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Anal Masturbation Tips

Anal Masturbation Tips

Welcome to the world of butts - a zone of high underestimation. A lot of people don’t know about the endless sexual pleasures that can be derived from behind. But you know, that’s why you are here. In this guide, we would reveal all the tips to know about anal masturbation and this will include the process and some safety precautions. And without any further delay, let’s begin.

First, What Is It About?

Anal masturbation is simply masturbating your anus. It is when you use your hands, fingers, or even toys to caress your anus and butt hole so that you feel pleasure and orgasm. It is for both the male and the female (because they both have butts). It is not a common department for people. You could say that 2 in 5 people know and practice anal play. But there are so many things that you can miss out on if you have never tried butt masturbation.

What Could You Be Missing Out On?

Here are a few things that you are skipping if you have never tried touching yourself from behind.

  • The feeling from anal stimulation lowers stress, anxiety, and tension. Doctors won’t tell you this, but if you are feeling a bit stressed, put a finger in your butt hole and see the magic slowly happen.
  • People that play with themselves behind, usually sleep better.
  • It also helps to enhance and improve a person’s general mood.
  • Scientifically proven, anal masturbation helps to relieve pain.
  • You get to explore other parts of your body and widen your sexual span.
  • Finally, you will orgasm.

Some people can argue that it is a painful experience and not worth the time. But this is not true. When done properly, it is not painful (even for first-timers).

So, What Is the Process?

As with every other thing in life, there is a step-by-step guide to follow. The plan here is to be pleasured (plus all the other benefits we have mentioned), so below is the guide to anal masturbation:

  1. One, clean yourself up. It’s your butt we are talking about. There would always be remnants of poop hiding somewhere in there. And you won’t want that to mess up your moment (besides, it is a major mood killer). So, you should wash up before attempting to play with your butt. Some people use anal douches and enemas but a regular cleaning (without soap) can also do the trick.
  2. Next is to make sure you have enough lube within reach. The anus does not lubricate itself, so you might need some help with getting it wet. And no, don’t think of Vaseline or oil. They dry up quickly. The best way to try anal is to use lubricants specially made for anal play. They are usually thicker and last longer.
  3. After this, you need to relax your anal muscles. And to do this, all you have to do is relax. It might be your first time, but if you are all tensed up, your anal opening would be tense too. And the best way to relax is to get yourself in the mood. Stimulate yourself, watch some porn, and try many other things so that you can be more relaxed.
  4. Finally, don’t rush. Start slow and work it up from there. Even penetrative sex is not a rush job.

How To Anal Masturbate?

Now that we have carefully listed out, and explained the process to avoiding pain, let’s talk about how to do the do. There are two ways to stimulate your anus; you either use your natural device - your hands and fingers, or you spice things up with some anal toys.

Using your fingers is better for beginners because they can control the speed of penetration. The way to do this is to either caress your anal opening or deep your fingers into your anus (called fingering). You can play inside your anus or you can thrust in and out to create the simulation of penetrative sex. But remember to wash your hand before inserting.

You can also use anal toys to play with your butt. Some of the most popular toys that are best for both beginners and experts are butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, anal dildos, and so on. If you are new to these toys, you can get an anal training kit. This contains beginner toys in forgiving materials with user manuals.

Note that while using butt toys, you should always use a forgiving size (start small), and a material that isn’t harmful to your skin. Remember that the goal is pleasure, not pain.

Tips To Make the Experience of Anal Masturbation Better

Here are some tips that can increase your chances of an orgasm:

Take It to The Shower

If you have never thought about having sex in the shower, here’s your chance. Touching and stimulating your anus while water lands on your body gives a different tinging effect, not to talk of the extra lubrication. With this trick, your chance of a loud moan would increase like wildfire.

Use Toys

Another trick to better anal masturbation is using butt toys. Though fingering is a good thing, toys take it a step further. There are many varieties of anal toys to choose from, made in different sizes, shapes, and from various materials. Some of them are massagers, while some others vibrate. Make sure you start small though so that you don’t injure yourself.

Try Hands-Free Options

While going for toys, using suction cups with your toys can help spice things up. Since your hands are free (while your toys are doing the business of stimulating your anus), you can touch other parts of your body.


This trick is not known to a lot of people. You can touch yourself while working on your laptop. You can also insert in a sex toy (like a butt plug) while working around the house. Doing other things while stimulating yourself is a real fantasy to try.

Play With Other Areas

As we have mentioned before, try touching other parts of your body even during anal masturbation. Places like your nipples, penis, vagina, clitoris, thighs, and so on could use a little touch. Then see what it does to you.

Try Different Motions and Speeds

Finally, while masturbating, either through fingering or use of toys, try experimenting with different speeds — fast, then slow, then fast again. Deep and shallow thrusts can also be explored. Then you can thrust vertically, twirl around, tap, or anchor your finger while inside. All these varying motions create different sensations that can make you squeeze your toes.

Positions To Try

This is another thing you might need to know about stimulating your behind. What styles can you try while playing? Here are a few you can try:

  • Lie on your back, draw your knees to your chest, elevate your butt with the use of a pillow, then reach for your ass.
  • Simple, doggy style.
  • Lie down facing the bed or floor and reach for your anus either through the front or the back.
  • For hands-free or suction ideas, you can attach the toy to a chair and sit on it.

Play Safe

Anal masturbation is very sweet and pleasurable, but it can result in the opposite if you don’t play it safe. Use lubricants before attempting to insert anything, relax your muscles, wash your hands and anus, trim your nails if you want to use your fingers, and so on. Also, when using toys, start with small sizes and use materials that do not react with your skin.


We hope this article has been able to fully answer your question on all there is to know about anal masturbation. So if you want to know more about spicing up your sex life, or you want to know about the anal toys we talked about, take advantage of our best sex toys reviews. There, you will find everything that fits your taste and budget.

How do men perform anal masturbation?
Men can stimulate their anus either by fingering (with their hands) or by using anal sex toys. They can also touch and caress their penis and balls to increase pleasure.
How do women perform anal masturbation?
Women can use different sex toys to enjoy the stimulation of the anus as well as their fingers and hands. They can also play with their nipples and clitoris (or use vagina sex toys) while performing the act.
How to perform anal masturbation with a dildo?
To use a dildo while masturbating, comfortably position yourself and insert the dildo slowly into the anus (after using a lot of lube). You can also use a suction cup dildo so that you can free your hands.
How to get the most pleasure from anal masturbation?
The ways to heighten the level of pleasure you can derive from anal stimulation is by doing it in the shower, and multi-tasking. You should also use a lot of lube because friction does not help masturbation.
How to clean the anus in preparation for masturbation?
You can clean your anus by washing with water alone, then wiping it dry with a soft cloth. You can also use devices like anal douches and enemas to completely remove poop remnants from the anus.
How to perform anal masturbation with sex toys?
There are many types of sex toys, and each of them is used differently. Either way, they all have to be cleaned and lubricated. After this, it is best to insert them slowly and gently.
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