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What Do Guys Like During Sex?

Sexuality is a vast and varied subject, influenced by a mosaic of personal experiences, societal norms, and individual desires. While it’s essential to remember that every man is unique, this guide aims to shed light on some general preferences and desires many men share. Let's dive deep, but keep it breezy!

Communication: A Verbal Dance of Desire

There's an age-old belief that guys aren’t into talking during the deed. However, contrary to this, many men actually love it when their partners communicate. Here’s why:

  • Reassurance: Affirmative comments can be a confidence booster. A simple "that feels good" can go a long way.
  • Guidance: Everyone has different preferences. Gentle instructions ensure everyone’s enjoying the moment.
  • Dirty Talk: While not everyone's cup of tea, some men find it exhilarating and a massive turn-on.

Pro Tip: Start with subtle praises or directions and gauge his reaction. If he responds positively, you can delve deeper!

The Power of Touch: It’s More Than Just the Genitals

When it comes to touch, men, like everyone else, have erogenous zones that go beyond the obvious. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Neck: Soft kisses or gentle bites on the neck can send shivers down some men’s spines.
  • Chest and Nipples: These areas can be quite sensitive for many guys. Light touches, kisses, or even playful bites can enhance the experience.
  • Inner Thighs: This zone is close enough to the main event to create anticipation but distant enough to tease.
  • Lower Back: Pressing or massaging this area during intimate moments can add an extra layer of sensation.

Remember: Not every man is the same. While some might love nipple play, others might find it ticklish or even uncomfortable. The key is to experiment and communicate!

Role Play and Fantasies: Spice It Up!

Fantasies are a healthy part of human sexuality, and many men have them. While the range of fantasies is broad and varied, here are a few common ones:

  • Domination and Submission: This doesn’t necessarily mean whips and chains (unless you're into that!). Even simple acts like holding his hands above his head or vice versa can be tantalizing.
  • Public Sex: The thrill of potentially getting caught can be a turn-on for some. However, always ensure it’s legal and consensual!
  • Threesomes or Group Sex: It’s essential to remember this is a fantasy for many, and the reality might be different. Communication is vital.
  • Stranger or Anonymous Encounters: The idea of being with someone you don’t know can be thrilling. Role-playing as strangers meeting for the first time might satiate this fantasy safely.

Important: Always ensure that fantasies are consensual and boundaries are set. Safety and comfort should always be paramount.

While this guide offers a general idea of what many guys might enjoy during sex, it's crucial to remember that everyone is unique. The real secret sauce? Communication. It allows partners to learn about each other's desires, boundaries, and fantasies. Keep an open mind, be respectful, and most importantly, have fun!

Remember, in the dance of intimacy, every partner is different. So, tune into your partner’s rhythm, communicate, and let the good times roll!

Best Sex Toys to Enhance Pleasure for Men

Sex toys aren’t just for solo play. They can significantly enhance shared experiences, providing heightened sensations and new forms of intimacy. For men especially, the world of sex toys has evolved, offering tools that cater to a range of preferences and needs. Let's dive into some top picks that can skyrocket a guy’s pleasure!

Cock Rings

A staple in many men’s toy collections, cock rings are designed to restrict blood flow, which can prolong erections and intensify orgasms. They can be worn at the base of the penis or around both the penis and testicles. Many even come with vibrational features for added stimulation.

  • Benefits: Helps maintain erections, intensifies pleasure, and some models provide clitoral stimulation for partners.
  • Usage Tip: Always use a bit of lube when putting it on, and don’t wear it for extended periods to ensure safety.

Prostate Massagers

Often referred to as the 'P-spot', the prostate is a pleasure goldmine for many men. Prostate massagers are specially designed to target this sensitive gland.

  • Benefits: Can lead to powerful orgasms and offers a different sensation compared to traditional climax.
  • Usage Tip: Relaxation is key. Ensure you’re relaxed, use plenty of lube, and start slow.

Masturbation Sleeves

Also known as strokers or pocket pussies, these toys are designed to simulate the feeling of penetrative sex. Made from soft, stretchy materials, they come in various textures and designs.

  • Benefits: Enhances the sensation of manual stimulation and can be used solo or with a partner.
  • Usage Tip: Use with lube for a smoother experience and clean thoroughly after each use.

Vibrators for Men

While vibrators are typically associated with women, there are models designed specifically for men. These can be used on the penis, testicles, or perineum for added stimulation.

  • Benefits: Introduces a new sensation and can be particularly exciting when used during foreplay or to tease.
  • Usage Tip: Play around with different vibration patterns and intensities to find what works best.

Anal Beads and Plugs

For men open to exploring anal play, beads and plugs can be an exhilarating addition. They provide different levels of fullness and stimulation, depending on the design and size.

  • Benefits: Stimulates nerve endings in the anus and can intensify orgasms when used during other forms of play.
  • Usage Tip: Always use plenty of lube, start small, and never force anything.


Sex toys can open up a world of new sensations and experiences for men. Whether you're looking to enhance solo sessions or bring something new to partner play, there's a toy out there for you. Always prioritize safety, communication, and consent, and most importantly, enjoy the journey of exploration!

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