relieve tension in a relationship.
  • It can improve a couple’s sex drive and stamina.
  • A mutual orgasm will lead to more intimacy between couples.
  • It can improve their health considerably.

Can Sex Toys Make You Orgasm Together?

For many couples, sex toys add an exciting variety to otherwise dull sex life. With intense sensation from your couple’s vibrator or even double stimulation from his cock and a butt plug, you’re bound to climax together!

So, the answer is yes. Sex toys can indeed trigger intense mutual orgasms for you and your partner, again and again.

Fortunately, we have curated valuable sex toy reviews that can guide you to buying your first or hundredth sex toy. Check out our review section, and know sex won’t be the same again.

Cumming at the same time is something that many couples aspire to experience, and you shouldn’t be an exception. When you have found someone that can give you earth-shattering orgasms as intimately as your partner does, would you let them go?

In the words of Dirty Lola,’ it’s spectacular to be in sync and feel connected to your partner in that way.’

While it’s a nice bonus to have, a mutual orgasm shouldn’t be the focal point of your relationship. Try new things like fantasy sex toys from our sex toy review section to make your sex life even more enjoyable. We hope you enjoyed this article; keep coming back for more.

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